I Made My New Website Last Night With Adobe Portfolio

Embarrassing confession: for the past 4 years we haven’t had a portfolio. We were no longer shooting portraits, and spending all our time teaching, so a portfolio wasn’t exactly necessary. But yeah, we should have had one. I tried a couple times: playing around with Squarespace and WordPress. But nothing really stuck, and we had […]

How to Write Effective Client Emails

It’s an easy mistake to make. You’re writing an email to a client late at night. You’re sending them the link to their files, and you type out something quick without giving it much thought. I mean, you created great images, and got them done on time. That’s what should matter right? A quick email isn’t […]

Should You Go To Photography School?

Ah, the great question: Do photographers need to go to photography school to be successful? If you’re like me, you’ve wondered about this more than a few times. It’s hard to know which path to take in order to create that photo life of your dreams. So join me in the library and let’s chat […]

How To Get A Custom Website Address

One of the first big steps when you’re starting your photography business is getting your website set up. And the crowning jewel of that website? The thing that makes you feel like this is for real? A custom website address. Oooooh so shiny! But how do you actually get one of those? And what’s the […]

How To Pick a Name For Your Photography Business

We’ve tried some creative techniques for picking a good business name: random word generators, mind mapping, and the classic – flipping through a dictionary. In fact, the name for this site actually came from browsing a cookbook, looking for something to make for dinner. Sidenote: A lot of our best ideas have happened in the […]

7 Things Yousuf Karsh Can Teach You About Photography

You may not know his name, but you’ve seen his work. The images of portrait photographer, Yousuf Karsh, are everywhere. You’ll find them on book jackets, bank notes and postage stamps, and of course, in art galleries and photography books too. Over his 67-year career, Karsh photographed some of the most notable thinkers, artists, entertainers […]

8 Reasons to Shoot a Documentary Photography Project

Shooting a documentary project – where you photograph a story out there in the real world – takes some work. But the payoffs from that work have the potential to be huge – for your vision, your skills, your energy levels, your business, and more. It almost doesn’t make sense not to do one! Read More

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