Loupedeck Unboxing and Review A Lightroom keyboard to speed up your workflow

We’re always excited to learn about new ways to speed up our photo editing workflow AND improve the quality of our photos – so we were super excited to learn about Loupedeck. Loupedeck is a special special keyboard for Lightroom that put’s the essential adjustment sliders and controls right at your fingertips. Read More

We’re on Kit.com! An easy way to browse recommended gear

A big part of photography is what gear to use. There’s so much stuff out there it can be difficult to know where to start. Over the years we’ve created lots of gear guides and blogs posts in order to help give effective recommendations, but it’s not easy keeping everything up to date (gear changes so […]

Instax Mini Canada Film! Just in time for Canada Day!

It’s a big year for Canada! In just 12 days Canada turns 150! We just got some Instax Mini Canada themed film, but I haven’t had a chance to shoot with it yet (I’m certain it’s the same as the regular mini film though). Anyways if you have an Instax Mini camera and you’re planning […]

Photo Explorations Park Slide with the Fuji X-T2

The opportunities for interesting photography are all around us. Sometimes overwhelmingly so. In this series of photos I explored photographing one object (a park slide from multiple different angles). Read More

Fuji X100F First Shots

So last week we packed up our kids and our cameras into our van, and set off on what will be a pretty big adventure – 6 months of road tripping! Choosing the gear for this trip was a big task, but we were really lucky to get our hands on a brand new Fuji X100F […]

New tutorial on VIDEO is here! Learn how to shoot awesome video today

Happy news! Our newest tutorial How to Shoot Awesome Video! is finally here! We’re so excited for you to see how much love we’ve put into this latest guide. Want to see how you can add video to your growing list of skills? Then you should definitely check out the tutorial here. Read More

Video Experiment: Phantom 4 Hand Held I wish the gimbal was detachable!

We’ve been experimenting a lot, practicing for our upcoming tutorial on video, and wanted to share this fun little clip! Read More

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