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We love to share tons of awesome free stuff with our readers—it’s our way of saying thank you for being here!! We can’t wait to help you learn photography fast!

Upload from February 17, 2012

7 Simple Ways To Market Your Wedding Photography Business

A free mini eBook with 7 practical ideas to market your wedding photography business and get your work out there!


Upload from December 09, 2011

The Camera Buying Guide

A free e-book that will help you buy a camera with confidence! Filled with tips on different kinds of cameras, lenses, accessories, where to buy and more!


Upload from August 29, 2011

The Workflow Chart

A free downloadable file that you can print off, and track your workflow! Can be customized with InDesign CS5 or Photoshop.



The Shy Photographer’s Guide to Confidence E-Book

A field guide for getting confident, and showing the world how awesome you are! A 116 page e-book with real world techniques for improving your confidence!



I Heart Photography Poster Pack

Twelve original posters for people who heart photography! Print ‘em out, hang them in your home, and stay inspired!



4 More Free Inspirational Posters

Even more inspirational awesomeness! Four more posters for you to print out and enjoy!




Super Preset Sample Pack for Lightroom

A sample pack of presets to let you open up the creative possibilities of Lightroom! This pack includes 10 totally brand new presets—5 black and white, and 5 colour!



Awesome Album Template Pack for InDesign

Awesome templates to help you design elegant albums insanely fast! 20 modern album templates for InDesign.



Lightning Keys

A free way to super-speed your Lightroom editing! A free downloadable set of custom keyboard shortcuts for Lightroom 3.

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