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Then give them the gift of knowledge! Our tutorials will help them gain new skills, and have fun in the process! Every time they take a photo they’ll think of how awesome you are!

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Find the product you want to give as a gift in the list below. Click the 'Buy It Now!' button to purchase the tutorial(s) of your choosing! 


You'll be emailed a unique Gift Code which you can give to the lucky recipient. We'll also include instructions for how the recipient can redeem their code.


Once your recipient has the gift code, they can use it to redeem a free copy of the tutorial. They'll be able to  download the tutorial onto the their computer and start learning, right away!

Ready to Make Someone Very Happy?

Choose from These Popular Tutorials

Learn to control your camera

Extremely Essential Camera Skills Gift Code

A multi-media tutorial designed to help you get control over your camera, and get creative and confident with your photography.

Reg. US$49.95 

Learn to control your camera

Super Photo Editing Skills Gift Code

Bring out the best in your photos with this step-by-step video guide to using Adobe Lightroom. Become an editing guru in just a few hours, and learn at your own pace.

Reg. US$79.95 

Incredibly Important Composition Skills Gift Code

Discover the secret weapon of great photographers - composition! This practical eBook makes it easy to master this essential topic and create stand-out photos.

Reg. US$49.95 

Learn to control your camera

Fantastic Fundamental Light Skills

The fast and easy way to develop an essential understanding of light so you can take better photos!

Reg. US$34.95 

Learn the art and business of wedding photography

Simple Wedding Photography Gift Code

A complete guide to photographing every step of a wedding, beautifully. PLUS learn how to build a successful business and make more money, with less effort!

Reg. US$49.95 

Awesome Album Design Skills Gift Code

Albums equal serious profits. Get the skills you need to design beautiful albums with Adobe InDesign, quickly, easily and profitably. In just one day!

Reg. US$79.95

Before/After Gift Code

Gain powerful editing skills super fast as you watch me edit 11 unique photos in Lightroom. Learn how the essential tools work and when to use them.

Reg. US$18.95 

Before/After: Black & White Gift Code

Learn how to get creative and dramatic black and white images with Lightroom as you watch me edit 10 photos from start to finish in this video tutorial.

Reg. US$18.95 

Keep your photos safe!

Backup or Die Gift Code

You will lose your photos some day - make sure they're not gone forever. Create your perfect backup system the simple way - and save money with this fairytale eBook.

Reg. US$19.95

The Creativity Field Guide Gift Code

Boost your creativity with this illustrated guide, packed with 100+ ideas, activities and sources of inspiration. Your next great idea is just a few pages away!

Reg. US$15.95 

Learn to run your own documentary photography project!

How We Did It: Lobster Island Gift Code

Go behind the scenes of our documentary project. PLUS learn how to create a rewarding documentary project of your own.

Reg. US$25.00 

Learn to control your camera

Really Easy Retouching Gift Code

Get fast, natural retouching skills with this video guide to Adobe Photoshop. Watch as I show you how to easily correct the most common retouching problems.

Reg. US$24.95


All of our tutorials come with a 60-day money back guarantee! You can be certain you're giving a great gift. If the recipient doesn't enjoy it we'll happily refund you the gift code purchase price. Just email me at [email protected] and I will refund your money personally. No questions asked. I'm confident our tutorials will make the perfect gift for anyone interested in photography!

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Have questions about which tutorial is right for your photography-loving pal, or want to know more about the gift-giving process? 

Get in touch with us at: [email protected] – we're more than happy to help you out!

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