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Louise Schieg
"Exactly what I needed. After shooting blindly (so it seems) I’ve finally got to a point where I’m ready to understand the different types of light, how light behaves and how I can manipulate it to create the image I see in my mind."
Kelly Hosken
Don't wanna take portraits that suck because of bad lighting? Read on to discover how to avoid these situations...
From: Lauren Lim
Photography Concentrate Team

Re: Unlock The Secrets to Awesomely Impressive Photos

How many times have you been disappointed with photos you took?

Confession time: one of my biggest disappointments ever was on a trip to the beautiful Yosemite national park.

I couldn’t understand how the beautiful, impressive landscapes have been translated into dull, boring photos I was ashamed to show anyone.

These are the kind of photos I would cover up with as many filters as I can, but deep in my heart I knew that I sucked.
The photo on the left is what many would take, unaware of the amazing, golden back light they'll get by just facing the other direction, towards the sun! 
One good thing came out of it though...

If it weren’t for those lifeless, dull photos, I would have never written this page and you wouldn’t be reading it right now.

When I think about it, it’s kind of crazy how a single frustrating weekend trip to a beautiful national park, can have such a huge impact on thousands of people who are frustrated and disappointed with how their photos turn out.

I wasn’t a total beginner photographer back then, so this only added to my embarrassment.

I couldn’t understand why the beauty of that place didn’t show up in the photos…

Worst of all, I couldn’t even blame my camera for that - it was one of the top model DSLR’s!
It took me time to admit...
  •  I’ve blown up the chance to capture some of the most amazing landscapes out there
  •  I have a pretty good camera but NOT making a very good use of it
  •  I’ve ruined the memories of an amazing trip to an exceptionally beautiful place 
Discovering The Real Problem
Recently I came across those Yosemite photos again. I’ve progressed a lot as a photographer since, and now it was obvious to me what went wrong there.

You guessed it - light.
Even though I did read a whole book about light back then, that didn’t help me. 


Well, most photography education focuses on practical lighting.

You can find countless books, blogs, tutorials, workshops and classes on how to use your camera flash, or how to use studio lighting, or how to use natural light.

It gets more specific though.

There are whole courses on just how to use camera flashes for weddings, or how to use studio lights for head shots, or the best way to light a baby's bum, and the list goes on!

This focus on specific situations and practical applications might seem really helpful at first...

The trouble is that unless you already have a fundamental understanding about light (which I didn’t), you’re going to find it very difficult to understand why light is working the way it does in all those real-life situations.

And without that knowledge, I obviously had a hard time adapting those skills to the situations I encountered on that trip.

I know so many photography enthusiasts who waste tons of money and time on expensive lighting courses and struggle to memorize more settings and setups.

It's backwards!

(It's kind of like trying to learn how to do a backflip on a mountain bike without first learning how to peddle. Ouch.)

They usually ask questions like “How do I use my flash?”, “What studio lights do I need?”, or “How do I use natural light?”.

And so tons of books, articles, and classes are written on those exact topics.

Less frequently requested is:
  • “How does light affect a photo?”
  •  “How do I develop an understanding about light?”
  •  “Why does light look differently in different situations?”
But these ARE the questions I should have been asking back then… and you should be asking now.  

These are the questions that led me on a long but satisfying journey of discovering and loving light.
If you'd like to take portraits outdoors that would be the most flattering, you'd want to avoid "hard" light, as explained in the course, and opt for some shade to get a "softer" light
How You Can Avoid What Happened To Me...
After spending countless hours researching and studying light, I’ve discovered a much more efficient way to learn this basic, critical skill.

Instead of boring you with a bunch of light situations you need to memorize…

The guide we wrote for Photography Concentrate starts with the basic theories behind light - but ONLY the ones that would REALLY make a difference to you.

It will teach you the 'why' of the light –
  • Why it behaves the way it does
             (so you can control how your photos look and feel)

  •  Why things look so different in different situations
              (so you can always handle every situation with ease)

  •  Why it changes when you make certain adjustments
              (so you'll know which adjustments to make)

  •  And other critical 'Why's...

This way, you learn about light faster, and develop a deeper understanding of how to use it to turn even ordinary daily situations into photos you’ll be proud of.

That’s the "secret sauce" behind all those jaw-dropping National Geographic photos.

For example - that’s the critical ingredient you’ll need if you want to take a photo of someone (or a selfie!) that’s going to be their BEST, most flattering portrait ever.
Turns Out... You Can Take Amazing Photos
With Only a Basic Camera, Even If You’re a Beginner
More than anything else, it’s about LIGHT.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a total beginner or a pro photographer - you need to understand light.

Why is it so critical?

Light is the most important thing in your photography. Think about it: without light, your photos simply wouldn't exist!

In fact, the word “photography” literally means “drawing with light”.

It's no big surprise that learning about it will help you improve.
Unfortunately, light has actually been a pretty tricky thing to learn…

Until now!

