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"I was giddy seeing what I could do for my clients and finding ways to do these things 100x more efficiently. Oh, and that little tip on thing I've done for my album sales in a long time."

Michele Anderson,

Want to Wow Your Clients & Bring in More Money? Now How About Doing All of That, Easily?

Ask a successful portrait or wedding photographer what the big profit-maker in their business is, and you know what they’ll say?

“Albums,” they’ll whisper. “The secret is in the albums.”

Albums can be the oh-so-delicious icing on the photo session cake. In almost no time, using photos you have to process anyway, you can create a product that thrills your clients and brings in profits of hundreds, even thousands, of dollars – if you know what you’re doing.

But that’s the hard part: Knowing what you’re doing.

Because to sell albums successfully, you need more than pretty photos. You need know about things like visual storytelling, design software, colour calibration, the print process, pricing, selling and more. And you need to know how to do all of those things fast so you can keep your prices here on Earth, where your clients live.

Learning all of that and coming up with a system that works – it takes tons of time and trial and error if you do it alone.

There needs to be a better way for photographers to learn about albums.

That’s why I’ve created Awesome Album Design Skills, a multi-media tutorial where I’ll teach you how to create incredible custom albums using the industry leading design program - Adobe InDesign – in 20 minutes or less! You’ll be a design pro who knows all the time-saving tricks. Plus, I’ll also teach you the business of albums – picking a print company, pricing your products (down to the dollar!), sales techniques, and more!

Best of all, you’re going to actually enjoy this! Awesome Album Design Skills is fun and totally accessible – you’ll want to keep learning. Whether you’re new to albums or a pro looking to boost profits and shave design time, you’re going to get so much out of this – in just a few hours!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Let’s go!


  • Album Essentials: Learn the essential parts of an album, the pros and cons of different types of albums, and how to choose a supplier. PLUS learn how to sell your album – including how to price it down to the dollar!
  • InDesign 101: Everything you need to know to create fast, custom albums: The tools to use and how to use them, setting up a document to print specifications, how to create layouts that you can use and reuse, easy and nondestructive image resizing, and tons of time savers!
  • Design Fundamentals: Make your albums stand out from the crowd: Learn the basics of graphic design and typography, how to add color and other cool elements, and how to 'shoot for the album' (this one's super-important!).
  • Painless Client Proofing: How to get your draft album to your clients for proofing, the easy way to get client feedback and incorporate their edits, how to create shareable album galleries that double as free marketing, and more! 
  • Print Prep Essentials: Learn the easy way to save yourself from costly print errors (pixelation, duplication and color calibration, oh my!). PLUS find out when and how to incorporate retouched images.
  • And so much more! 

Check out this video to meet Lauren, the author of this tutorial, and learn more about how Awesome Album Design Skills can help you create stunning albums in InDesign® and sell them at a great profit!


Buckle up, friend! With Awesome Album Design Skills, you're going to...

Master Essential InDesign Tools

From setting up your document to prepping for print, and everything in between. You'll be able to make beautiful books from scratch easily, even if you're a totally newbie!

Become a
Design Insider

I'll teach you design fundamentals, so you can create unique albums that suit your style. Your new skill set is going to make your work stand out from the crowd!

Sell More,
More Easily

I'll hook you up with tons of easy-to-implement selling tips that'll make the process more comfortable for you and your clients. Get ready for a big boost in sales!

Get Your Time Back

I'll show you how to shave serious time off the design process. You'll be able to design a totally custom album that sells for thousands of dollars in as little as 20 minutes.

Learn Comfortably

Watch and read on your Mac, PC or iPad, anytime, anywhere – no internet connection needed after download!

Stay Competitive

The tutorial is yours to keep – forever! Open it up whenever you need a refresher and keep your album skills way ahead of the pack. You'll be known for your sweet albums!

Why You Need to Be Offering Albums

At this point you might be thinking: “Albums sound like a lot of work – why bother??”

In a minute, I’ll show you how super duper easy albums can be.

But first – why bother? It’s simple.

Your clients came to you because they wanted photos. And people like to look at those photos – especially photos they’ve paid a lot of money for – in hard copy. Scrolling through digital files of your wedding day on your computer just isn’t a great experience.

So what happens when you don’t offer albums? You’ll lose business, as potential clients choose to book a photographer who does offer them. As for the clients who do book you and want an album, well – they either don’t get what they want OR they take the digital files from your session and make an album themselves. And that’s risky.

Because your clients don’t know nearly as much about albums as you do. They may use a poor quality printer for lack of options. They may not know how to choose a great typeface or lay out the images well. And they may even make serious edits to those images!

