Giveaway: Instax Mini 8 + Monochrome Film!


*****CONTEST NOW CLOSED! Thank you all who entered, the winner has been contacted!*****

The fine folks at Fujifilm just released an exciting new type of instant film! It’s called instax mini Monochrome, and it brings black and white photography to the Instax line.

And, in their ever-so-generous ways, they gave us a camera and a pack of the new film to give away to one of our super awesome readers! YES! Keep reading for the details on how to enter!


Enter to WIN an Instax Mini 8 plus a pack of Instax Monochrome!

*****CONTEST NOW CLOSED! Thank you all who entered, the winner has been contacted!*****

Lauren Lim

Hey friend, I’m Lauren! I’m a photographer and head ninja here at Photography Concentrate. I’m downright obsessed with photography, and love sharing it with super cool folks like yourself. When I’m not shooting, or writing, you can find me cooking (and eating!), traveling, and hanging out with wonderful people.


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  1. I would shoot holiday events in my small town. I can picture the snow, lights, and all around “holiday-ness” now!

  2. Everything from nature to my kids!

  3. I think Monochrome would be perfect to shoot portraits. Bring on em smiles, frowns and crazy faces ya’ll!!!

  4. Kat Fehrholz says:

    I would shoot my father and mother in law who are in town for a College football game. Every moment we spend with them is precious, since they live too far away to see as much as we would like. :)

  5. Bethany Seidel says:

    I would be taking lots of pictures of my family; especially my children! I’d love to win!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. :) I’d capture moments of my little niece and nephew playing with and loving on all of the family pups. The kids love them and the pups are so good with them.

  7. Tony McCoy says:

    I would shoot photoshoot previews with the Instax Monochrome

  8. I would photograph the Ireland coast and coffee shops!

  9. Re: Instax Mini Contest

    I would definitely love to capture the different artists and people I’ve been meeting around Toronto. Also, I would love to photograph the concrete jungle landscape. I just recently moved here from Vancouver for art school, and have been falling in love with the art scene in Toronto.

  10. Jorge T Garcia says:

    This is great!!! Imagine the possibilities! I could prepare great photoframes for family and friends.

  11. If I where to win I would use it taking cool shots of my daughters on their horses. Thanks!

  12. Cameron Harris says:

    I would love to have the Instax Mini 8 to document my baby boy, who is set to arrive any day now.

  13. Karl Maskos says:

    Well lets see I let my granddaughter use it. When I travel I use it to leave images behind for the locals. I use it for street photography. B&W film would be awesome some scenes on our waterfront

  14. Linda Davidson says:

    I live by state land which is really beautiful this time of year. I would love to take pictures of the trees and wild animals that come out at this time. There are wild turkeys, deer, pheasants, foxes.. Would love to capture all the beauty!

  15. Oh my goodness what an amazing giveaway!!! I’ve always wanted an instax!!!!!!!!!! I would die! Honestly, if I won this, I would photograph my life in general… everything. LOL! I don’t know that I’d be able to put it down!!

  16. Brenda Penton says:

    I would shoot pics of nature

  17. Lori Payne says:

    I love photographing old barns & buildings and this would make great photos to use.

  18. With my new pack of Instax Monochrome, I’d shoot the vibe my city on a very cloudy day.

  19. Angie Gebhart says:

    Thanks so much for all the free information you give! I have used your blog to help better myself as a photographer. I am not a professional, nor do I get paid to do anything…. I just love taking pictures of my children, and figuring out the best scenes

  20. Ellen Birkland says:

    Since I am amateur photographer…my passion is taking pictures of Nature, Wildlife, and Landscapes…along with pictures of Historical sites as well….and finding when I shoot in Black and White, the pictures look stunning….so I would love to be able to shoot more in black and white.

  21. I love the look of these, and they really take me back to the beginnings of my photography obsession, only shooting black and white film! I’d love to be able to tote this little camera around the city with me… I’m always fascinated by the layered architecture that I find while wandering, and for me, black and white really brings focus to bold lines and texture! Fingers crossed, I’d love to have this film on my next adventure!

  22. OMG, I love this! I’m totally enraptured by images that capture fall so I’d shoot birds, leaves, etc. I love the option to shoot w/ a camera less cumbersome than my Canon any get immediate pics. Oooh, I want this.

  23. Sam Lomath says:

    I would use it to capture our next holiday, we will have three generations together in snowdonia national park, so beautiful setting, beloved people and hopefully big achievement as we attempt to climb snowdon together. Life throws so much at us hopefully the images will represent memories that will last a lifetime 😊

  24. I would love this little camera! I would start my 365 project, photograph little things around the house and fill a whole wall with the prints. :)

  25. Im moving to a new town soon and id love to photograph all the new sites and attractions, Aswell as a few of my two gorgeous children ofcourse :) R

  26. Dylan E. Richardson says:

    I would shoot whatever I cam across that I though would make for an interesting B&W photo.

  27. As a NeeNee aka Grandma to 7 grandchildren I would take dozens of photos of all these ‘little critters’ being their goofy little selves. Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous prize!
    PS I had a Polaroid back in the day and loved it.

  28. Kim O'Brien says:

    I would shoot whatever my heart desires to shoot. Whether it be people or landscapes or just nature shots. I think it would be great for some street photography!

  29. Arjen Roelof says:

    U would love to catch the smile of my newborn 5 months old son in this vintage oldschool way.

  30. I bought a bunch of antique doll hands on Ebay and I would love to take them out to random places and shoot pictures of them and then leave the photos for people to find.

  31. Jeffrey Denomme says:

    I live in Atlantic Canada and the autumn leaves are gorgeous, landscape shots in monochrome would have a wide array of different grays that would be awesome to contrast.

  32. Rob and Lauren you rocket like spaceship! I’d shoot some beautiful photos of my family in our home! What better way to use an instant camera!! Instant shot, instant photo, instant fun!!!

  33. Mark Rosenberg says:

    I would shoot winter(read snow) landscape

  34. I would love to try this camera out! I’d use it to teach my kids the love of photography, especially black and white.

  35. Stories of my life.

  36. Bethany Perron says:

    I would photograph my little nephews!

  37. Thamica McCook says:

    I would take pictures of people on the street. I love street photography!

  38. I would love to shoot LIFE during the Brazilian summer (I’m currently here) in this monochrome film.

  39. Marilena Pateraki says:

    mini adventures while traveling around the world :)

  40. Paige Ellett says:

    I’ve had my eye on an instant camera so I can start memory planning in 2017. I want to take at least one photo a day all year and collect all of my photos together chronologically in one book, more or less like a simple scrapbook!

  41. I would shoot some wedding formals of the couple and then give them out at the reception to create some buzz.

  42. I would love to use this to take a monthly series of my son growing up!

  43. Jodi Wresh says:

    I would use it to photograph pets and nature pics

  44. Nicolaas Strik says:

    With the colder weather approaching, I would love to shoot the foliage and landscape in black and white along the trails near my home.

