Simple Wedding Photography


Simple Wedding Photography

Start shooting amazing wedding photography, and get booked for thousands of dollars at a time.
Learn how to start, how to get booked, and how to get new clients …Even if you’ve never shot a wedding in your life!
Hi, I’m Lauren Lim, head ninja here at Photography Concentrate, where I teach wedding photography to more than 100,000 people every month.

Just like you, I’m passionate about photography. So my husband Rob and I started a wedding photography business, since it’s something people readily pay for.

…We actually shot 30 weddings our very first year! The problem was we weren’t getting paid as much as we anticipated.

But after many long nights, and years of trial and error, we were shooting less than half the weddings we did our first year and making SIGNIFICANTLY more money.

Shooting beautiful photography was fun again!

We discovered 2 concepts that made our service extremely valuable…

The first is Storytelling. Think about this: the bride has been dreaming about this day her entire life. What if you could capture every moment and all the details …and arrange it so that she could relive her story in beautiful photography anytime she wanted?

She would cherish that forever.

The second is Client Experience. Imagine the kind of service you’d get at a five-star hotel. Think of all the subtleties that make it awesome. When your service is super easy and thoroughly enjoyable, your clients will gladly pay you top dollar for it.

These two concepts (when done right) can get you thousands of dollars per wedding.

And I can teach you exactly how to do it.

“I cannot express in words how much Simple Wedding Photography has changed my business. I was doing it all wrong before I read the book. Afterwards I have grown to be one of the most successful wedding photographers in my city – no word of a lie. The shot lists are a godsend, I use them still on every wedding as well as the wedding day planning organizer. My clients love it. Thank to these guys my business has grown exponentially over the last year. You guys are amazing! :) ” – Stuart Holden Photography
Let me paint you a picture of just how you’d run your business:
The Initial Consult…

Imagine yourself offering your potential clients advice in the first meeting. It’s actually very useful to the couple, and at the same time – opens their eyes to the value of your service.

The young couple leaves this first meeting feeling that you REALLY know what you’re doing. And you do. They know you’d give them exactly what they want and more. This way, the Client Experience has begun, and you’re very likely to get booked.

The Engagement Session…

engagement session

The couple books you and you do some fun shots with them before the wedding. You want them to feel natural around you, so this shoot gives them a little practice. As the shoot is underway you start chatting with them and building rapport. You coach a little and you help them relax in front of the camera.

They end up having a great time and you get some amazing shots. They think you’re awesome and now they’re primed for the big day. Just like you wanted.

By the way, these photographs bring you more cash by getting your clients more products they love.

The Wedding Day comes along and you’re completely prepared. Plus, you’re super excited because you KNOW you’re going to rock it!

By this time, you’ve met with your clients again to nail down specific details about the big day. You know exactly how it’ll play out. Plus, you have a complete game plan ready to execute. You’re confident and you’re ready. Let’s go…

Getting Ready…

Getting ready

Imagine the bride getting her hair done. Getting her makeup done… putting on her dress. Think about it: this is a ritual she’s been waiting for her entire life. Can you begin to understand how valuable this story is for her? And you’re there to capture the moment and all the details in beautiful photography!

In fact, when the groom gets ready, you’re there to capture that too. You’ve become an integral part of the wedding. And you do it all with class.

The Ceremony…

wedding ceremony

Picture this: the bride comes down the aisle glowing in her white dress. And you are in perfect position to get an amazing shot. At the same time, you already know where you’re going to be to capture the groom’s expression. You get it. Perfect. So too for the all important kiss, and it’s beautiful. Your clients are gonna love these shots!

the first kiss

You see, before the ceremony began, you’ve already scouted this specific location. You know the lighting situation and you’ve pre-decided camera settings and lenses. So when game time comes around everything goes smoothly. As always, you’re on top of your game.

Family Formals…

family formals

After the ceremony, you get to photograph big groups of people. You run this session like a pro, and people are actually having a good time. See, there is this warm human quality about you. And the families really appreciate that… not to mention your clients.

You’re calm and you’re organized. And you even have some strategies to bring out some REAL smiles. As a sweet bonus, you catch Grandpa mentioning “You look beautiful” to the bride as groups are switching.

The Portraits…

the portraits

You finish Family Formals and now it’s time to get some fun shots of the couple and full bridal party. You and the couple know what kind of shots you want to get, but things are lighthearted so you capture some great candid shots too. the group portraits

Again, you know exactly how to run this session. For example, these guys and gals know each other perfectly so you get them joking and to make each other laugh. This makes for some great photography. These guys had no idea how fun and relaxed this was going to be!

The Reception…

The Reception

Your last photography and storytelling challenge is The Reception. — You’re gonna end it with a bang!

