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Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag Review

What makes photographers spend nearly $5 Million on a camera bag?

No, there wasn’t the promise of free candy. Instead, there was innovation. A lot of it. $5 Million worth.

Today, I want to introduce you to the Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag, and give you a little look at what is truly the most forward thinking camera bag I’ve ever come across.

Now if you’re anything like me, you have spent many years searching for a great camera bag, only to be left a bit underwhelmed. Sure, we’re just talking about something to hold your gear – it isn’t rocket science. But despite cameras advancing in their technology at an exponential rate, camera bags have been more or less the same. Nothing bad about that per se, it’s just been a bit boring.

Then Peak Design comes along and shakes things up and we get The Everyday Messenger. For the best look at this little guy, check out the video above. This is something you’ll want to see in action. I’ll also give you a rundown here, with the key features, our thoughts on the bag, and who it would be best suited for. Let’s go!

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