  45. My kids life in the moment!

  46. These cameras are so cool! I would love to use it to shoot fun portraits of family and friends.

  47. Linda Bauer says:

    I would use the camera to take pictures of my three pugs.

  48. Jerry Cundiff says:

    I would snap photos of my favorite person in the whole world, my grandson Cormick!

  49. Owen Seidenberg says:

    I would shoot B&W street photography – the grittier, the better!

  50. Holiday portraits!

  51. I just moved to Buffalo, NY, and capturing my new city would be an awesome project for a new camera!

  52. Akshat Sehgal says:

    I want to gift this camera to my wife to get her into photography! (the colour film will be for her but the Monochrome is going to be all mine! ;) )

  53. Jessica Tandy says:

    Fun camera! I’d use it to get some fun candid shots of my kids, and outdoor scenery! Thank you!! :)

  54. I would use it to Capture some portraits of old people at the souq in Dubai and hand it out to them instantly!

  55. Taylor Roberts says:

    I would take pictures of the beautiful scenery where I live. We have gorgeous lakes, rock formations, and wildflowers!

  56. Kelley Madden says:

    I love this! My favorite subject are my small children and dog. I would definitely keep photographing them and I hope to take photos of friends and their family!

  57. Kristy Morton says:

    I’d use it as the guestbook for my wedding! All the guests could sign the photos we take of them!

  58. Matthew Schmidt says:

    Oh my gosh, I would have so much fun with this taking shots of my girls. The instant black and white would floor them! Keep up the great work!!!!!

  59. I adore black and white photographs! I would use this as a continuation of giving my clients each a little Polaroid snap shot from their wedding day!

  60. I would shoot everthing around all that goes on but the main subject would be my family and the fun thing we do together.

  61. Oh wow…where to start?! I spend a lot of time in Vietnam and although I often return with prints to many of my subjects when shooting street photographyith, I know the Instax Mini prints would bring so much joy to the people I come across! Please pick me :))

  62. Juliet Furst says:

    1) THANK YOU for offering this. Whaaat? So cool.

    2) With the color pack I’d follow my little sister around on a documentary shoot of her day-to-day activities. She’s 16 and has Down Syndrome, and between dance lessons, theater, tennis, and swimming, has a pretty active schedule. I’ve been wanting to make a photo series about Evangeline, and I think instant film would be a fun medium with which to begin.

    3) With the monochrome pack (thanks guys!) I’d photograph found textures: bus seat patterns, pavement marks, wallpapers, thumbtacks on a cork board, and whatever else I find. I’ve worked with purple monochromatic film and it was a BLAST, so I’m sure these wonderful miniature monochrome prints would be even more fun. I’ve wanted to shoot with an Instax mini for a while, so I’m pretty thrilled this competition is a thing.

    Thanks, Lauren and Rob! #youtherealMVP

  63. Hey Lauren & Rob,
    First I wanna tell you guys that you are awesome! Your tips and free stuff are so helpful, so many many thanks for you.
    If I win this gorgeous camera (which is my dream since ages!), I’ll take a photo of whole my family members and I’ll put it in my photos washing line that I’m working on these days. It would be a very special memory for me as I’m living abroad and I don’t see my family that much. Anyway, there’s more photos to be taken by this little great camera, but it’ll take me ages if I write them all!
    Have a good day.

  64. Jayadas Chelur says:

    I would take B&W portraits of my daughter with this camera.

  65. Guests at an upcoming dinner party!

  66. We would start out by photographing our little puggy pup :-)

  67. Candy Shiveley says:

    I’m going to Morocco in November on the trip o f a lifetime! This would be wonderful for shooting portraits to leave with the subjects. What fun!

  68. Paige Ellett says:

    I’ve had my eye on an instant camera so I can use it to start memory planning in 2017. I want to take at least one photo per day for the whole year and collect them in a simple scrapbook!

  69. I’d love to take black and whites of my golden retriever!

  70. I still have an old Polaroid Instamatic that we used a lot some 30 years ago. Such fun! I would love to record some of our daily life with the Instax Monochrome.

  71. Audrey Stewart says:

    I would take pictures of the cats at my rescue shelter.

  72. I’d love to document the unnoticed moments of our everyday.

  73. What I would shoot? Man, I would love to have this on my day trip to Thurman VW, to shoot the abandoned town.

  74. I would love this to capture the best moments and sites on ordinary and ordinary days with quick prints. Everything has a different perspective in black and white so excited to try monochrome instax film!

  75. My grandchildren!

  76. Paula Rayburn says:

    I love it, and hold it and take pictures of people, place and trains!

  77. Fun party photos!

  78. Id love to take these on shoots a fun little party favor to send them home with a picture!!

  79. At every shooting I would take an jnstax photo and give it to my client.

  80. landscapes

  81. Justin Flynn says:

    I would start a project on People of Dublin. My city of Dublin, Ireland has a vast array of human life and I would focus on some of the less fortunate people to tell their story to find the true joy & happiness in our daily lives. I think this camera would be a great asset to telling their story.

  82. I just received this email…as I sit at the hospital waiting for my first child to be born. I would definitely use this to photograph my new family ( with the star being baby, of course!).

  83. I would take the camera and document my upcoming 8 months of paternity leave (moved to Sweden 2 years ago for this very reason) so I have physical and instant reminders of what I’m sure will be a very special time with my two critters.

  84. I would use this for behind the scenes and outtakes shots at documentary sessions. Or just for fun shots around our home!

  85. Amanda Drouin says:

    A friend of mine does some amazing creative makeup, I would shoot her!

  86. i would use this to do a photography/poem project at my children’s school- photographing what they feel is “The Best Part of Me.”

  87. Oh man, I would photograph fall! Taking bold colors and turning them monochromatic would look so interesting!

  88. James Stringham says:

    I would take pics from my upcoming wedding.

  89. Family gathering pictures like what is kept in a shoe box under your grandmother’s bed.

  90. Frederick says:

    landscapes, seascapes

  91. Susan Daniels says:

    I would take beautiful photos of our lake as winter is coming it is a gorgeous place. Summer is nice too..

  92. I’m in the process of growing a cut flower garden and I would use this camera to document my favorite flowers and gardening tools. The black and white photos along with nastolgic look of a Polaroid photo would be a wonderful keepsake and reminder that a little hard work can go a long way in creating something beautiful.

  93. I love instax cameras and I have been waiting for the monochrome film! I would let my 8 year old son shoot this camera, as he is super excited about photography.

  94. How fun! I’d take pictures of my 8 month old son :)

  95. I would capture special moments with friends and family! :)

  96. As an event photographer I would love something like this to use in a receiving line to allow guests to have fun and leave with a little memento.

