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"The best, easiest and most informative tutorial I have found."

Garrie Jackson

"It's such a fun and simple way to learn photography, and a great opportunity to finally ditch the Auto Mode."

Julia Nikulina

Start Taking Amazing Photos in Only 3 Hours (Even if You're a Complete Beginner)

This is what I hear from beginner (and not-so-beginner) photographers all the time: "I really want to take amazing, creative photos. But working this camera is so complicated!"

And I get it. There are all these buttons, numbers, and terms that it can be overwhelming. Or at least it seems that way, right?

But here's the thing: The problem isn't WHAT you're learning, but HOW you're learning.

See most of us learn best by seeing and doing.

That's why Extremely Essential Camera Skills gives you examples, videos, and exercises so you can really get this stuff down. It's a downloadable multimedia tutorial that gives you all the essential camera skills, in a quick and easy-to-understand format.

This tutorial makes everything so simple, and so interactive, that you actually have fun going through it. And by the end of it all, you'll take full control of your camera and you'll be having a blast taking really amazing photos!


  • Camera Anatomy: Learn the essential parts of a camera and how to use them. 
  • Manual Mode: Master manual mode, and other modes too!
  • Exposure Essentials: Learn how to get it right every time and use it with stylistic effects! 
  • The Technical Trio: Learn aperture, ISO and shutter speed – what they are and how to use them.
  • Lenses 101: What those little numbers actually mean, the pros and cons of primes and zooms, when to use which lens, and more!
  • Depth of Field: Learn what it is and how to use it to get dreamily blurred backgrounds, super-crisp scenes, and everything in between.
  • And so much more!

Check out this video to meet Lauren, the author of this tutorial, and learn more about how Extremely Essential Camera Skills can help you get confident with your camera and creative with your photography!


Buckle up, friend! With Extremely Essential Camera Skills, you're going to...

Get the Most Out of Your Gear

 We'll help you get full value out of all the bells and whistles on your gear. You paid for them, now start using them!

Gain Total Control with Manual Mode

So long, guesswork. Now you'll finally know exactly how to create the looks you want. 

Build Technical Superpowers

You'll walk away with a real skill set that lets you approach photography – from deciphering the gear to actually wielding it – with total confidence!

Get 'er Done

We've made it easy and enjoyable to follow along, so that you're sure to make it right to the end and get all of the skills you need. 

Learn Comfortably

Watch on your Mac, PC or iPad, anytime, anywhere – no internet connection needed after download!

Stay Competitive

The tutorial is yours to keep – forever! Give it a watch anytime you need a refresher, and keep your skills ahead of the field! 

"Of all the photography information out there on the internet, you guys are the best! I LOVED this class/tutorial/rescue session."

Vaiden Taylor

First, Learn Everything in Small, 
Easily Understood Pieces

Get Super-Interesting Shots & Direct Your Viewers' Attention 

The technique I’ll show you lets you quickly lock focus on your subject and move it to any other position you want in the frame. See, when your subject isn’t always in the center, you get more interesting photos. And placing sharp focus only on your subject makes it a magnet for attention.

Take this photo for example:

When you get Extremely Essential Camera Skills, you’ll notice that I use this little action figure quite a bit. I do this so you can quickly understand the concepts I’m showing you. And so you can easily duplicate the exercises in your own home. This way, you’ll learn quickly and easily.

Imagine all the cool photos you’ll get once you learn this technique. You’d make that creative decision yourself. And you’d start to make your photographs (and all the details) really yours!

Add Real Layers of Depth to Your Photos

Think of how our eyes see the real world around us: when we focus on something, that something becomes sharp. And everything in front and behind it gets a little blurry. This is what gives us a sense of 3-dimensional depth. And it’s the exact same effect I’m going to teach you how to create.

Here I used three dinosaurs. You can use whatever is handy when you do the exercise. Quickly and easily, remember?

Notice how you can either put everything in focus or add a real feeling of depth to the image.

This concept of “depth of field” is really useful when shooting portraits for example. It can make your subject pop and leave the background a bit blurry for a fun, creative effect. OR you could be taking a landscape photo and make more of the scene have sharp focus.

I’ll give you “4 Ways to Pop” and I’ll show you where you might want more of the scene in focus. But that’s later on in the tutorial (page 70). See, I want you to take baby steps and really grasp each concept. This way you’ll never be overwhelmed, you’ll learn faster, and you’ll always enjoy the process.

