8 Reasons to Shoot a Documentary Photography Project

Shooting a documentary project – where you photograph a story out there in the real world – takes some work. But the payoffs from that work have the potential to be huge – for your vision, your skills, your energy levels, your business, and more. It almost doesn't make sense not to do one! Read More

Stay Home: Improving Your Eye By Traveling In Your Hometown

Actively 'seeing' the world around you is a big part of photography. When you're more attuned to your surroundings – light, colours, the composition of objects – the photographic possibilities increase dramatically. Look hard enough, and rooftops may turn into mountain ranges! But in our daily lives, it's easy to tune out to our visual world. We stop really looking, because we feel like we've seen it all before. Read More

Night Sky Photography: Tips to Get You Started

If you've ever pointed your camera at the night sky and taken a shot, you'll know that there's more to getting a good star photo than simply being in the right place at the right time. For someone new to night photography, sorting out the seemingly technical process can be overwhelming. But don't panic! With a few simple tips, great shots of the stars are easily within your reach. Read More

Movie Night: 3 Documentaries for Photographers of All Kinds!

Looking for a photography-themed documentary for your next movie night? Well, no matter what type of photography you're into, there's a film that is sure to please! Check out these three great ones and pick the one that sounds most fascinating to you. Then get some popcorn, and enjoy! Read More

Book Report: Photographs Not Taken

We all have a story about the photograph that got away. A photo that would have been incredible if only… Photographs Not Taken is a collection of short essays written by photographers about the photos they didn’t make. It’s a rare book about photography that doesn’t contain a single photo! Read More

Behind The Shoot: Carnival Games

Sometimes you’ll find yourself with a tricky photo problem. It’s not that you don’t have anything to photograph, but instead that you have TOO MUCH to photograph! In situations like that it can be tough to know just how to approach things in a way that tells a great story, without getting overwhelmed. Read More

5 Lessons Comic Books Can Teach You About Photography

A scene from The Watchmen, by Allan Moore and Dave Gibbons Comic books are an incredibly powerful mix of illustration, storytelling, and fantasy. If you’ve ever tried just thumbing through one you’ll know how difficult they can be to put down. But there’s no need to feel guilty about it! You can learn a TON about photography by reading comic books. Read More

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