You want to preserve your vision and your work, right? And when your client is passing your images around to family and friends – potential future clients – don’t you want them to have a beautiful product that they’re excited to show and that presents your work in the best way possible? Then what you need to do is make the album yourself.

Now, here’s the good news: It doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be fast and easy to create albums that wow your clients, honor your work, and bring in great profits.

Let’s see how it’s done.

Step 1: Learn to Create Amazing Albums at
Lightning Speed

When it comes to creating albums, there’s no time to waste on clunky design programs that make it hard to do exactly what you want.

That’s why I’m going to teach you to use Adobe InDesign®.

InDesign is the industry leading publishing software, meaning it was made to build things like books (that’s what albums are!) without giving you a headache. All those things you need to be able to do – like perfectly align images, experiment with text, colours and layouts, and check your album for mistakes – InDesign lets you do them quickly and easily.

Plus (Photoshop users take note!), it’s non-destructive, meaning you won’t damage the quality of your images when you adjust their size. That’s going to save you time, and prevent you from making costly errors, like printing low quality shots.

In this tutorial, I’ll give you a video crash course in InDesign, showing you exactly which tools to use to create great albums that fit your printer’s guidelines perfectly.

I’ll also show you tons of tips and shortcuts that make it even easier to put together a beautiful, custom album and get it out the door.

When you’re done the videos, you’ll be able to create albums that are unique to your brand and your client. Your work will stand out from all those other photographers who use template programs. And, super-bonus, you’ll have design skills that you’ll be able to use in a ton of other situations.

Those techniques you used to create albums – you can use them to design your own marketing materials, client PDFs, custom products like holiday cards and collages, blog layouts, and on and on and on!

Check out this FREE sample video!

Here’s one complete video from the tutorial, so you can see what the videos are all about, and just how much you’ll learn in only a few minutes. You’ll get dozens more of these in the tutorial!

Step 2: Learn the Business of Selling Albums
And Start Bringing in Serious Profits

Here’s a secret: Even the most beautiful albums don’t sell themselves. That’s your job. And unless you’re happy leaving your sales up to chance, you need to know what you’re doing.

In this tutorial, I’ll share my secrets to making the sales process simple and effective.

I’ll tell you exactly when to pitch the album. See, a lot of photographers think you should tell your clients about albums at the final sales meeting.

Deadly move. By the time your clients show up to that meeting, the magic of the shoot has faded and they’re starting to worry about money. Springing an expensive purchase on them at that moment is going to get them downright scared. They’ll close up, and your sales will suffer.

You need to introduce albums the first time you send them details about your sessions (usually when they request pricing information and availability). And you need to get them excited, that day, to see their story in print. When sales day rolls around, not only will they be mentally prepared to see albums, but they’ll be super eager to see how their story will look in print. That anticipation will help keep the magic alive, and increase your chance of a serious sale.

So how do you build all of that excitement? By communicating the benefits.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to communicate the benefits of the album and exactly who to communicate them to. I’ll teach you about the sales-boosting power of sample albums, showing you what to look for in your samples and how to choose an album provider that’s going to suit your clients and your brand. I’ll show you exactly what to consider when you price your albums, including the things most photographers forget – you’ll get the formula for ensuring you make a great profit with every sale.

Plus, you’ll find out about the amazing effectiveness of ‘pre-designing’, and so much more!

"I've cut my design hours from 6 to 1 thanks to you! So thank you a million times over!"

Lindsay Nichols


Learn everything you need to know about albums (including how to sell them!):

  • The essential parts of an album, like pages, spreads, gutters and margins. 
  • The different types of albums you can choose from, with the major pros and cons of each. 
  • How to choose an album company that fits your brand and works hard for you. 
  • The exact formula for figuring out how to price your albums and make a fair profit. If you don't know this stuff, you may actually be losing money every time you sell. 
  • How to make the process of selling albums easier and more enjoyable – for everyone. Stop dreading client meetings! 

Get an InDesign crash course & start designing quickly: 

  • Know which essential tools to use and how to use them. 
  • Learn how to set up your album to your printer's specifications (and never have to do it again!). 
  • Discover the fastest ways to add, resize and perfectly align photos. We're talking seconds
  • Discover the simple way to create beautiful layouts that you'll set up once and use time and again. This one is HUGE!
  • Get time-saving tools like presets, workspaces and a shortcut cheatsheets. Design albums at warp speed and get back hours of your life!

