Q&A: Metering Modes, Output Sharpening, And More

What type of metering should I use for outdoor fashion photography under trees on a sunny day? – Gamaliel

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Q&A: When To Buy A New Camera, Watermarking, and More!

I  know that investing time in building skills is more important than investing money in gear, but how do I know whether my camera is limiting my ability to grow? What factors do you guys consider when determining whether it’s time to upgrade? – Steph


Ah, good question. That’s certainly a tough thing to determine, and will differ for every photographer. But here are a few things that we consider when deciding whether it’s time to upgrade.

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Q&A: Focusing, Marketing, Organization & More

I am shooting my first wedding next Saturday and am really nervous about the procession and recession shots! I know you recommend One Shot mode for this situation, but I’m worried about getting my exposure fast enough and if it’s best to rotate the focus points or focus recompose? – Sandra

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Q&A: Cameras, Kids, Licenses

I am looking to buy a Canon 5D with a 24-105 lens next month. Should I buy the 5D Mark 2 or consider the Mark 3? – George

Well, it’s simple. How much money do you want to spend? :)

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