  97. I would use this camera to improve my photography. With the current equipment, I’m using now I don’t think I’m gonna get anywhere with photography.What I shoot is just what I see as an inspiration ,it can be people ,animals or even natural beauty .

  98. Jarvis Moore says:

    Photography is an art. And I absolutely love to capture beautiful moments in time and be able to give myself and others memories that will last a lifetime time. If I had the camera I would use it to continue to capture these moments and share them with others!

  99. I would explore the woods and photograph nature!!

  100. Micaela Jimenez says:

    Thanks for this opportunity! I would use it to photograph my friends and family, especially my little siblings who are 4 and 6 :) they would absolutely go wild over having their picture taken by a camera that prints the photo right then and there!

  101. Mostly landscapes, but my kids & cat too.

  102. Love this!! I’d use it for portraits!

  103. Rachal C. says:

    I’m a beginner photographer, who is wanting to explore all options.

  104. I would definitely like to snap some landscapes.

  105. Marvin Blue says:

    I would take pictures of my kids to start a scrap book

  106. Don’t know if it works with this or not but I would love to show my daughter how to do some emulsion manipulation. Years ago I bought an old Polaroid off Ebay to learn to do it but right around the time I bought the camera, they stopped making the film (or at least it got very, very expensive). My daughter is a budding photographer and loves to paint. I can only imagine the things she could do with an instant camera as I’m afraid she is quickly becoming a better photographer (and artist) than me.

  107. I would photograph my family. I think my youngest sibling would find it fascinating to have the photos printed out like that.

  108. Julie Green says:

    I’d love to take this camera out and photograph the dogs at the park in play. So much fun to see the prints straight away and pet action shots look great in B&W

  109. This would be perfect for teaching my son the excitement of photography and capturing his sweet little antics :)

  110. I would photograph our road trip this holiday season!

  111. This would be a great little camera to have around. I think it would be fun to experiment with in a lot of situations. Pets, still life, nature, people, and it would be fun to use it for holiday lights and decorations!

  112. Susan Brown says:

    I’d use it to photograph landscapes like crops of cotton, corn and sunflowers in Florida and Alabama. I would also photograph people.

  113. Lindsay Bunn says:

    My pug/shitzus look like Ewoks. That’s worth some mono-chrome documentation. Oh and my kids are kind of cute too.

  114. I would definitely take this camera down these country roads and fields to photograph.

  115. Faith Worl says:

    I can think of a hundred things to shoot with the monochrome Instax film! My 2 year old son making memories anywhere and everywhere, the gorgeous landscapes of middle America where I live, my clients having fun “behind the scenes” of a photo set, silly summer days with friends and family, the upcoming family reunion I’m planning next spring with a side that has never gotten together before, travel shots while I’m on the road, the upcoming holiday season with all the lights would look so fun on Instax monochrome!…I could go on and on and would love to win the package :) Thanks for all you 2 do – *LOVE* photographyconcentrate and all your advice and experiences you share, I had never owned a DSLR before I stumbled across your site from a Pinterest post one day and a year later I’ve fallen in love with it and can hardly put my camera down haha! All the best, Faith

  116. Tiffany Vaughan says:

    I’d take some landscape photos in my beautiful home in the Foothills of Alberta!

  117. This medium would be perfect for documenting the day to day on the biodynamic vineyard I help with, so organic, both.

  118. There is a nearby park where a group of developmentally challenged people are brought on Wed afternoon. It would be fun to try and capture the joy in their faces and give them their own photo.

  119. Shannon Seed says:

    I have a passion for photography ever since I was a little kid. I live right by the beach and I love to take pictures of people and the nature that is there. It would be wonderful if I could take pictures of people and be able to instantly give them the finished photograph.

  120. Wow! I’ve had my eye on these types of cameras but I’ve always been too scared to spend my money on it. I would love to do toy photography in B&W especially. Maybe even my black cat. :)

  121. Lauren Gingerich says:

    I’ll be home just in time for the holidays, so all of the cookie making and decorating my family does together would be great to get pictures of. There’s the giant jigsaw puzzles we do as well. It’s awesome to get all the generations together as we get older. Then I can take the memories with me wherever I’m off to next :)

  122. I would use it for outdoor winter photography!
    Sweet contest!

  123. Denise Salters says:

    I would love to shoot pictures with this around my university. We have one one of the most beautiful college campuses in the state of Texas and I think it would be so fun to capture that on this film.

  124. Dale Townsend says:

    Black and white handouts at a upcoming friends wedding…Great way to create amazing memories!

  125. Christine says:

    I would take photos of my little boy. He’s such a character :)

  126. I would photograph my wife and son.

  127. Vivian Horn says:

    Love to take photos of my kids.

  128. Jackie Wild says:

    I think this would be so much fun for our family. Both of our kids love photography and having a photo in hand instantly is so cool! Not to mention all the fun Instax photo albums available!

  129. This could be an amazing experience!! Would love to work more with film!!!

  130. I would use it to photograph the kids at my sessions so they have a great take home gift!

  131. I would photograph my two kids, and then let them have the camera and see what they come up with.

  132. Raul Medellin says:

    I love the nature of people’s faces when they are not looking. They show their most sincere expressions and that would be what I would photograph. Besides, I live in a border city so I don’t have that much problem when taking pictures of strangers.

  133. Roy Nasset says:

    I would love to try this camera photographing the beautiful scenery around my town and to record some of it’s mining history.

  134. I would use it to shoot our every day life at home!

  135. John Santiago says:

    I would use it for street photography.

  136. I love the nature of people’s faces when they are not looking. They show their most sincere expressions and that would be what I would photograph.

  137. Shannon Y. says:

    I’ve always enjoyed taking black and whites of my sons and shots of nature. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  138. I would go outside to parks and take photos of nature and my family. The season is just perfect for it. Thank you.

  139. I’d use it to give candid shots to all my friends!

  140. Teaching my son to take photos :)

  141. Sara Kramer says:

    Old Buildings downtown. Love these cameras!

  142. Kathy Henehan says:

    I’d love to do some cityscapes!

  143. Tim Smith says:

    I claim to be an advanced hobbyist in photography. Li especially love photographing my grandkids and waterfalls and any water in motion. Photography is addictive, in a good way. I would love to try your camera and film.

  144. I would like to photograph minimal landscapes, and geometrical architecture! I’m fan of it and this camera!!! :)

  145. I would love this camera and film to take pictures of my boys and their daily adventures.

  146. Carrie Lynn says:

    The question is; what wouldn’t i shoot? I am heavily influenced by old school shooters and black and white are the best way to view light. I would love to try this system out and get creative! Looking forward to it!

  147. We go to Vancouver soon so would be a fun way to document special memories of our trip!

  148. I would photograph walks with my pup :)

  149. I would use it to shoot buildings trees artwork etc.

  150. I’d photograph my family at thanksgiving and send everyone home with fun pictures and great memories 😀

  151. Landscapes!

  152. I live in Bridgeport CT, the most populous city in the state, for that reason, I will use the intax camera and film to document the people and scenes from this vibrant city. Diversity is a bucket list project of mine.

