8 Landscape Photography Tips For Wall-Worthy Photos

I have a confession for you today,

I am NOT a landscape photographer.

But when I find myself in situations where beautiful landscapes surround me, I want to be able to take a good shot that will do the scene justice. I want to be able to capture more than a quick snapshot – I want to take a photo I’d be proud to hang on my wall. So here are 8 things I’ve learned in my quest for those wall-worthy photos.

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Let’s Stop Telling People They Aren’t Photographers, Mmmkay?

For many, many years I’ve seen something going on in the photography industry that isn’t just mean, it’s plain wrong. Does this sound familiar?

“Just because you own a camera doesn’t make you a photographer!”

“These newbies buy a camera, start taking lots of photos, and think they’re photographers. They’re not!”

“Everyone and their dog thinks they’re a photographer nowadays. There should be rules and requirements and TESTS, yes, TESTS! You should have pass a test to be able to call yourself a photographer! That’s what we need!”

Here’s what the term “photographer” means…

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Don’t Worry. It Gets Easier.

We ran into some old clients the other day while we were out with our boys. We had shot their wedding years ago, and they now had two kids of their own. They asked how things were going since we had doubled the number of children in our home.

“It’s challenging sometimes,” I said, though I secretly wanted to yell “How on earth does anyone manage this??”

“Yes, it’s tough. But don’t worry, it gets easier,” was her reply.

And instantly, with those very simple words, I felt lighter. It was sweet, sweet reassurance that the things I find so hard right now won’t always be hard. It won’t always be so tough to get out of the house, or make a dinner that isn’t frozen, or get more than 40 minutes at a time to work.

Then I came home, and opened up my email to see a note from a reader. She was going through one of our tutorials, and mentioned that she was really wanting to get into photography, but just finding the technical stuff overwhelming.

My reply?

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Don’t Do a Pro Shoot Without These 3 Things

The scariest thing to happen to me during a shoot wasn’t my knee dislocating. It was my camera breaking, right as my couple was about to go frolicking in the ocean in their wedding clothes. Instantly I felt sick to my stomach, my heart lept into my chest, and the sweat rolling down my face had nothing to do with the hot Mexican sun.

But instead of calling a halt to the session, I walked over to the camera bag, pulled out my backup camera, and kept shooting, without them ever noticing.

(Ok, to be totally honest I think I went and took Rob’s camera and made him walk over to camera bag, because I’m kind of a diva like that sometimes. But if I was by myself that’s how things would have gone!)

However things went down, the lesson is simple: if you’re doing a professional shoot (and I count shoots that aren’t for money per se, but for portfolio building or trade of service in there too), you need backup.

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5 Inspiring Books For Photographers

Every time I think that I am out of inspiration and out of ideas, I head to our bookshelf. It’s huge, and jammed full of books of all shapes and sizes (those tiny kids board books are just so hard to store!). I let my eyes browse over the titles, and within moments something amazing happens: I relax. In front of me is a lifetime’s worth of ideas and inspiration – mine for the taking. I pick up any book that interests me, and start to flip.

Maybe I don’t get more than 5 minutes in before I’m called to go play dinosaurs. Maybe I get a full hour of reading done while the baby sleeps in my arms. But almost without fail I find my brain fills up with inspiration with a book in my hands, and I feel a renewed sense of energy.

Our bookshelf has books from all genres, and that alone is something I find very enjoyable. But today I’ll share 5 books for photographers from our bookshelf that are immensely inspiring.  They’re great for any type of photographer, and I’d highly recommend you check them ALL out!

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New FREEBIE! The Photography Logbooks

We are notebook lovers. We have dozens around our house of all shapes and sizes. We love visiting stationery stores. But we have never found the perfect notebook to keep track of all the various photography related details and ideas. So one day Rob suggested we make our own.

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The World’s Largest Dinosaur

The scene is Sunday morning. Tomorrow’s a holiday.

Lauren: “So what should we do today?”

Rob: “We could go somewhere. How about Drumheller?”

Lauren: “Hmm, a 3 hour drive with a rambunctious toddler and a 2 month old who has recently decided he hates his car seat? Sounds awesome!”

Rob: “And let’s do it as a day trip, just for fun!”

You’d think we would have realized this was a foolhardy plan…But we did it anyway. Sometimes we have pretty silly ideas. But that’s how we find ourselves on some pretty great adventures! And, y’know, it builds character and all that.

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