You breathe deep and get right to it… Cocktail hour comes and you focus on interesting, lively conversations. The light is dim but you know how to handle it. And your ninja stealth makes every photograph real.

Shoe game? You’re in the zone so you capture that perfectly. And dances too. This is so much fun for you (and you’re so prepared), its almost too easy.

The wedding has ended but the Client Experience hasn’t…

You’re going to have one last meeting with your clients where you deliver all the finished products they ordered from you. The storytelling wedding album, all the digital files, and so forth.

The thing is, this meeting also gives you a chance to offer them more products they’ll likely love. And if you do this right — it can get you even more money!

I can show you how to do this, plus all of the above, and more! All in one place…

Introducing the Simple Wedding Photography eBook

If you want one place to learn how to shoot beautiful wedding photography and the business behind it, this ebook might be for you.

Get Started The Simplest Way Possible Even If You’ve Never Shot A Wedding In Your Life

Learn the simple steps to book your first wedding. Yes …even if you’re starting out with zero experience. I’ll even show you how to run your very first meeting with a potential client. If you get my ebook, you’ll rock it for sure.

You’ll learn that the best strategy is to start small and manageable. You WON’T jump into a big wedding on your first shoot. And by the way, you DON’T need lots of gear out of the gate. You can easily and profitably rent it or buy it used. That’s how we started! And I’ll give you specific places to do it at. Remember, the gear doesn’t create great photography — the photographer does!

The point is, you’ll start out taking baby steps. And, if you choose, you can quickly grow your business from there.

Expertly Run All Client Interactions So You Can Deliver Real Value — And Get Paid More

Simple Wedding Photography will teach you to run all interactions like a pro. For example, let’s take one of the most important money-making meetings you’ll have with your clients:

The Initial Consult determines if you get booked and for how much. Remember the story above — how you’ll be giving them super useful advice? Well, to do so you’ll be asking some specific questions. See, this meeting isn’t about you at all; it’s about the client. It’s about finding out what they want, and giving them clear options for how to get it. More often than not, your clients will see that value, book you, and pay you accordingly. You’ll get ALL the details in my ebook.

Of course, once you get booked you’ve gotta deliver. And Simple Wedding Photography goes deep into how to do that.

Learn The Simple And Effective Ways To Getting New Clients

Look, one of the best ways to market yourself is to deliver dazzling finished products and an unforgettable Client Experience. You already know I’ll teach you how to do this. But listen, wedding photography is a relationship business. And if you work to make your clients really happy, they will praise you every chance they get.

Either way — I’ll give you the simple ways to actively get new clients without relying on just word of mouth. They require hardly any money at all, and most are free. It really is simple to get new clients …once you know how.

Choose Part-Time Or Full-Time And Get Everything You Need To Make It Work

Choose part-time or full-time and I’ll teach what you need to do it right the first time. Now, if you want super technical stuff like how to edit your photos you WON’T find that here. But you will find all the strategies and how-to’s to run your business profitably and effectively. So refer back to this book if you ever want to grow your business. It’s all inside.

What you’ll learn in this book:
  • The 4 must-have lenses to get you started in wedding photography and where to profitably rent or buy them used
  • The SPECIFIC camera settings to use at every stage of the wedding for spot-on results
  • Style and Composition tips to start shooting better photography faster
  • How to run an Engagement Session to make your clients “naturals” in front of the camera
  • Learn to scout a location for your shots and discover beauty in places the untrained eye can’t see
  • Exactly what to do at wedding rehearsals to be super prepared for the big day
  • The lighting tips plus all the details you need to capture great shots of the bride and groom getting ready
  • How to shoot the entire ceremony like a pro and get beautiful shots your clients will love
  • The psychological subtleties you should be using to run fun (previously boring) Family Formals
  • A specific plan to shooting great variety and getting real laughs during The Portraits
  • PROVEN posing and directing secrets to make your clients feel great and look amazing
  • 14 great-looking poses to steal for your own shots
  • Learn exactly how to shoot the reception to have a fantastic end-of-wedding story
And that’s just Part 1. Check out what you’ll learn in Part 2:
  • Specific tips to get started in wedding photography even if you have zero experience
  • How to book your very first wedding and what your one TOP-priority goal needs to be
  • How to create your first wedding album so that your storytelling skills practically sell themselves
  • Multiple ways to get a free and professional web presence to make a great first impression
  • What stuff besides the must-haves should you get if you want to go full time?
  • Learn the 8 PROVEN products that make great offerings and make you more cash
  • How to set your prices to charge what you’re worth and stay profitably happy
  • How to present your product packages to make them appealing to your clients (and very profitable for you)
  • Often overlooked: How to communicate your brand and attract the type of customers you want
  • Learn the simple and effective ways to getting new clients
  • Where and how to provide an unforgettable Client Experience to add value to your services
  • Learn how to run an Initial Consult and get booked for THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS per wedding
  • How to run a Pre-Wedding Meeting and be completely prepared for the big day
  • What’s the best atmosphere for a Post-Wedding Meeting so clients happily buy more products?
  • And more!
        All this for only $39.95USD!! 
Simple Wedding Photography
Check Out What Some Of My Past Customers Are Saying:
Just by reading Part One I feel much more confident in my abilities as a wedding photographer. I have my first wedding in June and up until now, I was terrified of shooting it, fearing that I would miss certain things and that I wouldn’t be able to hack it. But your book is so straight-forward and practical that I actually have confidence about shooting now! Thanks so much! :) – Jennifer Lynn