  153. I would photograph my son and husband on our road trip adventures throughout the Midwest. I love the instant satisfaction of a Polaroid camera and would love to show that to my son! This camera would be perfect for traveling- small and fun to use!

  154. Brittany Carress says:

    I would love to photograph my wild curly haired child with the new monochrome film! I just love black and white photography !!!!

  155. I would photograph my children!

  156. Generally and long term – my four boys; Specifically and around the corner- the timelessness of Christmas, documented in black and white,

  157. It would be amazing to use this little camera, I feel I would have a great number of shots using it!

  158. Photography for me is a way of seeing. It makes me conscious and aware to the world in which I live in. It opens my eyes to wonder. I would probably use it to take photos of nature and street life. I love taking photos that feel “natural”- when people just walk down the street, or sit on a bench with their eyes looking far ahead and empty when in reality that might be their way of contemplating life or thinking about their problems and figuring a plausible way to overcome it.

  159. David Lapierre says:

    I would use the intax to take pictures of my nephews and niece.

  160. My dog is so funny and does lots of crazy stuff. I would love to photograph it in black n’ white!

  161. Darcy McIntyre says:

    I would definitely love this camera and try out a photo shoot with my 4 boys. They all have different personalities and would be an awesome capture.

    Thanks to you guys for all that you do to help us grow our passion for photography!! Look forward to what you come up with next!

  162. I would photography my 4 children. The first 3 are going to be shutter bugs like mom and dad.

  163. I would photograph my grandkids

  164. Jennifer Knott Lavagnino says:

    My 4 year old and I would take all sorts of shots outside. So fun!

  165. Paul G. White says:

    I have been a photographer since 1971 and shoot film and digital cameras. I love photography and would love to create artistic images with this new Instax black and white film. I also teach photography and would use the camera to demonstrate how delightful it is to have a beautiful print only minutes after pressing the shutter, unlike digital cameras, which can only be viewed with an electronic device like a computer or smart phone. If I win an Instax Mini 8 camera, my refrigerator will be covered with images I have taken with this camera. Thanks for making me aware of this new film. I follow your blogs and have learned a ton about photography from you. :)

  166. I would take pictures of the beach with my dog and girls.

  167. With instant B&W film I would take it along with me to photoshoots to get some alternate shots; then I will have something to compare and contrast to the digital prints.

  168. I would love this camera to capture the holidays!

  169. Regina Hadlock says:

    This would be an awesome exercise in black and white photography. I am a new DSLR user, but shoot almost every day. I learn by doing and seeing my mistakes to take better pictures the next time. I have not done black and white, but this camera would be a great way to learn. I would shoot children in the park, playing soccer or on the swing.

  170. I would photograph landscapes with my daughters. I love Black and white. It is timeless.

  171. This would be so great to shoot street photography with in the city where I live!

  172. I would photograph all the special moments of being a mom.

  173. Oh I love Instax! I had no idea they had black and white! I will definitely be taking pic of my kids with it!

  174. I would use my instax to give my clients a tangible picture immediately after a session until their digital ones are ready. Thanks for this opportunity to win and I love your emails and educational tools.

  175. Stephanie says:

    I would love to teach my daughter on this camera!

  176. Kara Slater says:

    I would take photos of my dog and my kids. My oldest is already falling in love with photography and has a little digital but I would love to use this with him!

  177. Cheryl Heissler says:

    I would give this to my granddaughter, for her to experience photography and join me when I go out to shoot.

  178. Thanks! Would love this to photograph out cold weather indoor everyday life this winter. :)

  179. I would shoot architecture

  180. Claire Y. says:

    I would photograph my son. He is my greatest subject.

  181. I would photograph children in the fall and winter scenery.

  182. I’d love to bring it to parties. I’ve always loved photographing friends and it would be really cool to be able to hand them a photo right then and there!

  183. If I had an Instax right now, I’d be having fun with all the fun Halloween decorations and costumes! But I’d settle for having a great time photographing and capturing moments with my family during the holidays.

  184. Toan Nguyen says:

    Of course I would shoot Montreal in the winter, the most beautiful city in Black and White !!!!

  185. No sons and daughters here – but monochrome screams to take Pictures in foggy cemeteries – best time to do it is now :)

  186. I’d photograph my kids and the streets of SF. I’ve been waiting for b&w instax film to be released before I purchased camera and this has my super excited!

  187. Ashley Clair says:

    I am starting a pet and family photography business, so I would use the Instax Mini 8 to take some photos of my dogs for my blog. :)

  188. I would photograph my new house, and the cats being crazy in it.

  189. Jennifer Wilson says:

    I would for certain snap candid photos of my pre-teens this holiday season. It’s not often these days that they “allow” me to photograph them without eyeroll. Also, I would attempt to capture the beauty that is Autumn, here in New England. I’ve never grown tired of the awesomeness of the changing colors.

  190. Landscapes and my youth photography class :)

  191. Id photograph my niece, nephew, and dog.

  192. Carol Burgess says:

    I would take pictures of the mountains when we hike, my toddlers, and my grandfather

  193. I would decorate my wall with photos of views from the 6ix and the gems hidden within <3

  194. Well, I’d use it on my kids of course. ;) They look great in B&W, and it’s my medium of choice! Actually, I’d probably lose this camera to my 10 year old, who’s an aspiring artist. :)

  195. So fun! I would shoot all my favorite coffee shops in Kansas City – in other words, my remote offices :D

  196. I’m dying to try this camera to shoot pictures of my 14 month old grand daughter!

  197. Geovanna Toliver says:

    I live in Sacramento but, I would love to give it to my daughter who is a student at the University of Utah; she is just getting into photography. It would be a great camera and a lot of fun for her as she travels as a player on the women’s basketball team.

  198. Deanna Burelli says:

    I would head to Venice on a foggy day!

  199. Daniela Schnitzius says:

    I want to take the instax with me and document the life inside an anthropological clinic. Hopes, laughter, sadness, craziness, good days, bad days and many other emotions and feelings from patients who decided to come there and get help.

  200. I’ve been thinking I want to get an instax camera so that on every shoot, I can give each client one instant photo to walk away with while they wait for their actual pictures :)

  201. Dave Hoffmann says:

    My grandson is asking for his own camera. This would be perfect for him. I tried letting him use my 35mm Pentax but he kept opening it to see the picture!

  202. Lauren Snow says:

    We have some upcoming travel and this would be so fun to capture the places we visit!

  203. I would love to photograph structures and various architecture. The monochrome always gives off a certain mood for these still subjects.

  204. I would love to have a camera such as this. I would keep it in my bag and carry with me where ever I go. Then I would be able to just pull it out for those times when I need to get the shot now!