How to Capture or Freeze Motion

Sometimes you’ll want to capture motion or freeze it. With Extremely Essential Camera Skills, you’ll learn how to do both quickly. Check out this example of a spinning pinwheel. It’s moving at the same speed in both photos, but one captures the motion blur, and the other freezes it.

When you learn how to do this, you could capture the speed of a spiked volley ball. Or you could get a crisp image of the player mid-air — with sharp details like facial expression and flying hair. …Or you could capture or freeze the motion of a waterfall …The possibilities are endless. Have fun with it!

Get Your Brightness Right, Every Time

Knowing how to do this gives you the amazing ability to get the creative effect you’re looking for. And I’ll show you exactly how to do it.

See the image below. You can “fix” or “unfix” any image. Any way you want.

I’ll make all the options available to you so you can make that creative decision. You might want a darker, more dramatic look… or something else. Who knows? — The point is, YOU get to choose how YOU want it and YOU have all the fun! …not the camera.

I'll Even Show You How to Deal with Tricky Light

Whenever your background is very bright (clear sky for example), your camera might turn your subject too dark like the photo on the left. I’ll show you how to work that situation so that your subject can be seen perfectly. Just like the photo on the right:

Now, if your background is very dark (dim lighting for example), your camera might turn your subject too bright. The exact opposite situation. I’ll show you how to correct that too.

Soon, you’ll be anticipating these conditions and adjusting settings before you even take the photo! Nice.

Hey… You remember that you’re getting examples, videos, and exercises for all this stuff so you can learn faster right? Good.

Then, Get a 3-Step Process
And Take Full Creative Control

If you want full creative control over the look and feel of your photos, you need to learn to shoot in manual mode. And once you do, you’ll be more confident, and shooting will be way more fun.

The good news is that once you’ve mastered the skills above, manual mode becomes much, much simpler. And that’s what Extremely Essential Camera Skills is all about!

I’ll give you a simple 3-step process that makes shooting in manual mode a breeze. On the outside, that probably sounds crazy. But once you go through this tutorial, and watch the videos, and do the exercises …things will start to click. Your eyes will open to all the possibilities, and you’ll see that you CAN do it.

Soon you’ll be a natural, and you’ll be having a blast taking great photos in no time!

And besides manual mode, you’ll also learn how to shoot in semi-automatic modes. Say things are moving very fast and you still want to add depth of field to your shot. You might not have time to spare so a semi-automatic mode would be a great option. I’ll show you how and when to do it. I’ll even show you a great mode for astrophotography, fireworks, and light trails. This way, you’ll be ready no matter what situation you’re in.

Plus, Choose the Right Lens
And Get Even More Creative With Your Photos

Do you want to get a full panoramic shot? Or maybe you want to zoom in and get a better shot of your subject. Extremely Essential Camera Skills will teach you how to use your lenses and what to choose for your desired result.

It makes an excellent buying guide if you ever want to get a new one. And you’ll know just what to use for landscapes, architecture, or any scene where you want to capture a wide angle of view. You’ll also know what to use for nature, sports or wedding photography when you may not be able to get close to your subject.

You’ll even learn the simple way to use “compression”

See how the dinosaurs appear much closer to eating Obi-Wan on the right than on the left? — They’re actually the same distance apart in both pictures. What changed is the lens that was used.

You can make your background appear closer or farther or bigger or smaller than what it really is! So if you have a neat background, your lens choice will help you get great use out of it.

Get to Know Your Camera Well

Inside Extremely Essential Camera Skills you’ll get a quick rundown of what all buttons, screens, and sliders on your camera do. This is before learning everything above. You’ll get a video of me explaining this stuff to you. So that once we get started you’ll be ready to go. Super easy.

And Get to Know Your Camera Settings Too

Find out how to change your settings for the absolute best image quality.

And learn how to play with color temperature. Check this out:

See how that changes the whole look and feel of the image all by itself? I’ll teach you how to do it.