I absolutely love your wedding eBook! Love your conversational approach with very little jargon. Definitely got me engaged without a single yawn. Keep up the awesome work, I have learned so much from you! — Robbie Muyargas


If only I had Photography Concentrate’s newest offering, “Simple Wedding Photography” as my playbook when I was starting out in this business, I know I would have achieved success much earlier as a documentary wedding photographer… If I ever wonder about how to do something, I am sure that this is the book that has the answers I am seeking. – Seshu,
My 100% Risk-Free 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

It’s simple: Check out Simple Wedding Photography for a full 60-DAYS, and if you aren’t confident that you can shoot beautiful wedding photography and build a real business making thousands of dollars per wedding, you’ll get 100% of your money back. Just email me directly at and I will personally refund your money. No questions asked. And keep the book! …I’m that confident.

BONUS: Get A Download Of A Real-Life Wedding Album And My Video Commentary (A $45 value – Free!)

This is an actual wedding album I sold to real clients. We would sell just the album alone for $1,500 – $2,500 — and our clients would happily pay it! I’m including it because I want you to see how a full story plays out in a real album. And I’m also including my personal video commentary explaining every element so you can see just how to put one together yourself.

Plus Get 5 Worksheets To Help You Take Action And Stay Prepared (A $40 value – also Free!)
  • Wedding Day Worksheet – The exact questions to ask your clients to be fully prepared for the big day
  • Wedding Prep Checklist – Check off what to do and what to pack the night before the wedding day so you can sleep relaxed and be ready to go the next day
  • Wedding Day Shot List – A full list of all the must-have images for creating a full story your clients will love
  • Post-Wedding Report Card – Do a quick review of your own work after each wedding for fast improvement
  • Brand Identity Worksheet – Use this to easily create a message that gets you the type of customers you want

Download my ebook and bonuses as .pdf files and easily view them on your PC, Mac, or iPad. My video commentary is a .mov file you can easily view on your Mac or PC. Get everything for only $39.95! 


Simple Wedding Photography

Let’s be clear: shooting weddings is a lot of hard work. But if you’re passionate about photography, and you do it right, it’s also a lot of fun and very profitable.

When we first started, we made the mistake of working super hard at the WRONG things and it almost burned us out. It took us years of real-life trial and error to learn this stuff. But once we started creating real value for our clients, we were able take on a smaller workload and make significantly more money. Then we were able to take trips around the world, and have amazing experiences. And that’s the kind of life we wanted to live!

Now you can skip the learning curve (and all the mistakes) and start taking the right steps from day one. You’ll gain the pride and confidence knowing you’re shooting beautiful photography — and making great money doing it!

What kind of life do YOU want to live? What would you do with $3,000 to $10,000 dollars in your pocket after shooting a wedding? What kind of experiences would you LOVE to have? What cool stuff do you want to buy?

And what kind of opportunities and experiences will you miss out on if you just sit back, and never act on your dreams?


Get my ebook, read it, and take lots of notes. Visualize exactly how you’ll run your business and then go for it! Just start taking small steps. Small steps are key. You’ll get to where you want to be faster.

Wishing you fantastic results,

- Lauren Lim

P.S.Remember, you’re getting a full 60-day money back guarantee so there is zero risk for you. If you don’t think its awesome and completely worth it, just let me know. I’ll give you a full refund with no questions but you keep the ebook and bonuses. That’s how confident I am in this book. Get it now and live the kind of life you’ve always wanted!


Simple Wedding Photography
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Lauren Lim is the author of Simple Wedding Photography and co-founder of Photography Concentrate. She has photographed weddings around the world, in places like India, Mexico, and the Caribbean. On her blog, she reaches more than 100,000 visitors every month. Lauren has also written 6 other popular photography guides, and likes donuts.