What if I Told You That Taking
Great Photos
Could Be Easy and Fun...?
End Your Frustration With Camera Controls TODAY!
"It was, by far, the most helpful photography help I've come across. 
It's concise, clear and simplifies all the technical talk into language you can understand.
I'm a mom, and don't have time to take a long, drawn out class!"

Brenda Kellam
"Of all the photography information out there on the internet, you guys are the best!
I LOVED this tutorial / rescue session."

Vaiden Taylor
“This is a resource I wish I had when I first got my camera.
Everything you need to know is here in such a fun way, it feels effortless, and takes the fear out of learning to shoot in manual.

Elisa Elliot
Full online course - only USD $97
From: Lauren Lim
Photography Concentrate Team
Re: Unlock The Secrets To Amazing Photos You’ll Be Proud Of
  • Do you want to end the frustration with all those confusing camera controls, and finally master taking great photos with it?
  • Do you want to share your photos on social media and immediately be admired and wow’d by everyone?
  • How about being able to hang your photos on your walls and be really proud of them?
  • Have you ever wondered what are the secrets behind jaw-dropping photos, the kind National Geographic photographers take every single day?
So, why won’t the photos you took capture the fun you had?

Or be as impressive as the landscape you saw with your own eyes?

How come it’s so difficult to get a flattering face pic or portrait, no matter how many artificial-looking filters you use?

How is it that after all the online photography guides you read, you don’t really feel you’re such a great photographer yet?

Do you find all these photography guides and camera manuals confusing and boring?
I’ve developed a way to do it easily, quickly... and have fun all the way!
I’ve got a promise for you.
Today I’m going to show you how to take Jaw-dropping photos.
"Even as a professional photographer and teacher, I learned quite a few things.
If you are considering photography as a hobby or just want to get better at using your digital SLR, this is the tutorial you should get.
It will elevate your craft because it will help make those technical issues more intuitive."

Seshu, Tiffinbox.org
"It's such a fun and simple way to learn photography, and a great opportunity to finally ditch the Auto Mode."

Julia Nikulina
"Considering myself an advanced amateur photographer, I still learned a lot from this tutorial.
All the basics were clearly explained and illustrated. I even picked up some awesome new tips, on the use of over and under-exposure, for example.
Can’t wait to go out there again with the confidence that I can photograph with all manual settings and get the results I want."

Julie Verlinden
At this point it’s important that I share my story.

But don’t get me wrong.

I never really wanted to reveal my personal story to the public, and I’m a bit spotlight shy.

But I believe that sharing all my experience gained through years of blood, sweat and tears…

This is so important, that I realized I must overcome my shyness and help others discover the photographer they have within them.
I tossed away my camera!
I’ll never forget that day when I tossed away my camera, disappointed and frustrated.

I was a psychology student back then, and had invested what little money I had in a shiny new camera… that seemingly took only boring and disappointing photos.

There was a part of me that sort of knew I could take beautiful photos I’d be proud of, but on the other hand -
  • I felt like my photos don’t capture the beauty of what I’m seeing, nothing to show for my great experiences or memories.
  • How can it be that others are so much better at this than me?
  • No matter how many photography guides I read, or how many times I struggled with understanding my confusing camera’s manual, it just didn’t help.
How complicated is it really, to make your camera shoot photos like this?
(hint: don't let anyone make you think it isn't easy!)
The Problem - Learning Photography The WRONG Way
Trying to learn the technical stuff on your own is frustrating. All the numbers and terms are overwhelming.

The camera manual seems to be written in ancient Latin, with tiny black-and-white photos you can’t learn much from.

I was lost trying to understand what to focus on (pun intended…), wasting hours on advanced techniques I didn’t really need, while still not sure I got the basics right.

Plus, trying to find the information in books or online takes up way too much time, and can lead to serious information overload!
So we end up with boring, dull photos… 

Thinking we need a better camera or need to be an expert on every button and setting!
Years of Struggle Coming To An End
It all changed for me when my husband and I decided to go backpacking through Europe (yeah, original, I know). 

