Scholarship Winner Project Launch

Back in the fall of 2013, Rob and I created the Explorers Club Scholarship for Documentary Photography. Along with my sister Stephanie, we had just wrapped up our first major documentary project and, in seeing how much it had taught us all, we wanted to help another photographer pursue their documentary dreams.

So we put a call out for entries. We sorted through tons of amazing ideas and shared our favourite three with you guys, letting you vote to decide who should receive the $500 cash prize.

Today, we’re so, so excited to share with you the work of the winner: Jeff Borkowski’s Guiding Eyes: The Process of Training Guide Dogs.

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Announcing The Explorers Club Scholarship Winner!

After a great race and over 1,400 of you casting your votes, we finally have our big Explorers Club Scholarship Winner!

We’re thrilled to announce that Jeff Borkowski and his project, Guiding Eyes: The Process of Training Guide Dogs will receive the $500 Explorers Club scholarship!!

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The Explorers Club Scholarship Finalists

Guys, I wasn’t prepared for this. I wasn’t ready to read through dozens of your entries, see all the hard work and passion you put into your projects, and then have to make a decision as to which ones were the best. Because really, they were ALL amazing. I mean that. Each and every entry would make a fascinating documentary project that I would love to see. So a huge thank you to everyone who entered!

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