11 Tips to Improve Your Photography TODAY! How to get better photos with any camera.

Want to take better photos, like, NOW? And how about doing that without having to dig into technical settings? Even better, what if you could do all that, without needing any new gear – using whatever camera you currently own (even a smartphone?). Cool beans, right?

Today I’m going to give you 11 super-practical tips to make that happen. These are the suggestions that I’d give to someone who just picked up a camera and wants some rocking shots. BUT DON’T RUN OFF! Even if you’re more experienced with photography, these are ideas that are easy to forget, and we could all use the reminder every now and then! Let’s go!

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Max Learns Photography!

Photography is a huge part of our lives. It’s both our passion and our profession, and so naturally we’ve been itching to share it with our son, Max. He’s had toy cameras since before he was born, but now that he’s 2.5, and able to understand more, we’ve decided to start to actively teach him photography!

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7 Things Galen Rowell Can Teach You About Photography

He was a climber. An adventurer. An advocate. An armchair scientist. A writer. An educator. A photographer.

Galen Rowell’s unique combination of skills took him around the world, on assignment for organizations like National Geographic, Life, the World Wildlife Fund, and the National Sciences Foundation, to name a few. His impassioned photographs of the natural world graced multiple covers, propelling him to the status of a giant in the world of outdoor and adventure photography.

Photo by Warren Harding, via www.yosemiteclimbing.org

These skills gave him a wide range of insight into both the profession and lifestyle of photography – from how to pack for a job, to the ethical responsibilities photographers hold to the general public. And, lucky for us, he shared these insights with the world through his many columns and books.

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10 Reasons Why You NEED to Learn Composition

Composition is one of the most important skills for any photographer to learn. Straight up. No joke.

It’s all about how to decide what to include and exclude from your photo, and how to arrange it all to create the strongest image possible.

But I’ll confess, I totally neglected my composition study for many years. I thought it seemed boring. I knew the Rule of Thirds so I figured I was set.

I was a fool. A fool, I tell you!

Once I actually spent time studying composition, and I mean really studying it, from the theories of visual perception, to the compositional techniques of arranging elements in a photo, I realized what a huge mistake I had made. It became clear that composition was the most important photography topic I would ever study.

Why is it so important? Allow me to give you a reason, or two, or ten.

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Lessons from Photography Masters

When you look at the work of famous photographers, it’s easy to get discouraged. Their stuff is so good!

But at some point, they were like you and me, starting out or honing their skills. It was through lots of learning and practice, over many years, that they became great.

The Good News Is…

You and I, we’re actually in a pretty good position. Because we get to learn from their efforts, and pick up more quickly the techniques and insights it took them years, or even decades, to discover.

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Stay Home: Improving Your Eye By Traveling In Your Hometown

Actively ‘seeing’ the world around you is a big part of photography. When you’re more attuned to your surroundings – light, colours, the composition of objects – the photographic possibilities increase dramatically. Look hard enough, and rooftops may turn into mountain ranges!

But in our daily lives, it’s easy to tune out to our visual world. We stop really looking, because we feel like we’ve seen it all before.
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Night Sky Photography: Tips to Get You Started

If you’ve ever pointed your camera at the night sky and taken a shot, you’ll know that there’s more to getting a good star photo than simply being in the right place at the right time. For someone new to night photography, sorting out the seemingly technical process can be overwhelming. But don’t panic! With a few simple tips, great shots of the stars are easily within your reach.

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