Video: How To Get Kids To Smile For A Photo And why bribery gets hilarious results.

Ok, confession. I find it challenging to get a good photo of my kids smiling at the camera. As much as I love photojournalistic images of them, sometimes I just want them to look at me with a natural smile, darnit!

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Why Apple’s Live Photos Will Revolutionize Photography

Note: The above image is a low quality gif, head to Apple’s website here to see a better idea of what Live Photos are.

On September 9th Apple announced the iPhone 6S. It includes a better camera, which is exciting. But what is really game changing is a brand new feature known as Live Photos. Ever seen a Harry Potter movie? Think of the photos in the films, and how they magically came to life. That’s what Live Photos are. Yep, that magic is now real life.

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