Introducing… “Fantastic Fundamental Light Skills

With no fluff and NO B.S., you get just the info you need to take better photos.
  • Why your camera sees light differently than you
  •  How this turns amazing landscapes and beautiful faces into dull, disappointing photos 
  •  How you can actually use this difference to your advantage 
  •  What dynamic range is and why it can make or break your photo 
  •  What makes light soft or hard, and how that completely changes the look of your photos
  •  What types of light you need to make face pictures flattering 
  •  Why you should avoid working with mixed colors of light (this one saves tons of ugly looking photos from ever happening!) 
  •  The Law of Reflection - how it can help you predict how light will reflect off a surface 
  •  The Inverse Square Law de-mystified – this one sounds scary, but is actually simple and will be a huge
    "A-ha!" moment for you 
  •  How to control light in your photos with 3 simple methods 
  •  Understand how your camera’s light meter works so you can ensure it doesn’t fail your photos 
  •  Why (and how) chimping can help you get perfectly exposed photos 
  •  How to work with light when you don’t have control of it 
  •  “Reverse engineer” the lighting in the photos you admire - so you can repeat it with your own photography
  •  What to expect in various real world lighting situations - indoor light, window light, and outdoor light throughout the day and in different weather conditions 
  •  And a whole lot more! Check out the Table of Contents!
"After half of the ebook, I stopped counting the "A-ha" moments I had... This is eye opening and my photos are on a whole different level now. Thank you for making such an awesome guide!"

Greg Flores

"Finally I understand how to use light to my advantage. This guide is great at explaining even the most complicated stuff in such a clear way and easy to follow."

Carlie Walker
"I always thought that when light isn't what I wanted, there's nothing I can do about it. With your course I'm able to take amazing shots even when light is very challenging."

Gabriella Harris
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Learn From Our Mistakes
When we first became interested in photography we completely underestimated how much there is to understand about light (our first big mistake)

We figured all we needed was the gear, so we spent thousands of dollars on all the fancy flashes, diffusers, light modifiers, and studio lights (our second big mistake).  

After getting all that stuff we realized we had a slight problem - we had no idea how to use it all! 

And at this point we made our third big mistake: we skipped learning the fundamentals of light. 

See, the information available on the basics of light was sparse.  

And what did exist was super technical.

We figured we could get by without it, and instead we focused our attention on trying to memorize different lighting setups.

We spent hundreds of dollars on lighting books, tutorials, and overpriced workshops trying to figure out how to use light in different situations (our fourth big mistake).

And this was huge mistake for one simple reason…

There are an infinite number of possible lighting situations and you can’t memorize lighting techniques to suit every single one!

As soon as we found ourselves with one factor that was slightly different, we were stuck not knowing what to do, and winding up with light that we didn't like.

Memorizing setups just wasn't enough – we needed to learn the fundamentals in order to understand how to adapt to every situation.

In the end we developed our understanding of light through the painful and slow process of trial and error.

We spent years struggling to figure out how to get the right light, and wasted thousands of dollars in the process.

Buckle up, friend! With Fantastic Fundamental Light Skills, you're going to...

Learn to Adapt

Develop the skills you need to problem solve any lighting situation, and find the good light hiding everywhere.

Discover what makes amazing photos

Finally understand light, in a way that will change how you see the world and how you take pictures.

Save Money

Don’t buy a flash, a new camera or anything else before you read this book! When you understand light, you’ll know what you need and what you don’t.

Gain Serious Confidence

You can learn light and master this essential skill! We make complex concepts easy to understand.

Save Time

We cut to the chase, skipping the fluff, and focusing on the info you actually need to know.

Learn Comfortably

Follow along on your Mac, PC or iPad, anytime, anywhere – no internet connection needed after download!
What's In The Package
Self Study eBook
Teaches you everything you need to know about light, how to control it, how to use it to create stunning photography, and how to handle difficult situations.
BONUS #1 - The Light Skills Field Guide
This printable pocket guide is packed with essential tips, concepts and techniques. Keep it in your bag so you're always ready to handle every light situation! ($37 Value)
BONUS #2 - The Photography Logbooks
Be a better photographer by using a logbook to prepare, review and keep track of important information. We found this to be the number one tactic for upgrading our skills! ($27 Value)
Where Do You Want To Be A Year From Now?
Still struggling to fix the same mistakes and falling back on the same techniques, like you haven’t progressed?

Or feeling like you’ve grown more as a photographer than you ever could have imagined?

How will it feel when you unlock your potential and start taking the photos you’ve only dreamed about?

What photographic experiences are you going to go after?

What doors are going to open for you?

And what will you miss out on if you don’t act on your dreams?


Pick up a copy of this easy-to-learn guide. Read it. Think about it. Take notes!

Then get practicing and putting your new skills into action.

And watch as the world around you takes notice. It’s going to be incredible!
But You Must Act Now Because...
  • This is your chance to stop being disappointed with photos you take
  • Not understand light is what's holding you back from becoming a better photographer 
  •  Once this promotion is over, the price is going to go up! 
"I look back at some of my once-in-a-lifetime photos, and only now I realize just how many amazing photos I missed out on because I didn't fully understand light. Not anymore thanks to your course on light!"
Cynthia Rogers
"After doing the exercises I really feel I understand light, how to use it to make my photos stand out, and how to control it."

Sarah Edwards
"Understanding light is not something I thought was that important, so thank you for showing me how critical it really is for improving my photography."
Mark Reyes
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Latest Testimonial:

"Thanks to your course on light, I've taken so many amazing photos in the last few months. It was easy to follow and understand, and gave me confidence that I can take photos in any light situation."

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