Awesome Album Design Skills

Awesome Album Design Skills

Albums Are Awesome.

Designing and selling albums is a fantastic way to make awesome profits with your wedding or portrait photography business. They are priceless keepsakes for your clients that are treasured and shared for generations.

The best part?

With the right skills it’s quick and easy to make professional quality, creative designs that sell. 

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could have…

  • More profits from an easy-to-create custom product?
  • More free time to spend away from the computer and with real people?
  • Clients that fall in love with your albums, and absolutely, positively have to have one?
  • The skills to create your own album templates for any size you’d like?
  • Mega fun designing, and confidence in your skills?

Of course that would be awesome!

What Is Awesome Album Design Skills?

Awesome Album Design Skills is a downloadable video tutorial that will give you both the theory behind great album design, and the skills to actually do it. Using the industry leading page layout program, Adobe InDesign CS5, you’ll confidently create exceptional designs with drag-and-drop ease.

WARNING: The information in this tutorial is highly concentrated. You can get through everything you absolutely need to know in only 4.5 hours. Buckle up.

Kind Words

Just wanted to write a note about the InDesign Album tutorials. I. LOVE. THEM. I designed my first album in InDesign yesterday and my clients love it! It would’ve taken me MONTHS to figure out all of that information for myself, and so thank from the bottom of my heart for helping to create my first album from start to finish in only a few hours. You rock!”- Amy Hoogstad,


AWESOME InDesign tutorials… holy smokes, I was sure missing the boat on that one! I’ve cut my design hours from 6 to 1 thanks to you!So thank you a million times over!”- Lindsay Nichols,

Wanna See Just How Easy InDesign Is?

It’s mind-blowingly easy to design albums with InDesign. That’s not an exaggeration. Minds literally get blown.

Wanna see how simple it will be for you to create your stunning layouts? Check out this sample video from the tutorial.

Note: Things get progressively more awesome as the video goes on. Prepare yourself.

What You Get


Tutorial Videos

Getting you skilled, nearly as fast as a speeding bullet. You can get all of the videos in only an evening. The videos are broken up into quick little shots of knowledge, and most are between 3min – 9min long. That means you can choose a topic, and learn even during your coffee break. Need a refresher? It’s easy to get back to the information you need.

Album Design Field Guide

A PDF resource that takes your album design knowledge to the next level. Includes:

  • Album Anatomy
  • Document Anatomy
  • Image Placement Guidelines
  • InDesign Album Workspace
  • Album Workflow
  • Typography Terms
  • Shooting For The Album
  • Types of Albums
  • Choosing An Album Supplier
  • Pricing Your Albums
  • Selling Your Albums

Sample Pages from the Album Design Field Guide:




Essential InDesign Shortcuts Cheatsheet

A beautifully designed one page document to give you quick access to all the shortcuts you’ll be using to design your albums at warp speed.

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iPad Compatible

Awesome Album Design Skills comes with a full set of iPad compatible videos so you can learn with your feet up. The Field Guides are also designed to work beautifully on the iPad. It’s a seriously enjoyable learning experienceipads-albums.jpg

“I’ve always known that Photoshop was not the ideal tool for creating albums and other publications, but I didn’t think I had the time to learn another way. Lauren’s tutorials, however, were so thorough, well laid out, and enjoyable—I was giddy seeing what I could do for my clients and finding ways to do these things 100x more efficiently. Oh, and that little tip on pre-designing…best thing I’ve done for my album sales in a long time.”

- Michele Anderson,


I purchased and downloaded Awesome Album Design Skills, and although I consider myself an expert in the field (having taught several album design seminars myself), I still discovered lots of great advice and technical know-how.

Lauren’s down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach to explaining the complicated world of Adobe InDesign was refreshing and extremely educational. She not only has a solid understanding of the software, but also has the ability to decipher between what is important to us as photographers designing an album and what isn’t – no use in learning all these great tools if we aren’t going to use them, right?

