Free Photo-themed Halloween Cards!

Hey guys! Halloween’s almost here and so, in the spirit of free treats, we’ve put together a sweet new freebie for you! Taking a cue from our popular photography-themed valentines, we’ve created four brand new, digitally illustrated cards suited for the spoOOookiness of the season! Send them to your favorite photo-ghouls, or keep a set […]

7 Things Galen Rowell Can Teach You About Photography

He was a climber. An adventurer. An advocate. An armchair scientist. A writer. An educator. A photographer. Galen Rowell’s unique combination of skills took him around the world, on assignment for organizations like National Geographic, Life, the World Wildlife Fund, and the National Sciences Foundation, to name a few. His impassioned photographs of the natural world […]

7 Things Yousuf Karsh Can Teach You About Photography

You may not know his name, but you’ve seen his work. The images of portrait photographer, Yousuf Karsh, are everywhere. You’ll find them on book jackets, bank notes and postage stamps, and of course, in art galleries and photography books too. Over his 67-year career, Karsh photographed some of the most notable thinkers, artists, entertainers […]

List of Awesome: November 8

This week, the list is all about variety! We start you off with news about National Geographic’s photo contest, where amateurs and pros alike are eligible to win an awesome prize. Next up, we’ve got a little photography project that’s seriously sweet. Finally, we wrap things up with a controversial article from the New York […]

List of Awesome: November 1st

Feeling short on inspiration? This week’s List of Awesome has you covered! We’ve shared two cool film projects. The first takes you to sunny Washington for a conventional look at how film can record history, beautifully. The second takes you to New York City, and shows how film can record disaster, conventionally and unconventionally. This one’s like […]

Lessons from Photography Masters

When you look at the work of famous photographers, it’s easy to get discouraged. Their stuff is so good! But at some point, they were like you and me, starting out or honing their skills. It was through lots of learning and practice, over many years, that they became great. The Good News Is… You and […]

List of Awesome: October 25th

Look for inspiration or a laugh? This week’s list has got you covered! We’ve got silly images of puppies gone wild and an inspirational story of a New York street photographer. To round things out, we’ve also included information about an upcoming photography conference and a cool new product. Read More

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