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Here’s the story. When we shared our Workflow Board, folks loved it! They went out to find their own, but were having a hard time. Seems like the manufacturer doesn’t sell the organizer board anymore. Bummer.

So we thought and thought about how we could help people who wanted a Workflow Board of their own. Then we figured it out!

Introducing, the Workflow Chart!!! 

Upload from August 24, 2011

It’s a free downloadable file that you can print off on your own. You can laminate it and mark right on it, or frame it and mark on the glass! Options!!! Yay!!!

And we’ve made it customizable too! With InDesign CS5 or Photoshop you can add in your own workflow across the top (or go with our Portrait Photography Workflow that is already filled in). If you have InDesign CS5 you can also change up all the row colours and strokes. Or you can just print out the blank version and hand write it all in too! Whatever floats your boat!

We’re hooking you up with the InDesign files, JPEGs and PSD files! All for freeeeeeee! Just use the form below to sign up and download it!

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Get this freebie, and tons more, by joining the Photography Concentrate Explorers Club. It’s totally free! To join, just put your name and email in the form below, and you’ll be sent access to get this goodie!


  • Includes the InDesign CS5 files (blank and filled in with the Portrait Workflow), JPEGS (blank and filled in with the Portrait Workflow) and a PSD with text boxes to fill in
  • Totally free! You just can’t re-sell it :)
  • Can be printed and laminated, or printed and framed
  • Files are 24×36 inches, so you can print big, or scale it down

Print Options:

Huge thanks to Erin and Gladys who hooked us up with info on a couple other cool print options!

  • You can get it printed on metallic paper from pretty much any print shop, and then mounted on foam/gatorboard and dry erase markers should just wipe off!
  • Color Inc Pro prints Dry Erase boards (looks like metallic paper as well), with rounded corners and mounting as well

Lauren Lim

Hey friend, I’m Lauren! I’m a photography ninja here at Photography Concentrate. I’m downright obsessed with photography, and love sharing it with super cool folks like yourself. When I’m not shooting, or writing, you can find me cooking (and eating!), traveling, and hanging out with wonderful people.


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  1. As always… you guys ROCK! Thanks so much Rob & Lauren. This is fantastic! Can't wait to start using it! xo

  2. Thank you!

  3. I love you guys. That is all. :P

  4. I have been wanting to make my own workflow chart–thanks so much for creating this! I can't wait to use it. You are amazing and I love learning from you!

  5. Seriously?! You are the best. I'm telling everyone I know about you. All last week I was searching high and low through all office supply stores for a white board with a spreadsheet layout. No Luck. I gave up and figured…when will I ever have the time to create one in PS myself? Yeah, I'll just add that to my workflow of things that need to happen!! HA! I can't believe how much time you are saving me! You do realize that there are other pro-photogs out there charging for something like this? I can't say enough about you two!!! Un-be-lievable. love u :)

  6. Alas, this time I jumped the gun. I bought a whiteboard (that even matches my branding! Random cheapo whiteboard win!) last weekend and spent ages hand-drawing the grid in permanent marker… The lesson here is to always wait one more week, for PhotoConcentrate will provide…

  7. Awesome!!! Thank you! :)

  8. *@Niki:* Thanks so much Niki! Really hope it helps you!

    *@Melanie:* You are most welcome!

    *@Faye:* Haha, thanks! :)

    *@Marcelle:* So glad we were able to help! Thanks so much for the kind words!!

    *@Kelly:* Thank you SO much for the super kind words, and for sharing our name with others. That means so much!

    And I'm so glad that this was helpful! We love being able to save people time!!!!

    *@Erin:* LOL! You're hilarious Erin! Sorry we were a week late!! Darn. Oh well, I'm sure yours is gorgeous!!

    *@Rachel:* You are most welcome! Enjoy!

  9. Hé ! Thank you ! ;)

  10. I love the workflow chart! When I saw your whiteboard version, I IMMEDIATELY went out and got a huge one for myself. It's frickin' awesome.

