List of Awesome: October 11th

Friends, meet the inaugural edition of the The List of Awesome!

Each week, we’ll be putting together a list of the cool photography-related things that have caught our eye. From websites we wish we had started, to stories about new gear and events, to camera flashes that look like lightsabers (it’s only a matter of time), anything awesome is fair game.

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Movie Night: 3 Documentaries for Photographers of All Kinds!

Looking for a photography-themed documentary for your next movie night? Well, no matter what type of photography you’re into, there’s a film that is sure to please! Check out these three great ones and pick the one that sounds most fascinating to you. Then get some popcorn, and enjoy!

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Movie Review: Annie Leibovitz – Life Through A Lens

Photo of Annie by Robert Scoble

If you’ve ever wondered why Annie Leibovitz is one of the greatest photographers ever then you need to see this documentary.

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The Ultimate Documentary List for Photographers

UPDATE: This is post is no longer current. Check out our Library for a much better look at awesome documentaries, and books to inspire!

How much fun is it to watch a movie, and actually learn at the same time?? Super fun! Extra points when the movie is about photography!!

Here is the ultimate list of documentaries for photographers! We’ll only post movies we’ve actually watched, and update the list as we watch new ones.

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