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Getting The Shot – Monument Valley Tips on a Roadscape Composition

Monument Valley is an area located on the Arizona-Utah border. It has a road going through these incredible rock formations, and you can stop at the top of a hill and take this iconic photo. Read More

Getting The Shot: How to Photograph Lightning

Anyone can capture great photos of lightning! There’s something magical about photographing this awesome and beautiful force of nature. Luckily its pretty easy to do — all you need is a camera capable of shooting in manual or bulb mode, a tripod, and a bit of patience! Read More

Getting The Shot: Wigwams and Classic Cars

Another Getting The Shot feature for you today! These posts are a chance to hear about the process involved in creating a photo, from start to finish. Today’s image is from a roadtrip we took at the end of February. We drove all around Arizona and New Mexico, with no plans or schedule, other than a […]

Getting The Shot: City Bus Tilt/Shift

Have you ever seen a photo that seemed a bit unreal. It might look like it was taken from an impossible perspective. Or it might have a depth of field or selective focus that doesn’t seem natural. This is likely the work of tilt-shift photography. Tilt-shift photography involves the use of special lenses (or special cameras) […]

Getting The Shot: Fantastic Fireworks

A great fireworks shot is one of those photographic bucket list kind of images. You gotta get at least one in your lifetime! If you didn’t snag one this past Canada Day or Independence Day, here are some tips for you! Read More

Getting The Shot: Internet Man

What’s quite unique about people photography is that even if the composition is plain, and the lighting nothing to write home about, a simple portrait of a fascinating person becomes a fascinating image. Read More

Getting The Shot: House In The Mountains

We’re really going to jump into this Getting The Shot series, as we hope it gives some valuable (and enjoyable!) insight. Often you can learn as much from the discussion of one image as you can from studying broad theories. Read More

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