Canon 80D vs. Nikon D7200: Which One Should You Buy in 2019?

Canon and Nikon are the crème de la crème of DSLR cameras. They are designed to deliver amazing results. Both brands have a wide selection of cameras that target different sections of the market. It is quite difficult to side with either brand. If you’re into indoor photography, a Nikon would be a great choice. Likewise, […]

Nikon D3400 vs. Nikon D5300 | The Best DSLR in 2019 Review

As Nikon turned a century-old in 2017, it has remained steadfast in producing some of the best DSLR cameras in the world. In fact, when people think of DSLRs, they mostly think of two brands: Nikon and Canon. However, Nikon rules in terms of entry-level cameras, and they have a vast selection of entry-level DSLRs. Among […]

Sony A6300 vs. A6500 Camera Comparison – Buyers Guide in 2019

I bought the A6000 from Sony in 2010. When it first came out, the A6000 was the real deal, and every photographer wanted to own one. It’s served me well, but I have to admit I haven’t been cautious with the handling. Fast Forward to 2019, my camera has taken a beating. The lenses are dull, […]

Best Camera Tripod Under $100 | Reviews for 2019

As a freelance photographer, nothing gives me a better kick than pulling out my camera and setting it up on a tripod to capture beautiful landscapes and breathtaking scenes. I can take better shots and produce sharp photos using my inexpensive tripod even at slow show speed. I know it’s easy to assume you can walk […]

Best Flexible Tripod for DSLR [2019] Reviews and Buying Guide

The human mind, while amazing, has its flaws, and among them, is our inability to remember everything in our past. Luckily for us, previous generations have made it possible to capture that perfect moment, that serene landscape, our perfect selves, in the art we know as photography. Technological breakthroughs now allow us to capture even better […]

Best GoPro Stabilizer [2019] Reviews and More

What a great time to be alive, technology has made life so convenient that we can convert any moment we wish into a permanent memory through video recording. Some might say that it is important that we enjoy the experience completely— put down the camera and see the world through our own eyes instead of […]

Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II vs. Sony RX100V High-End Compact Cameras – A Comprehensive Brand Comparison For 2019

Buyer’s remorse is not something you would want to experience with a high-end digital compact camera. After all, these are serious investments expected to last for years to come. Two brands that have long dominated the high-end compact camera market are Sony and Canon. Even in this digital age where smartphone cameras are everywhere, Sony and […]

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