11 Of The World’s Top Rated Nikon Coolpix Cameras & Buyer’s Guide

I bet you don’t remember the time when cameras used film to take pictures, and you had to bring your film to a developer to get printed photos. Well, that was before the advent of digital cameras. Nikon was one of the early adopters of digital camera technology.  The Nikon Coolpix series of digital compact […]

Sony HX80 vs. Sony HX90 Digital Compact Cameras | Which One Is the Best for Beginners & Professionals?

Some cameras are just hard to operate and end up frustrating you no end. Blurry images aren’t fun, especially when you’re trying to capture the precious moments in life.However, cameras have evolved over time. From the massive, black and white, manual, and often blurry cameras of the 20th century, we now have sleek, lightweight, and affordable […]

Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II vs. Sony RX100V | High-End Compact Cameras | Are They the Same?

Buyer’s remorse is not something you would want to experience with a high-end digital compact camera. After all, these are serious investments expected to last for years to come.Two brands that have long dominated the high-end compact camera market are Sony and Canon. Even in this digital age where smartphone cameras are everywhere, Sony and […]

Canon PowerShot SX530 vs. Nikon Coolpix B500 – What’s the Difference?

As a photographer, you put your heart and soul into capturing interesting, well-lit, beautiful, and compelling photos. But what exactly makes for an alluring photo?Most experts will tell you it’s first and foremost all about the gear. Though other factors influence the result such as colors, lighting, composition, and exposure. But let’s focus in on […]

Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II vs. Sony RX100 IV | In-Depth Comparison Between These Popular Brands

Though we tend to think of our smartphone cameras as all-encompassing, you’ll need to look further than the device in your pocket if you want to become a truly great photographer. Without an excellent camera, the picture you took of that picturesque sunset won’t look half as good as it could.Whether you’re a professional looking […]

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