What You Need To Get Started With Photo Printing

Creating your own photographic prints is incredibly rewarding and efficient. Read More

I Made My New Website Last Night With Adobe Portfolio

Embarrassing confession: for the past 4 years we haven’t had a portfolio. We were no longer shooting portraits, and spending all our time teaching, so a portfolio wasn’t exactly necessary. But yeah, we should have had one. I tried a couple times: playing around with Squarespace and WordPress. But nothing really stuck, and we had […]

Don’t Do a Pro Shoot Without These 3 Things

The scariest thing to happen to me during a shoot wasn’t my knee dislocating. It was my camera breaking, right as my couple was about to go frolicking in the ocean in their wedding clothes. Instantly I felt sick to my stomach, my heart lept into my chest, and the sweat rolling down my face […]

Infographic: 36 Ways to Make Money as a Photographer

Making money as a photographer can be a struggle. And a significant challenge to making an income out of your images is simply not knowing where to start. So today we’re sharing this gorgeous infographic with you, as inspiration. There are a lot of ways you can make money as a photographer – probably a lot […]

How to Write Effective Client Emails

 It’s an easy mistake to make. You’re writing an email to a client late at night. You’re sending them the link to their files, and you type out something quick without giving it much thought. I mean, you created great images, and got them done on time. That’s what should matter right? A quick email isn’t worth worrying about. Wrongo.IMPORTANT! […]

10 Mistakes You Need To Make When Learning Photography

Mistakes are powerful learning experiences. As much as they feel like a failure, they are, in fact, growth in progress. And for that reason, making mistakes as you learn photography is just a natural part of the process of developing as a shooter. Here are 10 mistakes that many photographers make. They are ones that we’ve […]

Stop Looking For The Right Way

“You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.” – Friedrich Nietzsche  Tell me if this sounds familiar: You’re faced with a tough decision to make – like which new camera to buy or which album company to use. The […]