Lauren was clear, concise, and very well-spoken in her technical explanations of every step of the album-design process with InDesign. I would recommend this tutorial to any professional photographer – whether you have never heard of Adobe InDesign and want to get started with it, or whether you are like me, and are very comfortable with the software, but want to dig a bit deeper and see a different perspective. ”

- Bryan Caporicci, Craftsman of Photographic Arts & Educator,


Thanks so much for making this tutorial. It saved my butt this year! So good. Totally streamlined my album workflow. Love in my heart for you! And I don’t hate albums anymore… :)”

- Lillian Patz,


The Details

Awesome Album Design Skills is a ZIP file that contains a set of videos, and a PDF field guide. After purchase, you will be given a link to instantly download the tutorial.

      All this for only $79.95! 


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The Skills

This is what you’ll be taking home.


Confidence comes from true understanding. And you’ll understand how to create albums that are strong and timeless. Bonus!: This tutorial is focused on the fundamental concepts of great design. What does that mean for you? This information will be valuable for any type of design project you do. Super duper!

Shoot for the Album

A great album starts in camera. Get tips to improve the way you shoot to create more dynamic albums.

Get Creative

The best album designs are created around the images, not the other way around. Learn to easily create custom designs that compliment your photos perfectly.

Graphic Design

If you’re designing albums, you need to have some graphic design skills in your belt. You’ll learn fundamental concepts, and how they apply directly to albums.


Using text? You should know about typography! You’ll learn a few simple techniques to create better looking text that improves your design.

Save Time

Use all the powerful tools in InDesign to make your album process super speedy, without sacrificing design quality.


One of the most important factors in creating a professional design is consistency. Learn how to apply this principle quickly and easily.

Sales and Pricing

Beautiful albums won’t help your business unless you have some guidance in how to price and sell them. Learn simple techniques to make albums a highly desired product in your lineup.

Understand Albums

There are a ton of specific terms used in album production. By understanding what they mean you’ll be able to create better designs with confidence.

Print Preparation

Getting your files ready for print takes work and knowledge, so you’ll learn how to get the best quality as efficiently as possible.

What You Learn

Super Photo Editing Skills covers a lot of information, helping you with all aspects of your photo editing. Here are the topics you’ll be learning. It’s really awesome stuff. Seriously.

All About Albums

  • Album Anatomy
  • Choosing An Album Supplier That’s Right For You
  • Pricing Your Albums Profitably
  • How to Make Selling Albums Easy and Enjoyable

Getting to Know InDesign CS5

  • Setting up InDesign for Maximum Album Awesomeness
  • Setting up a Document for Great Design Potential
  • Creating the Perfect Album Design Workspace

Using InDesign CS5 to Create An Album

  • Adding Your Pretty Photos
  • Creating Perfect Alignment
  • Using Your Library for Super Speed Designing
  • Panels That Help You Win
  • How Photoshop Joins the Game

Graphic Design

  • Why You Should Learn Graphic Design
  • Shooting for the Album
  • Overcoming Designer’s Block
  • Finding Inspiration Without Copying
  • How You View Design and Why You Need to Know
  • The 5 Principles of Graphic Design Applied to Albums


  • Why You Should Learn Typography
  • Fancy Typography Words You Can Use to Impress Your Friends
  • Spacing, and Why It’s Crazy Important for Your Typography
  • Choosing a Typeface
  • The Two Types of Numerals and When to Use Them


  • Why You Should Be Pre-Designing
  • Using a PDF to Proof
  • Using JPEGS to Proof
  • Creating Album Galleries That Get Shown Off
  • Making Edits Easily

Prepping for Printing

  • Why Preflight is Awesome
  • How Packages Save You Headaches
  • When to Do Your Retouching to Save Time
  • Colour Management That Isn’t Scary
  • Getting the Best Quality Files for the Best Quality Prints

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  • Instant Download: You’ll be getting skills in a manner of minutes!
  • Concentrated: Focused on the information that is important to you and your images
  • Short Videos: Get through concepts quickly, and then easily return to specific topics for reference
  • Big Words Made Simple: You’ll understand important terminology, and what it actually means for your designs
  • Multi-Disciplinary: You’ll bring concepts from grahpic design and typography into your albums to make them super strong. But don’t worry for a second. These are simple ideas that make a big impact. Bonus! They’re similar to concepts in photography, so you already have a head start!
  • Thorough: From start to finish, you’ll understand the entire process of album creation.
  • Enjoyable: Learning a visual program from a textbook just isn’t that fun. Sit back, get comfy, and enjoy videos that show you exactly what you’ll be doing. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself excited to watch the next one, because this stuff is AWESOME! For real.
  • Easy to Learn: These videos are structured to build on each other so it’s easy for you to understand the more complex concepts. Go through the whole tutorial and you’re set. Something still a bit confusing? Just go back, re-watch the quick video, and then get back to editing.
  • Guaranteed: 60 days, no questions asked money back guarantee. Simple.

