Hundreds of Thousands of Crappy Photos

Have you ever seen the work of a great photographer and felt this simultaneous combination of “Wow, this is so awesome!” and “Man, I really suck”? Read More

4 Tips For Photographing People Laughing

I love to photograph people laughing. It’s such a happy, unguarded moment that, if shot well, can put on a smile on your face for years and years to come. But shooting people laughing isn’t as straightforward as it might seem. It takes a bit of thought to do it really well. Here’s the scoop. Read […]

How To Photograph Your Friends (And Why It’s Super Important)

 Doesn’t it seem crazy that I’m writing a huge article about something that sounds so simple? I mean, your friends are some of your favourite people in the world. Photographing them should be easy! But, if you’re like us, you’ll know it’s not quite so simple.Continue Reading →Doesn’t it seem crazy that I’m writing a huge article […]

How To Make Your Own Presets In Lightroom

 Making your own presets in Lightroom is super easy to do and can save you a TON of time in your RAW workflow. Bonus: you can save money with this DIY technique, and create totally original and unique recipes.Continue Reading →Making your own presets in Lightroom is super easy to do and can save you a […]

How To Make Your Own Album Templates in 10 Seconds (Or Less)

Yep. It’s seriously that easy to make your own album templates in InDesign. Just a few seconds, a couple clicks, and you’re laughing! You’ll save yourself hundreds of dollars (yikes!) over buying pre-made ones, and get to let your own creativity guide your designs. Plus, using templates speeds up your workflow like mad.  Read More

Free Workflow Chart!!!!

Here’s the story. When we shared our Workflow Board, folks loved it! They went out to find their own, but were having a hard time. Seems like the manufacturer doesn’t sell the organizer board anymore. Bummer. Read More

The Secret to Effective Client Questionnaires

 Sending a questionnaire to your clients before a photo shoot is crazy valuable. With their answers you can:Get to know who they are and what they’re all aboutWhat they’re looking for from youYou can plan a more meaningful sessionJump start your comfort level with themPrepare for a great sale afterwardsGet a heads up on any potential problems.All […]

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