  205. The new city I just moved to.

  206. My furry family member (Ro(Bert)a & husband are a little nuts (they chose me! :D), but always my greatest support.
    Documenting them (& those closest to me) helps me note how much fun & love I have in my life!

  207. Cherl Schubert says:

    I would love to have this Instax Mini 8 camera! It takes me back to making movies when I was a kid – only better! I would film the world around me, neighborhood, lakes, families having fun. All within a mile of me. Sharing this wonderful life that is right under our busy noses with family and friends. Who doesn’t like to see themselves in film?

  208. I would use it to take pics of my daughter.

  209. What an awesome little camera! I would love to have it as something fun for my clients to have at their weddings. Table shots that are ready to take home right away!

  210. I would use the camera with Girl Scouts to help them earn a photography badge, and add other photos to their scrapbooks.

  211. Valerie Ware Hayes says:

    I just love “black and white ” photos period…what more can I say…

  212. I woukd take photos of my 10-year-old daughter competing during her gymnastics meet.

  213. Vicki Voyantzis says:

    I would use the monochrome film to shoot winter landscape photos. The camera would be great to take to get togethers to instantly capture and give memories to friends.

  214. This is so cool! I would totally shoot pictures of the kids battling terminal illnesses at Family House in San Francisco for Thanksgiving this year, and their awesome families as a little gift ❤

  215. Amy Heffernan says:

    With my pack of Instax Monochrome I would shoot my son in the beautiful fall weather! :)

  216. I would go out to different local businesses and capture candid shots of interactions in the stores.

  217. We are adopting 2 boys and I love to shoot as many pictures as I can with them, so to be able to shoot in a totally different way and capture something I might not be able to capture is what I would love about this camera.

  218. I would use it to practice compositions of everyday objects, to try and capture them in artistic ways.

  219. I would have some fun photographing my kiddos and letting my son learn how to take some pics.

  220. Trudy Brown says:

    I would use to shoot urban and rural decayed architecture. Finding the lost and creating art. Thank you.

  221. Well, of course I’d LOVE to photograph Rob & Lauren, to just have the chance to meet the folks who’ve been so helpful, not only to my photography, but also for giving me so much help in furthering my 16-year old son’s love of photography as well!

    Failing that, I’d capture dramatic sunsets through the trees in the distant horizon :)

    Thanks for being so great at what you do!

  222. I m going to shoot Christmas Portraits for families that had somebody on Alzheimer facility. The touch of black and white will make extra nostalgia for pictures.

  223. Louise Robbins says:

    I love my Fuji xt1 and particularly love to shoot in the B&W film simulations as I enjoy the contrast and simplicity B&W gives espesciaily with dramatic cloud filled skies and portraits. If I won the Instax mini 8 I would take more portraits and street photography as it is small and inconspicuous putting people at ease making it easier for me to capture that natural look!
    I would also love the joy of waiting for my prints to be done and the excitement of finding out just what I caught! I miss those days! 😊

  224. I would use it to photograph our newest family member due in two weeks. A granddaughter! (Also her little brother.)

  225. I almost bought this camera for my 8 year old granddaughter. She loves to come shooting with her grandpa–especially near the back pond where there’s a huge variety of wildlife. She asked me for a camera so she could take pictures with me. I guess she was tired of taking field notes (consisting mostly of drawings of stick people style birds). I bought her a tough camera that I thought she could actually learn on but I overstepped her age, I think. I think she was disappointing that she didn’t get this one–in pink–so she can see her pictures after every shot.

    I’ll likely get her one of these but when I saw the contest I thought I’d give it a try. Maybe I can surprise her at Christmas :)

  226. lynette love says:

    My daughter is pregnant with my first grand baby. I would love to record the journey.

  227. I would shoot anything that appealed to me whilst walking around my area. I live in a brand new area on the edge of the city so there is the best of both worlds. Empty structures and lots of forest. Love your blog and emails by the way! Please do a post on how to create a great photography blog!! Thanks so much!

  228. Going to Cuba in Jan. Last trip one person had a instant camera and took pics of the locals. Gave them away to them. Great camera for getting to know people you want to take pictures of in another country.

  229. Merys Espinoza says:

    I live 45 minutes away from NYC, so I would love to capture some images with these films! <3

  230. I’d use the whole pack on my shiba inu and it’s first snow experience

  231. I would be the party photographer and shoot people being themselves

  232. Jenna Roberts says:

    Really would love to get my very keen and budding little lad behind the lens. So observant with surroundings this would be his perfect first proper camera now he’s 10 yeara old

  233. Shana Brownell says:

    There are so many ways I would use this!

    First, I would take photos of my niece (and some of the other kiddos in my life). She loves to smile and pose for a photo, and usually wants to see her picture on the back of the camera right away. I would love to be able to shoot a picture of her and then give her something physical right away rather than just showing her an image on the camera.

    I would also use this when working with clients to give them one instant “take-away” photo from their shoot. I think that would get them excited about seeing the rest of their pictures and hopefully spark or increase their interest in ordering prints. In our digital society it’s easy to forget what it’s like to actually hold or hang up a photo instead of just looking at it on a screen.

    Finally, I would use this to capture funny and memorable moments with friends and family in my own life and then pass them out or hang them up. I personally can’t resist jumping into a photo booth when there’s one available at an event and I love having those tiny prints hanging on the fridge and in other places at home and at work. They always make me smile. With this camera and film, a photo booth is no longer required, and that means even more great memories can be captured and easily displayed.

  234. Wen Kauffman says:

    My kids love photography, so I know the camera would be a simple way for all of us to capture those perfectly imperfect real life moments that we might normally over look. Some of the best most treasured memories that we have captured are the ones that are candid, often blurred, and reflect the individual energy of our quirky family.

  235. I would love a camera that produces instant pictures. My three year old would be amazed! She already loves trying out any camera she can get her hands on. Thanks so much for all you guys do!

  236. I would take photographs of my roommates, of our friends, beers and wines, of those afternoons playing the guitar on the rooftop, the guys laughing with their surfboards in hands! Sunday brunches and lazy mornings in a messy bed. With that black & white mood that gives you the feeling of listening to Angus and Julia Stone all day. And of course, of the funny cats we have. Damn, they would be precious shoots and beautiful memories of a life-time :)

  237. Crissy Spearman says:

    I would photograph my grandchildren

  238. Ladyravenandcrow says:

    I would document the decay of rural downtowns, empty 19th century storefronts, the peaceful decay in TX. Or if they are willing to participate interview and photograph veterans of WW2 and Vietnam and document how they found peace after being at war.

  239. Sarah Fontana says:

    Id probably photograph my kids. As usual ;)

  240. I would definitely head out to the mountains to shoot lovely mountainscapes!

  241. I’d love to use this on a hike in the woods!

  242. Cheryle Davis says:

    I would use it to photograph my grandson and family.