9 Reasons Why You Should Use InDesign, and Not Photoshop, for Your Albums

There is an epidemic in the photography industry, and it’s called “Photoshop Addiction”. It was a program that was comfortable and familiar, so photographers tried to make it do everything under the sun, including album design.

But, Photoshop was never ever meant for album design. Those brilliant folks at Adobe came out with a better program for layout, and called it InDesign. Go with the industry leading program, and be confident that you’re using the right tool for the job.

Heck, it’s in the titles. Photoshop is for PHOTO and InDesign is for DESIGN.

Do you PHOTO an album, or do you DESIGN it?

Here are 9 reasons why InDesign is the right program for album design:

  • Faster: Yep, it’s way faster for you to design an album in InDesign. You’ll be able to design 15 custom spreads in 20 minutes. Don’t believe me? There might be a video in the tutorial that shows me doing exactly that. Maybe. And that’s custom work. Using templates would be even faster. The bonus of working faster, other than more free time? It’s a breeze to create huge albums for great upsales!
  • Easier: It has all the tools built in to make layout easy. It’s literally drag-and-drop simple.
  • Flexible: You are limited only by your imagination, rather than the constraints of an album design program. Making changes is simple, so you can fearlessly experiment, and get really creative.
  • Create Your Own Templates in Seconds: It’s take only a moment to create a template that you can use over and over to speed up your design time. You can view all your templates in-program, so they’re always at your fingertips.
  • Itty Bitty Files: Small file sizes mean that your computer can work quickly, even with huge albums!
  • Keeps it Together: InDesign keeps all the pages of one album together in one file. This makes it super easy to stay organized, change the order of pages, and create excellent flow and pace in your album.
  • Non-destructive: InDesign doesn’t hurt your photos. You can make them bigger and smaller as many times as you’d like without degrading the file quality at all. It just works differently than Photoshop. You need that kind of flexibility to create great albums!
  • Workflow Friendly: InDesign helps you create a smart and efficient workflow so that you can easily pre-design albums, make edits in a snap, proof with one click PDFs, and prep the entire album for print at once.
  • Powerful alignment tools: InDesign has many tools to help you create fantastic alignment, which sounds boring until you know that alignment is one of the fundamentals of great design.

Straight up, InDesign will make you a BETTER designer, not just a faster one. It’s the right program for people who want to create seriously awesome albums.


Who is this tutorial right for?

This tutorial is for any photographer who designs albums. It is focused on wedding and portraits, as those are two of the most common types of albums, but the techniques and concepts can be applied to any other type of album.

What program do you use to design albums?

Adobe InDesign. The best program on the market for albums, no contest.

What version of InDesign does the tutorial use?

The tutorial uses InDesign CS5. It has lots of great new features that we cover, but the techniques and concepts will still apply if you have an older version.

What file type is this tutorial?

The tutorial is supplied as .mov files, which you will be able to download immediately after payment. You’ll need Quicktime or VLC to play them, both of which are available for free download. The Field Guides are supplied as PDFs.

Is the tutorial for Mac or PC?

Both! The videos are compatible with either type of computer, and Adobe InDesign is available for both as well.

Is the tutorial available as a gift code?

Wow! How thoughtful of you to give such a wonderful gift – head here to purchase a giftcode.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit cards through a PayPal shopping cart.

What currency do you charge in?

All prices are in US dollars.

I don’t have InDesign. How do I get it?

Hit up the Adobe website and grab the free trial. You’ll dig it.

Still have questions?

Don’t hesitate to email us at hello [at] We’re more than happy to answer any questions you have!

Get it now!


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