The Three Worst Things That Have Happened To Me During A Photo Shoot

Photo sessions are a pretty crappy time for things to go wrong. It’s embarassing, and stressful, and just the thought of mishaps can give you nightmares.

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What Are You So Afraid Of?

To be a great photographer, hobbyist or pro, takes courage. You have to constantly be pushing yourself to go outside of your comfort zone, and do new things.

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Hundreds of Thousands of Crappy Photos

Have you ever seen the work of a great photographer and felt this simultaneous combination of “Wow, this is so awesome!” and “Man, I really suck”?

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How To Help Your Clients Prepare For Great Photos

The more people I photograph, the more I’ve come to realize something: a great portrait is a collaboration between photographer and subject. When both are working together the result is far more than what comes from direction alone.

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Film Photography Crash Course

Shooting film is an incredible experience as a photographer. Lets face it, loading a roll of film into a camera is a lot more exciting than inserting a memory card! Film has an inherent romantic quality to it, from the variety of beautiful analog cameras, to the gorgeous aesthetic of different types of film, and even the process of shooting film itself.

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Stress-Free Posing: Family Edition


This article is totally different than the other ones in our Stress Free Posing series. And there’s one big huge caveat.

So first, why it’s different.

Well, from our experience, shooting kids is not the same as shooting adults. Grown ups will just do whatever you say. It’s easy.

With kids? Not so much. A different approach is required.

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4 Tips For Photographing People Laughing

I love to photograph people laughing. It’s such a happy, unguarded moment that, if shot well, can put on a smile on your face for years and years to come. But shooting people laughing isn’t as straightforward as it might seem. It takes a bit of thought to do it really well. Here’s the scoop.

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