  243. Terri Fohrenck says:

    Looks like fun!!

  244. Jerry Frasier says:

    I would more than likely use it for portraits, but I’m more of a landscape shooter, so I would find a way to make both work & also discover new things it would be great for.

  245. I would shoot some gorgeous cozy indoor couple session photos with them

  246. Jackie Duvall says:

    I would do my daughters maternity photos with it!

  247. I would love to photograph some of my fantasy portraits with these as well as regular portraits and any memories that I want to keep!

  248. Russell Bliss says:

    I would shoot Catskill landscapes just like Ansel Adams. (Well, maybe not JUST like)

  249. Sally Whetten says:

    My kids and my dog! :)

  250. I’d definitely photograph my kids :)

  251. I’d love to try it out at a few engagement sessions and family sessions!

  252. Willy Dickins says:

    I have a passion for photographing the homeless. This would be a perfect prize to win. Nothing brings forth the soul in these particular portraits than b&w images.
    Good luck everyone:)

  253. I have been wanting one of these so bad!! Would love to shoot more behind the scenes of my senior shoots to give to the seniors and post in my studio!!

  254. I would shoot the beauty of the colorado landscape

  255. I’ll become a mum in one month and i would love to use it for some “first clichés” of my future newborn baby :). It will give me timeless souvenirs !

  256. My 2 spotted appaloosas with the mountain backdrop! I converted another photo of them into b/w and you instantly see why they blend into their background from the perspective of any predators with only b/w vision, it was amazing!

  257. Frank Polgar says:

    I would be shooting portraits!

  258. I would shoot shots from on all the adventures I go on and every time I travel to a new place!

  259. I would shoot my awesome friends on our adventures in and around Washington, DC!

  260. the way I see the world

  261. I would use it when I go on a Mission trip next spring to take pictures of the families and children. I think it would be so fun to be able to give them the prints right away!

  262. Tracey P. says:

    I’m so darned lucky to live close to the Rockies… I’d get outside, take some coolio nature shots… keep my fingers crossed for a wee bit o’ wildlife… possibly throw in some peeps doing their sport-y or hike-y thang… basically, I’d get outside and capture whatever’s going on around me!

  263. Jessica McConnell says:

    I would love to shoot historic places in my little town in Wyoming. Monochrome real sets the mood of simplicity that history deserves!

  264. Hi Guys, I took up photography 4-5 years ago, as a hobby. I still work full time but hope to retire within the next two years and really spend significantly more time, “playing” in the field.
    I live in a small town in Ontario that has a river flowing through it. Some winter mornings, the snow and “hoar” frost is amazing and I can visualize shooting those winter landscapes in black and white. The shadows and lighting would be tremendous.

  265. I would photograph growing condos and disapearing nature

  266. Sweet giveaway! I would definitely use this, especially for the upcoming holidays! This would be So fun to capture Christmas morning with!

  267. Paige Dees says:

    I would shoot some nice autumn images when we go camping in AL and GA!

  268. Ben Morrow says:

    I would shoot photos at events and gathering because shooting instant film is a fun and unique way to document them 📷

  269. I would most definitely use this camera and film to take portraits of my family so we could scan ’em and pass them along to my (fabulous) graphic designer sister and make the most adorable black n’ white Christmas card there ever was!

  270. I’ve been in love with these cameras for a long time now, but I don’t have the money to spend on one right now. If I got one, I would shoot all the wonderful things in my life, like my family, God’s creation around me, and the wonderful smiles on people’s faces.

  271. I would hand over the camera to my 9 year old so she can photograph from her perspective.

  272. Nikolai Ursin says:

    I’d use for photographing family/friends. Thanks for posting!

  273. A day in the life……………..

  274. I would take photos of my nephew and his dog and my dog of all the precious moments.

  275. carol clark says:

    id shoot the sunset and sunrise and the ripples on the water and the sun hitting it

  276. I would like to go to a seniors centre and take photos of interesting seniors doing what they love. Woodworking, painting, silver smithing, quilting, knitting and spinning wool, playing cards, sketching, indoor lawn bowling, exercising, making charity dolls, reading or writing, and even the photography class playing with their digital cameras for the first time. Hand shots and sneak in their faces candidly. Then be able to give the print instantly to them, so they can show their families and grandchildren just how busy, vibrant and how cool grandma still IS !

  277. Christine P. says:

    I would shoot some street photography – buses, people, and bikes OH MY!

  278. Karina Montes says:

    I would shoot my very mobile 18 month old,always on the go exploring everything around him.

  279. Chloe Brehaut says:

    I would use this to shoot band promos and live events. Double exposures would look super cool in monochrome!

  280. I would shoot a lot of landscapes with all of the wealth that the monocromatic photograph can offer <3

  281. GEORGE E BOWRON says:

    I have two Westies…..similar to Scotties only pure white…….they look exceptionally good in B/W but only if the film is good quality with good contrast…….would be a good test for the camera & film and a good test of my abilities

  282. patricia tedeschi says:

    I would shoot film noir type of photos reminiscent of Brassai – just finished perusing a book on his photos – my latest photographic obsession (-:

  283. Casi Schwartz says:

    I would take pictures of my 7 month old, 8 year old, and 10 year old. Probably in the snow when it does. That would look beautiful.

  284. Some of my favorite photos from my weddings and family shoots are the black and white. Somehow the story they tell are more engaging, more poignant.

  285. I would shoot the abandoned places, like buildings and other such relics, that my urbex group, Beauty In Decay Project, would visit. This camera would be perfect for our upcoming trip to Centralia, PA and Letchworth Village, NY that we are going to explore in a few weeks. This camera would take stunning shots of these locations and is on my Christmas wish list.

  286. I would shoot my kiddos playing superheroes!

  287. Carlos Hernandez Ocampo says:

    I would shoot the world in all its monochromatic, stark, contrast, full of form and texture. Lol, all kidding aside, winter is coming and in Louisville the woods get this precios haunted look that just inspires the best b&w pictures, I love capturing portraits with them in the background.

  288. Jerry Lebowitz says:

    I,m going on a cruise & would love to practice shooting instax black & white having recently visited Ansel Adams workshop.

  289. CHARLES LEONARD says:

    Street photography.

  290. If would shoot behind the scenes of fashion photoshoots with this camera.

  291. I would take pics of my beautiful girlfriend and her pitbull! So much love.

  292. Beth calvert says:

    I would shoot my son and husband because they are always playing and wrestling around in the floor home. I love black and white photos.

  293. I’d let my kids get involved by teaching them how to use the Instax! These look so fun and I’ve been wanting one for forever!

  294. The possibilities are ENDLESS! I’d shoot the world through my eyes. Whatever turns my head/ catches my eye, whatever precious memories I’d like to capture with my family and of course a special thank you photo for choosing me as your winner!! Thanks for all you do!

