Hey there! We’re Lauren & Rob. We’re super excited to meet you!! Wanna know more about this site, and us, and what it all means for you? Then you’ve come to the right page! Carry on!

We have this crazy idea.

It’s that everyone who really, really, deep-down loves photography is a Photographer.

It doesn’t matter if you make money at it or not. You’re a Photographer.

And we love sharing photography with other photographers. Really, really, really love it. That’s why we created this site.

Because right now, at this very moment, the world of photography is changing. It’s an insanely exciting time, and we want you to be a part of it with us.


If you’re a hobbyist, we want to help you take better images, and really capture the important things in your life. This is probably the most important type of photography that can be created right now. Be stoked.

If you’re a pro, we want to help you create a successful business that makes you happy. There are so many things you need to learn, but with some fundamental skills you can live the photographic life that you dream of.

If you’re thinking about becoming a pro, we want to help you navigate the epic journey you’re about to embark on. It’s a tough one, but completely worth all the hard work.

It all boils down to one concept…

Photography is for life.

Photographers never stop shooting. Why would you? Life never stops being interesting.

So, if we’re all in this for the rest of our lives, let’s start learning now so we can be exceptional photographers for the many years to come.

And hey, let’s have a blast while we’re at it, ok?

Lauren in Jodhpur, India, doing her two favourite things: traveling and shooting.

Who are we?

The most important thing you can know about us is that we’re photographers. For life.

Oh, you want to know more? Like how a $20 gadget changed our lives? How we became pros when we were 20 and 22? How we met in the nerdiest way possible? Alright. Then read on, friend.

How we became Photographers

We aren’t the photographers who came out of the womb with a camera in their hands.

In fact, a short time ago we didn’t know the first thing about photography. Truly, nothing at all.

One summer, that changed.

We decided to go backpacking through Europe (yeah, original, we know). We brought along a small point and shoot camera to take some snaps. Again, pretty standard. So what was it that made all the difference?

A cheap, $20 plastic tripod.

That flimsy stand changed the course of our entire lives.

Did I mention that we were both planning to be lawyers? That we were in University studying Psychology and weren’t “artsy” at all? Right, that was important.

Back to the trip. We brought the tripod because we thought you needed one to take great photos (P.S. You don’t). The magic of that tripod was that it slowed us down. We had to stop, set it up, and then actually take some time to compose the image.

That process was something we had never experienced before; putting so much effort into the creation of one image. We were instantly hooked. Places, people, buildings, food; we captured it all with excitement.

We still look at those photos every day.

The Hungarian Parliament Building, Budapest. A shot from the trip to Europe that changed our lives. 

Going Pro

When we returned home we decided we wanted to become professional photographers. There was simply no other option for us. It didn’t matter that we didn’t know anything about photography. We were going to do it.

We bought a camera, and started learning. We read everything we could get our hands on. We spent countless hours with our noses in 400 page technical books, and every single evening reading forums, post by post.

And the next year we became full time wedding photographers. We shot 30 weddings that first year. How? Posters at the local University. No lie. We knew who our target market was, where they spent their time, and how to get their attention.


From there things took off (with a lot of hard work of course!). Once you have clients, treat them like gold, and do your best for them. Your business will continue to grow with their support. Best business advice we could ever give you. (Hidden in the About Us page, how devious!)

Since then we’ve lived a photographic life that we never imagined possible. We’ve photographed weddings in India, temple ruins in Vietnam, salsa dancing in Buenos Aires, soccer in Rio de Janeiro, shamans in the Amazon, and a whole lot more. We’ve been honored to capture the lives of hundreds of people who believe in the power of an image. And along the way we’ve met many inspiring folks, and made lifelong friendships.

We’ve experienced more fully, and felt more deeply, than we ever dreamed. All because of photography.

Rob, searching for pink dolphins on the mighty Amazon river. Peru. 

What’s next?

After years of  shooting weddings and portraits for some truly wonderful people, we’re heading off on the next chapter of our photography journey.

Even when we were spending nearly every waking minute running our photography business, we always made time to share what we were doing and learning with other photographers. Before long that turned into workshops and private tutoring.

It took us years to figure it out, but we finally realized that we love teaching photography just as much as we love creating it. And so we built this site, and have now turned our attention to helping others enjoy this wonderful artform.

There’s a lot of the world we want to see and document, and there’s a lot of things we want to learn and share with you! So stay tuned, and join us on the adventure!

How we met

Well, if you’ve read this far then you’re a champ, and you deserve this slightly embarrassing story.

So…we met on our personal blogs.

But this was 12 years ago, and back then no one knew what a blog was, so we lied and said we met at school. (Yes, seriously.)

It was the classic story. Girl finds boy’s blog via random Blogger search. Girl reads, and comments. Boy responds to comment. The rest is history.

Now we’re rockin’ married life, working side by side, 24/7, and loving every minute. We have two wild young kids who keep us in a constant state of amazement (and exhaustion).

Moral of this story? Never underestimate the power of a blog, and the real relationships you can make online. Just be yourself.

A photo from our wedding in Santorini, Greece. We photographed it ourselves, because we’re a bit crazy like that!

And now that you know so much about us, why don’t you drop us a line and tell us a bit about yourself! We’d truly love to meet you!

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out our site, and get to know us. Looking forward to seeing you around!

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