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Infographic: 36 Ways to Make Money as a Photographer


Making money as a photographer can be a struggle. And a significant challenge to making an income out of your images is simply not knowing where to start.

So today we’re sharing this gorgeous infographic with you, as inspiration. There are a lot of ways you can make money as a photographer – probably a lot more than you ever thought. (Did you know that “scientific photographer” is a career?? We didn’t!). This list is the result of our research and brainstorming, and, as thorough as we tried to be, we’re certain there are even more. But these will give you a great jumping off point, and get your brain thinking about new ways that could help you bring in some income with your passion!

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Introducing The Ultimate Guide to Buying a New Camera, and Our Recommended Photography Equipment!

Whew! That’s a long title, but it’s because we’ve been working for a long (long) time to get these two free new resources launched!

See, we’ve realized that finding camera gear that suits your needs can be tough. Really tough. So we wanted to help!

And today we’re super excited to announce the release of two pages designed to help you find the right gear…

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7 Qualities of Stunning Black and Whites

If you’re like me, you love a great black and white image. See, when you remove the color from a photo, magic can happen. A person’s expression is suddenly imbued with more meaning. A cool composition becomes more bold, more dramatic. And our images gain a timelessness that allows our viewers to focus on messages that transcend the here and now.

But how do you determine which photos you should convert to black and white? Gut feeling? Scientific testing? Some secret list of requirements that are revealed only after reaching the 10th level of Photography Mastery?

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Free Photo-themed Halloween Cards!

Hey guys!

Halloween’s almost here and so, in the spirit of free treats, we’ve put together a sweet new freebie for you!

Taking a cue from our popular photography-themed valentines, we’ve created four brand new, digitally illustrated cards suited for the spoOOookiness of the season! Send them to your favorite photo-ghouls, or keep a set for yourself!

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Storytelling Tips for Better Halloween Photos

When it comes to Halloween, you want people to be scared because of your creepy costume, not quivering in fear at the thought of having to look at yet another set of deadly dull photos.

Though filled with tons of photographic potential, Halloween photos can easily lean into the realm of boring. Bland. Same old same old.

So this year, let’s kick things up a notch.Here are some tips to help you take Halloween photos that all the ghouls and goblins in your life will actually enjoy looking at!

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Here’s What 2 Years of Motherhood Taught Me About Photography, Business & Life

[Warning: Cliche overload ahead. Proceed with extreme caution.]

Next week my baby boy turns two. When did this happen??

Pretty much every cliche I’ve ever heard about parenthood has turned out to be true. Scarily true. They grow up so fast. Every moment is precious. The time flies. It seems like only yesterday…

Life has changed completely in the past two years, and it feels like an eternity and an instant at the same time.

Kids just don’t follow the laws of physics, it seems.

I wouldn’t say that I didn’t realize that things would change. I knew it would be different. Here’s what motherhood looked in my head…

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How to Write Effective Client Emails

It’s as easy mistake to make. You’re writing an email to a client late at night. You’re sending them the link to their files, and you type out something quick without giving it much thought.

I mean, you created great images, and got them done on time. That’s what should matter right? A quick email isn’t worth worrying about.


Or maybe it’s the text you’ve put up on your website. After spending days, or even weeks, meticulously choosing all the images, the template, and the colours, most photographers leave the text as an afterthought.

We’re picture makers, after all, not wordsmiths. Our clients will judge us by our photos, not our words.

Wrong again.

As much as your images matter, your words matter as much, if not more.

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