Max Learns Photography!

Photography is a huge part of our lives. It’s both our passion and our profession, and so naturally we’ve been itching to share it with our son, Max. He’s had toy cameras since before he was born, but now that he’s 2.5, and able to understand more, we’ve decided to start to actively teach him photography!

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NEW Tutorial: Fantastic Fundamental Light Skills

For the past 6 months we’ve been working on our latest tutorial. Today we are finally releasing it into the great wide world and to say we are happy to see it launched would be an understatement! So, without further ado, we’d like to introduce Fantastic Fundamental Light Skills!!

We’ve known we had to do a tutorial on light for years now. It is really the key to photography! But it’s such a tricky topic. You can either get super technical, or super practical. We wanted to find a better way, that teaches you the fundamentals so you have better practical skills, no matter the situation.

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Last Copies of Our Fine Art Book

We recently went digging into our closet to pull out some more copies of our fine art book – Lobster Island – to send out, and realized that we’re down to the final boxes!

Holy smokes! It’s been a pretty amazing sight to see these go off into the mail, sharing our experience documenting lobster fishing in Prince Edward Island. It’s not something we ever thought we’d actually witness – a book of our own, being shared with others. And to say it’s been a rewarding journey is to put it mildly!

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Gift Idea: Photography Tutorials!

Got a photography lover in your life? Give them the gift of a knowledge! It never goes out of style, and there are no batteries required. ;)

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New Tutorial: Black & White Processing with Lightroom®

Hey friends!

Exciting news! We’ve just launched a brand new video tutorial that’s going to show you how to create stunning black and white photos with Lightroom®, in no time flat!

You already know how big of a difference editing can make to the look of your images.

But when it comes to editing black and whites, you need to take a different approach from when you edit in color. See, when you convert to your images to black and white, you change the dynamics of the shot.

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New Retouching Tutorial

Hey friends!

I have exciting news for you today! We’ve just launched a brand spankin’ new tutorial designed to help you get serious retouching skills, fast! It’s called Really Easy Retouching and I’m so excited to get to share it with you!

Retouching can add a level of polish to your photos that you simply can’t get any other way. But finding good retouching resources that don’t bog you down in weeks worth of detail can be hard to find.

That’s why I’ve created this tutorial. I want to help you get the skills you need to do simple, natural retouching, fast. I’ve created 12 HD videos that show you what tools to use, and how to use them, to address common retouching problems – like stray hairs, blemishes, yellow teeth, distractions, skin shine and more.

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10 Reasons Why You NEED to Learn Composition

Composition is one of the most important skills for any photographer to learn. Straight up. No joke.

It’s all about how to decide what to include and exclude from your photo, and how to arrange it all to create the strongest image possible.

But I’ll confess, I totally neglected my composition study for many years. I thought it seemed boring. I knew the Rule of Thirds so I figured I was set.

I was a fool. A fool, I tell you!

Once I actually spent time studying composition, and I mean really studying it, from the theories of visual perception, to the compositional techniques of arranging elements in a photo, I realized what a huge mistake I had made. It became clear that composition was the most important photography topic I would ever study.

Why is it so important? Allow me to give you a reason, or two, or ten.

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