  • No risk! 60-day money back guarantee!
  • Easily pay by credit card or PayPal
  • Start learning today with immediate download

See What Folks Are Saying About This Tutorial

As a professional photographer, people are always asking me where to go to learn more about taking their camera off of auto. Well, now I will be telling them to get this tutorial. It is so clear, so easy to understand and FUN…there's a new one for you! A technical guide that doesn't bore you to sleep. Everything you need in a cute little package :)

Dana Pugh

I'm new to photography; my previous experience was pretty much just taking notes in the form of pictures on my iPhone. I just bought a SLR and I'm certain I would have been lost without the course, but now I feel totally equipped to become the photographer I'd like to be.

Clare Wood

I am a busy mother of 2 and work full-time so when I had time to read this I could just pick right up where I left off...I'm looking forward to taking more photos with these new skills and growing as an artist.

Jessica Bosley

I've always loved photography but have been intimidated by the learning process. Rob and Lauren make the process accessible and fun. I don't have a fancy camera (but would love to get one after taking the Essential Camera Skills class!) but have still learned so much from Essential Camera Skills. And when I asked a question, I got a prompt response. Thank you, Rob and Lauren! Photography is now a skill I feel that I can attain.

Kelsi Leavitt

It was worth every penny and I am so excited to put into practice what I've learned. You made concepts I've previously found to be very difficult, easy to understand. It was enjoyable to work through the exercises and the videos were super helpful! Thank you for the time and effort spent putting this together for those of us who don't have the patience to learn all this from our manuals. It's opened up a whole new world for me in the area of photography.

Jill Sink

Here's the tutorial's entire Table O' Contents for your viewing enjoyment:

“This is a resource I wish I had had when I first got my camera. Everything you need to know is here in such a fun way, it feels effortless, and takes the fear out of learning to shoot in manual. It’s a must for any beginner who wants to bring their photography to the next level. Bravo!”

Elisa Elliot

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try Extremely Essential Camera Skills for a full 60-Days, and if you aren’t completely confident taking full control of your camera and getting really awesome photos – no matter what level you're starting at– you’ll get 100% of your money back. Just email me directly at and I will refund your money personally. No questions asked. You’re going to love this tutorial – I’m that confident.

(A $15 VALUE - FREE!)

When you purchase the tutorial you’ll also get the bonus Field Guide—a printable pocket guide with some of the most essential information beautifully laid out inside. Simply print it out, and you’re ready to take your skills with you!

It’s the perfect size for your camera bag, so you’ll be able to review and put your new knowledge into practice! Sweet!

"The field guide was the #1 thing that helped me get my photography to where it is today!" - Kristin Bodnar

Here's everything you get:

Inside you’ll find a complete tutorial that gives you all the essential skills you need to control your camera!

The PDF eBook

An 89-page PDF eBook that guides you through the entire tutorial. It's packed with fun illustrations and example photos to show you the concepts in action and make seemingly complex ideas easy to understand!

7 Videos

Get 7 super-fun videos that make it even easier to visualize concepts and put them into practice!

The Field Guide

You'll also get the bonus field guide – a pretty little pocket-sized guide that'll let you refresh your memory even on the go!

You’ll get all of that, and be able to complete it in only a 3 hours! You’ll shave years off your learning curve, and actually enjoy the process!

This tutorial comes in digital download format (a zip file). The eBook and bonus field guide are .pdf files that can be easily viewed on your PC, Mac or iPad. The videos come as .mp4 files that will play on a Mac or PC. Once they’re on your computer, all of the files can be viewed offline, anytime. And they’re yours to keep – forever! Re-read and re-watch them as many times as you like, so you can be sure the information really sticks!

"The field guide is totally appreciated...this is a wonderfully easy way to keep information needed at my fingertips."

Jackie Cook

Is Extremely Essential Camera Skills Right For Me?

By investing in your photography education, you’ll be improving the quality of your images for the rest of your life. Just think of what a lifetime of great photos is worth!

  • Canon lover or Nikon fan—it’s all good! This tutorial is designed around the fundamentals, and all concepts are written for Canon and Nikon. Or if you have a Fuji, Sony, Olympus, or Panasonic camera you'll be able to follow along too. Everyone is welcome! All you need is a camera that can be put into manual control!!
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner—there’s no experience necessary! We’ll guide you through the whole thing, and by the end you won’t believe how much you’ve learned and how confident you’ve become!
  • Many pros and advanced amateurs who have checked out Extremely Essential Camera Skills have said they learned things they didn’t know and finally got their minds around a core concept that will help their own images!

Every single photographer should know the camera fundamentals. This tutorial will get you there in no time flat!