Learn design essentials that take your album to the next level: 

  • Learn the 5 basic principles of graphic design and how to apply them to your albums. 
  • Discover how to 'shoot for the album', including specific shots to get that make it easy to build an album that tells a story. Clients love this!
  • Get tips to help overcome designers block and find inspiration without copying. 
  • See how to add colored backgrounds and strokes (and change them in a snap).
  • Learn typography basics – typefaces, typestyles and more – and how to use InDesign to add stunning custom text to your albums. 

Make the proofing process painless:

  • "Pre-designing" will change your business. Learn what it is and how to do it. 
  • Learn how to create album galleries that get shared (free marketing!).
  • Find out how and when to use PDFs and JPEGs for proofing. 
  • Get a workflow that'll make it easy to incorporate client edits (and save you major headaches). 

Become a prep-for-print pro:

  • Learn to use this simple tool that'll save you from costly printing mistakes (blank pages, duplicate images, pixely photos). 
  • Learn how to save your files so they're easy to work with down the road (no more broken links!)
  • Find out exactly when to do your retouching and how to bring those images into your album easily. 
  • Learn the basics of color calibration so there are no surprises when you print.

Plus a whole lot more!!!


  • No risk! 60-day money back guarantee!
  • Easily pay by credit card or PayPal
  • Start learning today with immediate download

"Thank you so much for making this tutorial. It saved my butt this year! So good. Totally streamlined my album workflow. Love in my heart for you! And I don't hate albums anymore :)"

Lillian Patz

(A $15 VALUE - FREE!)

When you buy this tutorial, you’re also going to get a bonus video full of design tips! You’ll see me design a custom 15-spread album from start to finish in minutes and learn my design secrets: what images I choose and why, where I look for inspiration, how I incorporate black and white shots, and more.


When you pick up a copy of Awesome Album Design Skills, you'll get...

The Videos

4.5 hours of simple, easy-to-follow videos and screencasts that teach you everything you need to know about creating albums in Adobe InDesign®, from setup to sharing it with client to printing (and a whole lot more!). 

The Field Guide & Update Guide

A 63-page Album Design Field Guide that goes deeper into the world of albums and teaches you essentials, like how to choose a supplier, how to price your albums (down to the dollar!), and selling tips. PLUS get an Update Guide that helps you get the most out of this tutorial, whether you're using InDesign CS5 or InDesign Creative Cloud! 

InDesign Shortcut Cheatsheet

Get all the shortcuts that’ll help you design albums at lightning speed, both for Macs and PCs. You’re going to save HOURS of your life once you start using these!

Bonus Video

You’ll also get a bonus video where you’ll see me create a custom album, from scratch. This one’s full of extra design tips, too!

This tutorial comes in a digital download format (a zip file). The Album Design Field Guide is a .pdf file that can be easily viewed on your PC, Mac or iPad. The videos come as .mov files that will play on a Mac or PC. Once they’re on your computer, all of the files can be viewed offline, anytime. And they’re yours to keep – forever! Re-read and re-watch them as many times as you’d like to make sure all of that knowledge really sticks!


First up, do you offer (or want to offer) albums? Great! Now, do you want to make those albums shine, with less effort and more profit? Then read on!

  • Does this tutorial suit my skill level? I want to make it easy for any photographer to offer amazing albums and take home a profit. So I’ve designed this tutorial to teach to all levels. I start with the very basics and build from there, sharing tips and techniques that have benefitted people with years of album experience, in a way that’s totally accessible to folks who are brand new too! I’m confident that you’re going to be equipped with the skills to seriously improve your album game, no matter what your skill level.
  • How long does it take? I don’t have a lot of time to learn a new program! Finding time to pick up new skills is tough, I know. That’s why I’ve boiled this tutorial down to the essentials, so that you get everything you need in just a few hours. And I’ve kept each video short (most are under 5 minutes!) so that you can pick up serious skills, even on your coffee break. But here’s the biggest thing: Once you’ve gone through this tutorial, you’re going to start saving serious time. Imagine what you could do with a few extra hours every time you create an album.
  • Is it worth the investment? For the cost of dinner out, you’ll cut your design hours, boost your album profits, and learn an easy way to market your business for free. That’s three ways this tutorial is going to pay for itself, fast. And hey, don’t forget: this tutorial is yours to try for a full 60 days. If you aren’t confident that you’ve improved your album design skills, you’ll get 100% of your money back!
  • I design albums with a different program. Why should I switch to InDesign? InDesign was made for this stuff. It’s super-fast, intuitive, non-destructive, and lets you experiment with colors, layouts, text and illustration, easily. You’ll be creating albums that stand out from the crowd at lightning speed. More than that, knowing how to use InDesign is a real skill that will let you create stellar blog layouts, guest books, cards, marketing materials and so much more. Try that with one of those pricey album-specific programs!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try Awesome Album Design Skills for a full 60 Days, and if you don't feel like you can create and sell awesome albums you’ll get 100% of your money back. Just email me directly at and I will refund your money personally. No questions asked. You’re going to love this tutorial – I’m that confident.


