How To Easily Shoot A Time Lapse

Something fun every photographer should try at least once is shooting and creating a time lapse video. It’s wonderful to see things happening at faster than life speed. Time lapses also help bring perspective to time and movement.

Relaxing Sounds To Help You Focus

I’ve always had a bit of a need for constant noise. Silence stresses me out, which is just awfully weird, but there you have it.

11 Overlooked Photography Accessories

It’s easy to get wrapped up with cameras and lenses and forget some of the small things that make shooting a little easier. Here are 11 accessories that Lauren and I have started to use over the years and can’t live without!

iPad: A Quick Intro

We were lucky enough to have a good friend pick us up an iPad on her vacation to the States and I thought I would do a quick video sharing how we’re already using it. If you’re viewing that video in HD my apologies for the interference pattern on the screen. I assure you the iPad […]

Why You Need A Wacom Tablet

Lauren and I recently visited the Yousuf Karsh exhibit at the Alberta Art Gallery. Karsh was a well known Canadian photographer based out of Ottawa . He’s probably best known for his portrait of Winston Churchill – the one where Karsh took Churchill’s cigar away and Churchill gave Karsh a surly look.

How To Make Your Own Studio. For $20.

A big part of our photography involves using available light. We use off-camera flash and bounced flash where necessary, but much prefer the simple beauty of natural light.

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