We brought along a small point and shoot camera to take some snaps. Again, pretty standard. So what was it that made all the difference? 

A cheap, $20 plastic tripod. 

That flimsy stand changed the course of our entire lives. 

Did I mention we were still in University studying Psychology and weren’t “artsy” at all? That was important. 

Back to the trip. We brought the tripod because we thought you needed one to take great photos (P.S. You don’t).  

The magic of that tripod was that it slowed us down. We had to stop, set it up, and then actually take some time to take the image. 

That process was something we had never experienced before; We were instantly hooked. Places, people, buildings, food; we captured it all with excitement. 

Though we lacked most of the required knowledge, which meant each photo took a lot of time to get right, and there were tons of missed opportunities.
A shot from the trip to Europe that changed our lives.
This whole experience sparked an amazing journey that ended up in us studying photography intensively, and eventually making it our livelihood. 

What also happened during the years is that we realized what was wrong - why we and so many others, COULD NOT get great shots whenever we wished to -
Here’s What The Industry Is Hiding From You!
The photography industry is all about buying the latest cameras, lenses and accessories.
Instead of understanding how to master the basics that could actually make your photos better, they have you focusing on specs and countless sophisticated features.

Sure, they want you to replace your camera every year and own all these expensive lenses and heavy tripods. They don’t really care how good your photos are, only the amount of money you’d be spending on gear.

I admit that I was ripped off quite a few times buying expensive, totally unnecessary gear and expensive, confusing photography courses.

It’s not your fault that you were caught up in getting your head around countless camera features & specs…

Or thinking you’re not a good photographer because you don’t understand everything about the physics of light, the inner workings of cameras, sensors, lenses...

Don’t get me wrong, many people would find these subjects fascinating - but they won’t make your photographs much better...

Actually for most people, it keeps them AWAY from their real goal, which is to take stunning photos they’ll be happy with and proud of! 
To take these kind of stunning photos, you DON'T need all the stuff they try to sell you...
There’s a Much Easier & Quicker Way
At some point I got sick and tired of hearing stories about people getting ripped off or giving up on their cameras.
There’s got to be a better way!

That’s why I came up with the idea of creating the “Extremely Essential Camera Skills” course.

It took us, the team at Photography Concentrate, more than two years to prepare and perfect the ebook, video lessons and exercises.
But… what’s so special about it? 
  • The course distills for you all the knowledge & experience that took us more than 15 years to achieve, so you avoid wasting all that time, effort and money we had to waste
  •  Instead of boring explanations about the different camera functions, you learn by seeing and doing - so you’ll learn everything you need to know, as quickly & easily as possible 
  •  It gives you all the essential information with absolutely no fluff, so you avoid all those time-sucking guide books, online guides and camera manuals 

Being able to just grab your camera and PERFECTLY capture amazing moments in life - priceless.
Is This Online Course For You?
Doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or already advanced - you will start taking amazing photos within a single weekend!

This course makes everything so simple, and so interactive, that you actually have fun going through it.

And by the end of it all, you'll take full control of your camera and you'll be having a blast taking really amazing photos!

But don’t just take my word for it - here’s what others who bought the course are saying:

"Wow. I finally understand shooting in manual mode now thanks to your thorough and easy to understand eBook.
I won't tell you how many YEARS I was stuck with the semi automatic modes and how I surfed the net to learn manual mode but never fully understanding what was going on!

Susanne Steimel
"I have steered away from learning about Aperture and Shutter speed and ISO for years because the explanations made my eyes glaze over.
I have been running around my neighborhood taking super sharp pictures of everything. Thank you!!"

Maria Grant
"As a complete amateur, this tutorial was a godsend. In such a short period of time my skills were drastically improved.
In the past I have seen things or been to events where I wished I could take better photos to remember the occasion by.
This tutorial gave me the tools to ensure that I will never let those opportunities pass by again!"

