New Retouching Tutorial

Hey friends! I have exciting news for you today! We’ve just launched a brand spankin’ new tutorial designed to help you get serious retouching skills, fast! It’s called Really Easy Retouching and I’m so excited to get to share it with you! Retouching can add a level of polish to your photos that you simply […]

How To Crop Your Photos With Lightroom

Cropping your photos is a great way to improve your composition after you take the shot – it can get rid of distractions, straighten lines that were accidentally crooked, and completely shift the focus and feel of the photo. And these days it’s easier than even to effectively crop your photos! Lightroom has some top […]

How To Dramatically Improve Your Photos With One Click

Today  we want to share a super fast way to improve the look of your images in Lightroom. And by super fast I mean with one click. Yes, today we’re going to take a peek at the Lens Correction Panel! Haven’t heard of it before? Well you’re in for a treat! This is a very […]

Will Lightroom Mobile Improve Your Photography Workflow?

Today Adobe announced Lightroom Mobile – an iPad app designed to be a companion for the desktop version of Adobe Lightroom. Read More

Lightroom Processing Start to Finish

Post-processing is a critical topic for any digital photographer to study. You need to understand just what tools are available to you, and how they affect your photos. But perhaps the most tricky aspect of post-processing isn’t how to use the tools. What’s most challenging is determining when to use which ones and why! See, […]

Where Does Lightroom Store Your Photos?

This question strikes fear into our hearts. It seems innocent enough, but the scary part is that if you’re wondering where Lightroom stores your photos, there’s a good chance they aren’t backed up properly! That’s risky business! See, Lightroom doesn’t actually store your photos anywhere. True story. Don’t worry though, your photos are still on […]

New Tutorial! Before/After: Lightroom Processing Videos

Hey guys! Exciting news today! We’re launching a brand new tutorial that will help you with your post-processing! It’s called Before/After and we’re so pumped to share it with you! See, learning how to edit your photos can make the difference between bland and amazing. But how to get there isn’t always clear. It’s not […]

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