Lightroom Before/After: Part 3 – Getting The Blue Out

Have you ever been white balancing an image in Lightroom and just couldn’t quite get the blue out? You’ll slide the white balance to correct an image and warm it up, but it still doesn’t look right. Read More

Lightroom 3 officially released! + Lightroom Before/After: Part 2

The big news as of yesterday is that Adobe quietly released the full version of Lightroom 3! I’ve been using the Beta for quite some time now and really enjoy a few of the new features, especially vignette and noise reduction. Read More

Lightroom Before/After: Part 1

A not insignificant part of digital photography revolves around how you process your images. I provide such an underwhelming introduction because I feel that processing is something that is necessary to digital photography, but not so important that you can ignore, or spend less time focusing on creating great straight out of camera (SOOC) images. Read More

Why You Need A Wacom Tablet

Lauren and I recently visited the Yousuf Karsh exhibit at the Alberta Art Gallery. Karsh was a well known Canadian photographer based out of Ottawa . He’s probably best known for his portrait of Winston Churchill – the one where Karsh took Churchill’s cigar away and Churchill gave Karsh a surly look. Read More

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