I purchased and downloaded Awesome Album Design Skills, and although I consider myself an expert in the field (having taught several album design seminars myself), I still discovered lots of great advice and technical know-how. Lauren’s down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach to explaining the complicated world of Adobe InDesign was refreshing and extremely educational. She not only has a solid understanding of the software, but also has the ability to decipher between what is important to us as photographers designing an album and what isn’t – no use in learning all these great tools if we aren’t going to use them, right?

Bryan Caporicci
Craftsman of Photographic Arts & Educator

Loving all I’m learning today about InDesign… I have made many photos books over the years with different programs online and off and am thrilled at how simple InDesign makes it to do the things I’d like to do quickly and consistently! I keep exclaiming “YES!” “WOW” and “OH MY GOODNESS!” 

Thanks again for putting together this awesome video tutorial!! :-)

Janet Blunt

Just wanted to write a note about the InDesign Album tutorials. I. LOVE. THEM. I designed my first album in InDesign yesterday and my clients love it! It would’ve taken me MONTHS to figure out all of that information for myself, and so thank from the bottom of my heart for helping to create my first album from start to finish in only a few hours. You rock!”

Amy Hoogstad

I just finished watching your video tutorials last night. Omigosh, talk about the best eighty bucks I have ever spent!!! I love how you broke down each step into short videos with clear and concise explanations of how things work. You made it SOOO easy to understand!

Today, I will be creating my first album in InDesign and I couldn't be more excited. My husband is probably ready for me to get it over with so he can stop hearing me yell at him "Honeys, I'm so EXCITED about this!!!" I KNOW this is going to change the way I shoot and make a PHENOMENAL difference in the products I can provide to my clients.

Kelley Wenzel

Your tutorials are taught me how to design a wedding album in no time at all. Thank you! I am extremely proud of my books and they have become one of my best sellers in my business (with my clients paying up to the same amount they paid me to photograph their wedding for books). Thank you!

Carolien Bron


Get the entire tutorial, including the videos, user's guides and worksheets, for only US$79.95, and be on your way to better images for life!

  • No risk! 60-day money back guarantee!
  • Easily pay by credit card or PayPal
  • Start learning today with immediate download

...And start creating stunning albums!

"Incredibly well done, helpful and wonderful to refer back to when I forget something. I learned everything I need to know to put gorgeous albums together for my clients."

Sarah Severson


When I got started in portraits and weddings, I realized pretty quickly that I needed to offer albums to be competitive. And man, was I excited to learn!

There were so many people out there doing it, I figured it would be easy to find out what I needed to know and start creating awesome products that sold at a profit…right?

Wrong. It took me years before I finally pieced everything together. I was stuck reading entire textbooks, just to figure out how to pick a font, or determine which InDesign tools were relevant to me. And there was a ton of stressful trial-and-error, especially when it came to actually selling the albums. I must have lost so much time and money (and sleep) as I struggled to figure out things the hard way.

Now you can skip the stress (and the lost time and profits) and get awesome album design skills, the fun way. By this time tomorrow, you’ll have the knowledge to design and sell amazing albums that are actually enjoyable (and easy!) to make.

How do you want to feel, when you sit down to your next client meeting? Worried about the hours you’ve sunk into a product you’re not sure you can sell? Or confident that you can produce a beautiful album in a flash that will wow your clients?

What opportunities will you finally be able to pursue, once you’ve freed up hours of your time and boosted your profits?

And what will you be missing out on, if you keep spending hours at your computer designing the hard way, or if you keep losing sales? What will pass you by?


Get this tutorial. Watch the videos and follow along in InDesign. Read the PDFs and start figuring out what’s going to work for you and your brand. Then get ready to transform your business. It’s going to be awesome!

Lauren Lim
Head Ninja, Photography Concentrate

P.S. Remember, I made this a no-brainer for you. You get a full 60 Days to try Awesome Album Design Skills so there is zero risk for you. If you aren’t totally and completely satisfied, get 100% of your money back. No questions asked. Get it now and boost your business! 

P.P.S. If you have any further questions about the tutorial, you can email me directly at I’d be happy to help you!

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