  295. It’d be super rad if I was given one! These things are the best, and I’ve never gotten to try one. Plus that monochrome film looks so cool. I’d be sharing shots that involve a lot of texture on my Instagram account, @vrotography_official!

  296. Theodore Roberts says:

    I would shoot the various.wild life that is here in Naples, Fl. at the Zoo and at the Botanical Garden in downtown Naples!

  297. I would shoot photos of my lizards and my students. Especially with winter coming it would be awesome to have pictures of lizards in windows with snow as the backdrop.

  298. I have recently been taking pictures at my sons special needs soccer and showing the kids on the digital camera their images at the time of taking the picture because it keeps them focused on the task and gives them such joy to see themselves playing a sport. I think it would be even better to actually be able to hand them a picture on the spot as there has been nothing more rewarding to get out of a photo then seeing their reactions in a photo. All the best.

  299. I’d give it to my daughter to shoot whatever it is she pleases. Most likely rabbits. And puppies. And chipmunks.

  300. I would photograph the day to day lift of my family

  301. I would shoot my sweet little pug!

  302. I have three beautiful grandchildren, I’d love to shoot.

  303. I would use it to help document the process of building our log cabin in the woods!

  304. Living in Michigan, the leaves are plentiful in the fall season. I’d shoot my two 5-year old grandsons playing, laughing, running through the leaves.

  305. Jessica Frank says:

    I would shoot nature. <3 Nature still-lifes are my favorite. ^_^

  306. Jackie Suico says:

    I’d love this to take different photos of my kids who’d appreciate the instant gratification.

  307. Ernesto Guevara says:

    I should shoot church interiors looking for beamlights

  308. I would shoot pics of Detroit!!

  309. Sooooo many things! From personal (my family, travel) to business (would love to include some photos from my sessions to give as a thank you to my clients).

  310. Harish Khurana says:

    I would love to shoot Taj Mahal, the Symbol of love in India with monochrome film capturing only the purity of a scene.

  311. I would shoot some high-key photos this winter!! <3

  312. I would take instaxes of the Venice canals and the sunset in sunny california :)

  313. First off, thanks so much for your tutorials! They’re absolutely wonderful in expanding skills. I’d photograph the most memorable moments with my fur pals, they mean the world to me!

  314. I would like to shoot street art.

  315. Oh, im from Europe so no price for me :P Well since im writing, I want to let you know that I think you guys are really great :D I admire your photos and really pretty site hah :)

  316. I would love to have this camera and film to take pictures of my Grandkiddos!

  317. I would use the camera on walks with my wife and on special trips :)

  318. First, thanks for this opportunity. And it would be insteresting to do some street pics. As black and white adds drama to the various scenes.

  319. Shirley Bennett says:

    Country roads and landscapes.

  320. Celisia Stanton says:

    I would shoot memories to document my last semester of college!

  321. Aw man! This camera sounds awesome! I am a little obsessed with Instax cameras and just added the mini 90 to the mix. A black & white specialty would be an all-out riot to play with! I’d shoot downtown Toronto streetcars, my girls playing in the park and on walks by the lake…experimental collages… what wouldn’t I shoot? :) xo

  322. Lauren, where we live, there are many families who couldn’t afford professional family portraits. I don’t consider myself a professional photographer but, if I did win, I would use it to take photos of parents with their children, or parents who would love to have some keepsake moments of their children. And it wouldn’t cost them anything. I must share that I was inspired by your documentary contest and the whole notion of “giving a photo” to someone else. All of us love taking a photo but giving it to someone, especially someone who can’t even afford a camera or even a smartphone, is a wonderful opportunity to touch a life.

  323. I’d photograph the dance team I work with.

  324. I would shoot my hometown in hopes of capturing the small town feel, long forgotten businesses, and historic buildings that still remain.

  325. Danny Tasko says:

    I would take pictures of my 6 year old son skateboarding & breakdancing. He loves being in front of the camera and I enjoy documenting those priceless memories that he’ll look back at when he’s older and will appreciate forever. Plus it would be an excellent addition for my wife’s scrap booking albums. Thank you very much Rob & Lauren for all your wonderful and resourceful emails it’s really helping me become a better and well rounded photographer (:

  326. I’ll use the camera to capture even more great portraits that will hopefully be shared for years!

  327. I would like to photograph my kids tobogganing this winter, and also shots of our family Christmas tree in monochrome.

  328. Fun animal portraits!

  329. I would shoot adventures, big and small, and use the photos for scrapbooks.

  330. Mostly I would take pictures of my kids!

  331. David Enfield says:

    I would shoot candid shots of my five grandsons – looks like a great tool and film type for that purpose!

  332. I took a black & white class years ago, would LOVE to get back into it (never really stopped, but need more practice, and I use b&w film but with development takes me a LONG time to finish a roll) this can give me instant feedback and help me to improve my b&w.

  333. I have always loved instant cameras. Unchangeable unedited raw images that have the ability to move people and even change a person’s perception of something. Which to me is what photography is all about. Viewing a moment, capturing it and sharing a point of view with the world. Something that might not have been noticed otherwise. If I had this camera, I would use it when ever my other camera was not in my hands. I love the spontaneous unfiltered photos that occur when you have a camera in your hand and you just take the pictures your heart tells you to.

  334. I would shoot my kids doing their projects in class.

  335. Paulina Vasquez says:

    I would take pics of old houses.. I luv b&w photos! Thx

  336. My daughters enjoying the Christmas holiday as they wait for Santa to arrive, who is a close relative to the tooth fairy.

  337. Thomas Bailey says:

    Hi both, I’d start with my folks, my wife’s folks first. They’d be great in mono, especially in really old style clothes. Then all our brothers and sisters, their children, grandchildren and so on. A great family tree, progressing from mono oldsters through a bit of colour, then full colour for the youngsters. Fantastic! And to see the kids’ faces as the film develops before their eyes… too good to think about.

  338. Marilyn Nawara says:

    I would take pictures of family, friends and my 3 dogs. I would also take it on vacation with us to get lots of good memories.

  339. Sarena Foreman says:

    I would use this to take awesome photos of my first year in college in a new place and also of course my cat!

  340. Manon Bordeleau says:

    I would use it to give souvenir pictures to people when I travel – especially to those who do not have internet access. It would be awesome!

  341. Melanie St-Onge says:

    I would shoot a photo of my kids in the morning. I feel like sleepy eyes and bed head and window light would look awesome in this format!

  342. Hmmmm I would should portaits of kids in the streets this halloween. Why? I like how monochrome gives a dramatic, spooly feeling to the images. It can be a blast!

  343. Shane Swift says:

    The creative ideas are already flowing! From macros to nature shots. Mist and fog can get heavy in the early morning, here, so b&w shots look beautiful(throwing some color into those fig shots can look good, too!).

  344. jane engelman says:

    I would shot the local fauna

  345. Cactus! When I visit my husband in NM!

  346. yvonne flores says:

    My families Raw emotions..

