Just Say No

One of the best things we’ve learned this year is how to say no. It sounds simple enough, but based on some of the feedback we’ve received on this blog so far I think it might be a problem that a lot of photographers are facing. I thought sharing some of our own experiences saying no […]

Software Review: Photo Mechanic

Being a professional portrait or wedding photographer means that you’re going to be dealing with a lot of photos. The faster you can deal with those photos the more productive and profitable you will be.

Lightroom Before/After: Part 4 – Highlight Clipping

Here comes another Lightroom before/after. Yay! Today I want to focus on the importance of recovering clipped highlights. Clipped highlights are areas of an image where no data exists – the information is registered as pure white.

How To Create Your Own 30 Foot Softbox

So you want to create your own 30 foot softbox? I don’t blame you. They are pretty sweet. First, here’s an image I lit with mine.

The Power In Your Pocket

One of the most overlooked tools at a photographer’s disposal is the humble camera phone. The cameras in phones have come a long way in the past few years; today many are packing 5mp sensors and can shoot video! Having such a device that easily slips into your pocket opens up a world of photographic possibility.

Tilt Shift Photography: Using a tilt shift lens

In a previous post (Tilt Shift Photography: An Introduction) I showed you what tilt shift photography looks like. In this post I’m going to focus more on the lens and how to use it for portrait photography.

Get Inspired: LIFE Photo Archive

The internet is full of magical things, and today’s inspiration dose is practically sparkling with fairy dust. Quite simply, LIFE magazine and Google teamed up to put millions of photographs from the LIFE photo archive online. For free. To access whenever you please. These images stretch all the way back to the 1750s and capture much […]

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