List of Awesome: November 8

This week, the list is all about variety!

We start you off with news about National Geographic’s photo contest, where amateurs and pros alike are eligible to win an awesome prize. Next up, we’ve got a little photography project that’s seriously sweet. Finally, we wrap things up with a controversial article from the New York Times that’ll make you think twice about giving your work away for free.

We want to know what you think about this last piece, so be sure to chime in when you’re done reading!

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How To Make Selling Non-Scary

Would you sell limes by saying that they’re green?

Whether you’re a professional photographer, or plan to be a lifelong hobbyist, you should learn about selling. That probably sounds weird, since a hobbyist shooter may never exchange their images for money. So why should they learn to sell?

Well, it’s for the very same reason that pro photogs shouldn’t be afraid of selling. At all.

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