Join The Thousands Who've Already Bought This Tutorial
And Are Now Having a Blast Taking Great Photos!

Trying to learn the technical stuff on your own is frustrating. All the numbers and terms are overwhelming, and the camera manual seems to be written in Latin. Plus, trying to find the information in books or online takes up way too much time, and can lead to serious information overload!

You should get Extremely Essential Camera Skills instead. It’s the one place where you’ll find everything you need, completely organized, and super easy to learn.

In only 3 hours, you’ll get all the skills you need to take really amazing photos. And by the end of it all, all this stuff will be second nature for you.

So get my tutorial, start taking amazing photos, and have a blast doing it! That’s why you got that sweet camera right?

Happy photographing!

Lauren Lim
Head Ninja, Photography Concentrate

P.S. Remember, I made this a no-brainer for you. You get a full 60 Days to try Extremely Essential Camera Skills so there is zero risk for you. If you aren’t totally and completely satisfied, get 100% of your money back. No questions asked. Get it now and creating amazing photos today!

P.P.S. If you have any further questions about the tutorial, you can email me directly at I’d be happy to help you!


Get the entire tutorial, including the eBook, videos and the valuable bonus field guide, for only US$49.95, and be on your way to more creative images, for life!

  • No risk! 60-day money back guarantee!
  • Easily pay by credit card or PayPal
  • Start learning today with immediate download

...And get creative and confident with your photography!

See What More Folks Are Saying About This Tutorial!

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for putting together such an easy to understand guide. I've been an enthusiast for a few years now and have recently gone full-time as a business owner. I felt that I had faked it for as long as I could. Meeting with a few photographers this past week made me realise even more I can't fake it anymore. I need to know how to use my camera. It felt good to know that the material you provided explained the exact things I talked with the photographers about... thank you so much.

Ivy Vena

It was, by far, the most helpful photography help I've come across. It's concise, clear and simplifies all the technical talk into understandable lingo for those of us who just want to enjoy and improve our photography in a short amount of time...I'm a mom, and don't have time to take a long, drawn out class!

Brenda Kellam

Even as a professional photographer and teacher, I learned quite a few things. If you are considering photography as a hobby or just want to get better at using your digital SLR, this is the tutorial you should get. It will elevate your craft because it will help make those technical issues more intuitive.


Wow. I finally understand shooting in manual mode now thanks to your thorough and easy to understand eBook Extremely Essential Camera Skills. Well. I won't tell you how many YEARS I wondered about shooting in manual mode but stuck it out with the semi automatic modes and how I surfed the net finding stuff about shooting in manual mode it but never fully understanding what was going on – that's the truth. I like Lauren's presentation. Clear and concise without extra fluff. Amazing. The extra charts are a big help too. Very professional and easy to understand. I was so pleased with it, I bought four more of their ebooks.

Susanne Steimel

It's such a fun and simple way to learn photography, and a great opportunity to finally ditch the Auto Mode. Having finished the tutorial, I am now able to experiment with my camera and take cool pictures, with effects previously unbeknown to me. It's also has been a first step towards becoming a professional photographer.

Julia Nikulina

I have steered away from learning about Aperture and Shutter speed and ISO for years because the explanations made my eyes glaze over. I always figured I could use Lightroom or Photoshop to fix my photos. Your course is so straightforward and sensible and clear. I have been running around my neighborhood taking super sharp pictures of everything. Thank you!!

Maria Grant

As a complete amateur, this tutorial was a godsend. In such a short period of time my skills were drastically improved. In the past I have seen things or been to events where I wished I could take better photos to remember the occasion by. This tutorial gave me the tools to ensure that I will never let those opportunities pass by again!

Manik Chahal

Clear, concise, friendly and INTERESTING. You guys have made the daunting task of learning to use a camera from scratch easy and fun! Thanks, Lauren and Rob. I <3 Photography Concentrate!

Erin Smith

My photos literally got better overnight. Thank you SOOO much for taking the time to put this together and share it with the world.

Dez Rogers

Considering myself an advanced amateur photographer, I still learned a lot from this tutorial. All the basics were clearly explained and illustrated. I even picked up some awesome new tips, on the use of over and underexposure, for example. Can’t wait to go out there again with the confidence that I can photograph with all manual settings and get the results I want.

Julie Verlinden

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