Colour Branding for Photographers

Colour is exciting!!!!!!!

See how many exclamation points I used there? That’s because it’s true. Colour is fantastic and exciting and one of my favourite things. I’m stoked to share with you!

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Get Inspired: Kandinsky and Days With My Father

Alright I have two really, really great sources of inspiration for you today. Read on and get creatively energized!

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Where are you????

Today, I have a simple mission for you.

If, at this time, you do NOT have the location of your photography business CLEARLY marked on your website AND blog, PLEASE go change that RIGHT NOW.

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Get Inspired: I Heart Photography & Others

A few things to get you inspired today!

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The Portrait and Wedding Photographers Tool Kit // Part 1 : Lens Selection

When you’re just starting out it can be a pretty daunting task trying to figure out what equipment you need. The options, and opinions, are endless.

Ultimately personal preference will play a large role in determining what gear you end up with, but I thought it would be useful to do a series of posts detailing the gear we use and why.

UPDATE: We’ve created two recommended wedding photography focused camera and lens kits which you can find here:

• Recommended Beginner Wedding and Portrait Photography Camera and Lens Kit

• Recommended Professional Wedding and Portrait Photography Camera and Lens Kit

UPDATE: You can view our complete Recommended Photography Equipment List here. We’ve also put together the Ultimate Guide to Buying a New Camera which you can find here.

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How To Easily Shoot A Time Lapse

Something fun every photographer should try at least once is shooting and creating a time lapse video. It’s wonderful to see things happening at faster than life speed. Time lapses also help bring perspective to time and movement.

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Relaxing Sounds To Help You Focus

I’ve always had a bit of a need for constant noise. Silence stresses me out, which is just awfully weird, but there you have it.

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