Manik Chahal
Here's Everything You Get
Inside your downloaded package you’ll find a complete tutorial that gives you all the essential skills you need to control your camera!
The Complete Camera Skills eBook
Teaches you everything you need to know, to take stunning photos with your camera. No fluff! So you’ll be able to learn FAST.
It's packed with fun illustrations and example photos to show you the concepts in action and make seemingly complex ideas easy to understand!
BONUS #1 -  “Key Concepts” Videos
Get our exclusive 7 super-fun videos that make it even easier to visualize concepts and put them into practice!
It's the perfect video companion that will help you get up to speed faster and enjoy trying things yourself. 
($97 value)
BONUS #2 - The Field Guide
It's your handy little helper, always by your side when you’re taking photos, making sure you remember all the important tools and tips you’ve learned.
Use it to refer back to what you’ve learned, so that you can easily apply it to the photo you’re creating, in real time!
($37 value)
You’ll get all of that, and be able to complete it in only 3 hours! 

You’ll shave years off your learning curve, and actually enjoy the process!
As a professional photographer, people are always asking me where to go to learn more about taking their camera off of auto.
Well, now I will be telling them to get this course.
It is so clear, so easy to understand and FUN…
Dana Pugh
The Technical Stuff
  • Everything is in digital download format (a zip file). 
  •  The eBook and bonus field guide are .pdf files that can be easily viewed on your PC, Mac or iPad. The videos come as .mp4 files that will play on a Mac or PC.  
  •  Once they’re on your computer, all of the files can be viewed offline, anytime. And they’re yours to keep – forever!  
  •  Re-read and re-watch them as many times as you like, so you can be sure the information really sticks! 
  • No risk! 60-day money back guarantee!
  • Lifetime access - use it anytime, anywhere you like
  • Start learning today with immediate download
Full online course - only USD $97

Latest Testimonial:

"My photos literally got better overnight. Thank you SOOO much for taking the time to put this together and share it with the world."
Dez Rogers
"It was worth every penny and I am so excited to put into practice what I've learned. You made concepts I've previously found to be very difficult, easy to understand. It was enjoyable to work through the exercises and the videos were super helpful!"

Jill Sink
"I've always loved photography but have been intimidated by the learning process. This course makes the process accessible and fun. Photography is now a skill I feel that I can attain."

Kelsi Leavitt
"The field guide is totally appreciated... this is a wonderfully easy way to keep information needed at my fingertips."

Jackie Cook
Just Imagine Yourself, 3 Days From Now...
Imagine how it would be like, to be able to just pull out your camera and easily take the most stunning photos you’ve ever taken.

Imagine how you friends would react on Facebook, Instagram and other social media, when they see the amazing photos you uploaded.

Imagine all the best memories you have, preserved forever, and always a pleasure to look at them and remember.
This Shortcut Is Yours
Now you have a chance to shortcut the years of blood, sweat and tears I had, getting to where I am now.
It’s all about how you will unlock your camera’s full potential and YOUR potential to take great photos, every time you want.

But you need to take action now, while it’s still available at this introductory price.
Just click the button below and see you in the next page!
Our 100% Iron-Clad Satisfaction Guarantee
Get Extremely Essential Camera Skills right now and try out the information, videos and fun exercises.
If it isn’t the most:
  •  Valuable
  •  Practical 
  •  Easy-to-understand  
Camera course you’ve ever seen… 

and you DON’T start taking better photos, let me know by email and I’ll refund ALL OF YOUR MONEY, even if it’s two months later! 
No questions asked.
You’ve got a full 60 days to see how it works, start getting the same jaw-dropping photos as my other students, and
finally stop feeling frustrated by your camera.

Full online course - only USD $97
"The best, easiest and most informative tutorial I have found."

Garrie Jackson
I'm new to photography; my previous experience was pretty much my iPhone.
I just bought a SLR and I'm certain I would have been lost without the course, but now I feel totally equipped to become the photographer I'd like to be.

Clare Wood
"​I am a busy mother of 2 and work full-time so when I had time to read this I could just pick right up where I left off...
I'm looking forward to taking more photos with these new skills and growing as an artist."

Jessica Bosley
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