The 10 Most Difficult Things About Being A Wedding Photographer

So last time we looked at the 10 best things about being a wedding photographer, and they were certainly very rad. It’s an amazing day to get to photograph, and being invited into such an important part of your clients’ lives is a great honour!

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The 10 Best Things About Being A Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is an incredible profession. It’s how we began as photographers, and as a result we learned a huge amount in a short timeframe, and met tons of fantastic people. While it’s not all sunshine and unicorns, there are many truly awesome things about being a wedding photographer. Here’s our Top 10 best things!

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50 Step Wedding Photography Workflow

Weddings are a LOT of work! It’s not just shooting the wedding day that is intense, but also all the prep work that happens before, and all the client care that happens after!

A great wedding photography workflow will help make sure that when you’re in the thick of it you’ll still be able to stay calm, work efficiently, and give each and every client awesome service!

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Why You Should Always Attend The Wedding Rehearsal

The wedding rehearsal is deceptively important. As a wedding photographer, you’ve likely already been through dozens (if not hundreds) of ceremonies. You know the vows off by heart, have Canon in D perpetually stuck in your head, and mumble First Corinthians while you sleep. So why on earth would the rehearsal matter?

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The Photographer’s Wedding Day Gear Kit

Shooting a wedding is a HUGE undertaking. With only once chance to get it right, you want to be certain that you have all the right gear. But figuring out what you need is pretty daunting.

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The Photographer’s Wedding Day Essentials Kit

Weddings fall squarely within Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. As the photographer, you will be spending more time with the bride and groom than anyone else, so you are pretty likely to be in the epicenter of any and all hiccups that come along.

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