  11. jessica ho says:

    AWESOME. just awesome. i just downloaded it!

  12. Well, I simply swoon for your willingness to help others be their best. It is such a wonderful, generous thing you guys do, and it tickles me pink.

  13. I think colorinc pro has an option to print the workflow on the whiteboard.

  14. *@Giny:* You are most welcome!

    *@Jocelyn:* Right on! It is so easy and so awesome hey? Glad you're using it!!

    *@Jessica:* Cool! Hope you dig it!

    *@Jasmine:* :) You are so sweet. Thank you for such a lovely comment!!

    *@Gladys:* Thank you so much for the tip!! That's fantastic! I added it to the post so others can check it out! :)

  15. This is fantastic, thanks!

  16. Here is a helpful resource to add on to this post. Short Run Posters ( has well priced custom posters if you just wanting to order a few workflow charts for yourself. They do 18×24" and 24×36". Just ordered two 18×24's with lamination all under $10. I have printed with them before and they did a good job. Hope this helps!

  17. *@Jonathon:* Thanks so much for sharing that resource! That sounds like an awesome option to print it out!!

  18. I’m late to the game, but couldn’t not say THANK YOU for this. And for all the other information I’m about to get from going through this entire blog from start to finish. I’m new here, and I’m in LOVE!

  19. Thank you!!

  20. Thank you so much for sharing! So much better than the one I created on paper :)

  21. Looks nice… but what is it and how would I use it. Sorry for missing it! :O

  22. It's like you could have read my mind…spread sheet, booth article and alot more! Everything i need at the moment. I am doing my first real party event starting tomorrow and all this has helped! Thank you so much, for sharing, you've been a great help :-)

  23. Thanks everyone for the super kind comments! We're so glad you're enjoying this, we really hope it's helpful!

    *@Clueless:* Check out "this post": about our Workflow Board and how we use it! Should have all the info you need :)

  24. Cristina Sullivan says:

    just downloaded it! thank you so much for creating and sharing!

  25. Thank you thank you!!!!!! I was banging my head against the wall trying to create my own! :) Perfect! :)

  26. Thanks a million for this! I was going to make my own…then I found this on Pinterest. You just saved me hours. Seriously!

  27. Thank you thank you!!!!!! I was banging my head against the wall trying to create my own! :) Perfect! :)

  28. Gah. I am so excited that I did not spend any more time on my workflow project before landing here randomly. THANK YOU.

  29. This is useful even beyond photography — it’s going to be super helpful as I work through web design projects :)

  30. Thank you! I totally need this!

  31. This is great! At first I wasn’t clear on how to use it but after following the link you posted earlier, it’s clear that this will help me stay organized and focused with the many projects I juggle. Thank you!!!

  32. I am so excited to have found your site! Unfortunately, I found it when I should be working and can’t even begin to check all of the cool stuff out :( I have so much left to explore once I am off work, but I have one quick question regarding your workflow chart. I downloaded the In Design file as I wanted to change the row colors, but apparently I have been away from ID way too long as I cannot figure out for the life of me how to do that! I will have to go dig out my book, but if you have a quick response on how to do that, that will get me moving and printed so much faster.

    Thanks – and I can’t wait to explore some more :)

  33. How do I download this?

    • Lauren Lim says:

      Hi Kasey! Just use the form in the post to sign up to our free Explorers Club and then you’ll be sent access to download it!

  34. I haven’t received anything to download this freebie even though I have confirmed my email. I only received a contact card… Did I do something wrong?

  35. It just showed up – there’s a 2nd follow up email to any with the same questions.

    Thanks for the freebie!

  36. Thank you so much! You guys are really incredible!! xx

  37. Thank you as usual!

  38. Thank you for this!

  39. I can’t figure out how to print this. Any suggestions?

  40. Budiman Ambai says:


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