Introducing The Ultimate Guide to Buying a New Camera, and Our Recommended Photography Equipment!

Whew! That’s a long title, but it’s because we’ve been working for a long (long) time to get these two free new resources launched! See, we’ve realized that finding camera gear that suits your needs can be tough. Really tough. So we wanted to help! And today we’re super excited to announce the release of […]

The “Guides”: Updated And Better Than Ever!

Last year, we introduced “Guides” – single-page resources that contain links to all of the articles and goodies on Photography Concentrate that relate to big topics, like marketing, lighting and workflow. They’re designed to help you dig into those topics quickly, saving you from having to sift through all of our articles to get what […]

The Essential Guide to Photography Slang

When you first get into photography, you might feel like you’ve entered a different world. Everyone talks funny, and seems obsessed over completely mundane details, like the “speed of glass” (what?!) You might be left bewildered, wondering just when glass started to move on it’s own, and what’s the deal with chimps?? Do you want to […]

The Ultimate Documentary List for Photographers

UPDATE: This is post is no longer current. Check out our Library for a much better look at awesome documentaries, and books to inspire! How much fun is it to watch a movie, and actually learn at the same time?? Super fun! Extra points when the movie is about photography!! Here is the ultimate list of documentaries […]

The Book List for Photographers

If you’re a photographer and/or a business-person, your education never stops. Once you commit to life-long learning, the sky is the limit! Books have always, and will always, be one of the best ways to guide your personal learning. They offer the focused and dense information necessary for true understanding. Forums, blogs, and workshops should come […]

A Wikipedia Tour of Photography

This holiday season you may find yourself with a bit of spare time in between unwrapping presents and eating large meals. You might even have received a camera as a gift and you’re wondering where to start! Well here are a few Wikipedia articles for you to browse that will help you establish a technical understanding […]

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