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See, we want to help you with your photography, no matter what level you’re at. And to do this, we’ve created a TON of totally free photography resources…

The thing is, these goodies are exclusively for members of the Explorers Club. And once you’re in, you’ll instantly get full access to The Freebie Library, and get to go wild! It’s kinda like Christmas, but with more free ebooks.

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Join the Club! It’s free!

Get access to a TON of awesome photography resources by joining the Photography Concentrate Explorers Club. It’s totally free! To join, just put your name and email in the form below, and you’ll receive an email with access to the freebies!



Why is The Explorers Club worth my time (and email address)?

This club is all about giving you insanely useful photography resources.  The Freebie Library is chock full of great stuff to help you create better images, and save you time. And our periodic emails give you exclusive content, and keep you up to date with the goings on here on the site. We will do all we can to make use of your time, help you with your photography, and to never spam you!


The form says I’m already signed up, but I don’t remember doing so. What do I do?

If you’re already on our newsletter list you’ll have been emailed the secret access automatically! So check your email, it should be there! If not, hit up our Contact page and we’ll sort it out for you.


Why is it called The Explorers Club?

The reason is twofold:

1. Photographers are natural explorers. We explore light, shape, stories, and life! We’re perpetually learning, and exploring new ideas.

2. It sounds cool. :)


What’s in The Freebie Library?

Here’s what’s waiting for you right now:

Brand New!!

Hocus-Focus-148Photo-themed Halloween Cards

Impress your favourite photoghouls with these printable, pinnable cards that celebrate Halloween and photography!

Learn More


Retouching Workflow Action

A downloadable file that creates essential Photoshop® retouching layers for you instantly! A huge time-saver for anyone who does retouching.

Learn More



The Shy Photographer’s Guide to Confidence

A field guide for getting confident, and showing the world how awesome you are.

Learn More


7 Simple Ways To Market Your Wedding Photography Business

Get your work out there and get more clients!

Learn More



The Camera Buying Guide

Learn how to buy a camera with confidence! Filled with tips on different kinds of cameras, lenses, accessories, where to buy and more!

Learn More


Templates & Presets

Toy Camera Preset Kit for Lightroom

A Lightroom preset kit that will help you create toy camera effects. Includes 39 presets!

Learn More


Super Preset Sample Pack

A sample pack of presets to let you open up the creative possibilities of Lightroom! 5 black and white, and 5 colour included.

Learn More


Awesome Album Template Pack

Awesome templates to help you design elegant albums insanely fast! 20 modern album templates for InDesign.

Learn More



Nautical Lightroom Preset Pack

Harness the beauty of the ocean with these nautically-inspired Lightroom presets.

Learn More


Business Tools

Workflow Chart

A free downloadable file that you can print off, and track your workflow! Can be customized with InDesign CS5 or Photoshop.

Learn More


The Super Exciting Photo Shoot Questionnaire

Get to know your clients and plan photo shoots that capture who they truly are with these 4 questionnaires.

Learn More


Wedding Day Essentials Checklist

Make sure you’re totally prepared to rock your wedding with this handy printable checklist.

Learn More



I Heart Photography Poster Pack

Twelve original posters for people who heart photography! Print ‘em out, hang them in your home, and stay inspired!

Learn More


4 More Inspirational Posters

Even more inspirational awesomeness! Four more posters for you to print out and enjoy!

Learn More



Camera Love Poster Pack

Show your love for your camera with these awesome posters, in two styles!

Learn More


Fun Stuff

Free Photography ValentinesPhotography Themed Valentines

Tell your photo-friends you think they’re prime with these four original valentines!

Learn More


Photography is MAGIC: A Colouring Book!

Photography Is Magic: A Colouring Book

Break out the crayons, and share your love of photography with the kids in your life.

Learn More


Sound neat? Then join the club and get your freebies today! 


Join the Club! It’s free!

Get access to the entire Freebie Library by joining the Photography Concentrate Explorers Club. It’s totally free! To join, just put your name and email in the form below, and you’ll be in!