Discover the easy & fun system to...
Capture Your Important Memories
Avoid Missed Opportunities
By Using Your Camera’s Video Mode
"I never imagined how useful and fun Video Mode could be.
The few videos I tried before were not worth keeping.
You showed me how to turn my experiences into videos my friends
can't get enough of!"
Kelly Hosken
Capture your memories & experience in a more lively way!
Video gives you an entirely new dimension: time. 

And with time you get: movement, gesture, expression, interaction... 

Do you see how that opens up a whole new world of possibilities?
No More Missed Opportunities
Remember those disappointing photos that fail to capture the experiences, fun and excitement you had? Video easily and elegantly solves that. 
Open up a world of creativity and fun
You love capturing stories, beautiful moments, and slices of life.

Guess what. Video can do all of those things... very, very well. 

And here’s the kicker: you'll find more and more situations when video can do those things even better than photography!
Video directed, shot and edited by
our former student, Joanne Pajarillo
Impress your family and friends

Share your videos on social media, get tons of admiration and likes! ;)
Don’t miss out on one of the coolest features of your camera!
Don't let your camera's Video Mode go to waste

There's a reason why all digital cameras have that mode, and why the quality has improved to the point it's in line with the best video cameras - 

The opportunity is there for you to grab!
How To Not Miss Out On Your Video Mode...
The quickest, easiest way to master using your camera's Video is getting a copy of the Shoot Awesome Video tutorial.
As soon as you download the Shoot Awesome Videos tutorial, you will...
  • Instantly be able to get stunning videos out of your camera
    You'll see results within 3 hours!
  •  NO need to waste time and money on long, expensive courses
    We've developed this system to simply and easily build on what you already know from photography
  •  Enjoy rewarding and meaningful photography experiences
    You'll discover how video is perfect for photographers. No wonder every camera nowadays features a super high quality Video Mode!
"Thanks to you I realized I was missing out on preserving my experiences forever, as videos that are full of life.
I'm so proud of the family videos I made during the holiday."

Carlie Walker
"I was surprised at how great my short videos could look once you taught me the basics of how to shoot and edit them."

Evan Noble
"As a mom who don't have time to take long drawn out classes, I found your tutorial to be easy to follow and I'm really happy with the videos I've been shooting."

Brenda Kellam
What's In The Package
Your Full Guide eBook
Get our core system for mastering video with your camera.
See awesome results within three hours! ($499 Value)
Video Lessons & Guides
Easy to follow videos that teach you everything you need to know, and are fun to watch ($499 Value)
BONUS #1 - Practice Guide
Instead of wasting time and money on expensive, long workshops, use this guide to practice your video skills to perfection, easily ($67 Value)
BONUS #2 - Field Guide
Take it everywhere you go shooting, it will remind you everything you need to know to take great videos ($67 Value)
BONUS #3 - Video Editing Workflow
Makes editing your videos a breeze. Huge time saver! ($67 Value)
BONUS #4 - Video Planning Worksheet
Instantly turns you into a video pro. Ensures your video becomes a success, before you even fire up your camera! ($67 Value)
Our 100% Iron-Clad Satisfaction Guarantee
If Shoot Awesome Video doesn't show you exactly how to take great videos, easily control your camera's Video mode, quickly edit your videos and have fun doing all that... 
If it doesn't take you by the hand, step-by-step to show you can do video magic with your camera and get creative - 
Then you will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!

Just try Shoot Awesome Video for a full 60 Days, and if you aren’t completely satisfied, simply email me at hello [at] and I will refund your money personally. 

You’re going to love this course – I’m that confident.
For less than the cost of a good lens filter,
you can get access to everything inside of
Shoot Awesome Video, including all bonuses!
  • Capture stunning videos of your
    most important memories and experiences
  • ​Open up a world of creativity and fun
  • Impress your family and friends with your photography
  • Protected by our 60 days 100% money back guarantee.
    Try it for 60 days and see how awesome it is!

Latest Testimonial:

"You gave me the tools and the confidence to try out something new and exciting. Shooting videos alongside photos is so much fun, just like you promised!"
Julie Verlinden
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