  347. Honestly, I’d take pictures of my SO in various states of undress so she’d know how beautiful she is, since she won’t let me take photos of her with a digital camera lest it leak onto the interwebs.

  348. I would take pictures of my family and friends!

  349. This camera is all that my granddaughter talks about. She’s into all things creative from music to theater performance.

  350. Michelle Arlt says:

    This would be awesome!! I’d shoot of my kids, nature and stills!!

  351. I would carry it around with me and photograph the sweet moments of my life.

  352. Cathy Dobbie says:

    I would take pics of children when I go to Nicaragua in December. It would be lovely to be able to give them a photo of them just moments after taking the shoot.

  353. I would shoot emotive scenes with the black and white feature to really focus on feeling vs imagery :) which, btw, is definitely out of my comfort zone!

  354. graham button says:

    Capture the natural world around me portraying the beauty of our world.

  355. We recently lost my father-in-law and we then realized that we did not have enough pictures of him. This hard realization made me want to take more photos of our family so we can always cherish those memories on film. I’ve always wanted a instamax as you can instantly give the photos to the ones you love to display :)

  356. DJ Seidel says:

    Hey Rob and Lauren,

    I’ve been reading about this camera for awhile now, and I’ve gotta admit, as far as polaroids go, this one is a winner. Having said that, I’m not looking to get this camera for myself, but for my ten year old son. He’s got it in his heart that he’s going to be a polaroid photographer, and that people all over the world will pay him a lot of money (considering film is so expensive, he’s going to need a lot!) to have memories that don’t need to go through the process of editing and weeks of time to see the final results.

    I’ve never been the kind of dad to squash a kid’s dreams. (step dad to be exact, but I treat him as I would my own son) If I were to win this camera, I would let my son go off into the big wild world of photography and let him see for himself what he could achieve; isn’t that the way we all got started in this photography gig in the first place?

    Thanks guys, and happy halloween!

  357. Ashima Shenoy says:

    I would shoot portraits of people set in beautiful landscapes like in a national park.

  358. I’d shoot my kids! My pets! Maybe even my clients!! Anything and everything!

  359. Hi there, i will shoot my life of my newborn daughter!! It will be so cool to put them in an album later as gift from you!!

  360. Brittany Caudill says:

    I would shoot family and pets throughout the holidays!

  361. Stacey Fermin says:

    I would shoot our beautiful downtown area.

  362. I would like to win the Instax Mini 8 because I am from Puerto Rico and recently I moved to Seattle so everything is super new for me. It is my first fall because Puerto Rico only has summer all the year. I would love to document this new experience with that camera. Thanks so much!

  363. Amy Anahory says:

    This would be so much fun for creative images of my three kids and our cat!!

  364. Kaitlyn Martin says:

    I would love to capture my friends senior year including her Snow Ball Dance and Spring Prom. Her boyfriend from the Navy is visiting in December and would love to capture this moment for the two of them!

  365. Ronald Capek says:

    Experimental work.
    For some reason, architecture and vehicles would be good.

  366. Jean Stanley Emile says:

    I’ll try to capture street portraits and the beauty of life of what we are living through everyday, monochrome is great for that kind of shoot.

  367. Emily Finch says:

    I would take pictures of EVERYTHING. But especially my friends and family and animals. =] Cute little kitten ears in black and white.

  368. Leticia Velasco says:

    I would photograph my daughter who is 10 months. I would use it for her monthly pictures and for her 1st birthday that is coming up soon.

  369. Dennis Haggertty says:

    I take pictures of trees and hills.

  370. I’d shoot my pets, flowers, my parents… everything and a anything haha ^^~~

  371. My husband and I head off to Iceland this winter on our first overseas adventure and couldn’t feel more thankful – I would definitely shoot that!

  372. Mikhail R. says:

    I would start a photography series inspired by the current trends in men’s fashion, style and grooming. Crazy to see how “masculinity” has been redefined in our current era. We see that men are using more beauty products, and have been inspired to really re-invent their sense of fashion and style.

  373. I would let my kids take photos with it.

  374. I would photograph my holiday decorations. Trying new materials is a great way to challenge myself and explore the possibilities out there.

  375. Amanda Babiak says:

    I would take photos of my family

  376. Michael Nethery says:

    I live near the Grand river in Paris Ontario. The colours are so vibrant they are waiting to be plucked in black and white. Add in some old barns, sheds, and out buildings and you are off to a mono jamboree! You are also having a great day if you take some sandwiches and a thermos of hot chocolate. Oh yeah and a friend! Definitely a friend :)

  377. Tom Walborn says:

    I am into leaves right now. So I would probably shoot the fine veins of a dried leaf.

  378. I would like to try the monochrome to shoot some of the local landmarks to send to my niece. She is 4 and I think it would be neat for here to have some photos like this.

  379. Mike McHugh says:

    Trees, old buildings and my daughters!

  380. I’d shoot my family having a day in San Diego

  381. I would take everything and anything; where my spirit takes me; whether it’s my playful kittens, family, a beautiful landscape, portrait, architecture, or moment in time. Lori S.

  382. John McCubbin says:

    That Instax monochrome should be good for landscapes and architecture, not to mention people and pets. I’d probably mix it up with some of each. Thanks for the chance to enter and comment!

  383. Terry Whynott says:

    I’d definitely get out in nature with it!

  384. I’d take pictures with and of friends and share it amongst ourselves :)

  385. I would love shooting portraits of my friends with this around the city. Such a unique look and adds a unique feeling to those memories :)

  386. Nidhi Shah says:

    I would love to capture my kids’ pics.

  387. What a great giveaway! I would use this to photograph my babies. I think it would work well for some street photography too.

  388. Brianna B says:

    I would take pictures of all of the people I love and care about, and I would love to take pictures of the random little things in my life. I would also want to take pictures of nature. I guess you could say I would basically use this camera to take pictures of everything. :)

  389. Ireana Cook says:

    I would use the Instax Mini 8 to capture memories from my final year in college! With this camera and film, the photos would be timeless and hold a special place in my heart.

  390. Nathaniel says:

    I would shoot our honeymoon is New Zealand! : )

  391. I’d use it for street photos and the holidays.

  392. I would shoot my nephews and friends and family. I think the monochrome would be great for portraits!:)

  393. Monique Riddell says:

    I would take pictures of my summer holidays to add to my photo wall

  394. How fun! Definitely my nephews and our circus of pets.

  395. Daniel Carr says:

    I’d shoot photos of my beautiful girlfriend and give them to her mum for Christmas.

  396. I’d take photos of family outside when there is plenty of snow. The snow would give a nice contrast, create another focal point and assist with lighting for the photo. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  397. Pictures around downtown in Cleveland, OH – quickly becoming the city of champions!

  398. I would shoot my FIRST grand baby that is coming in 2 months! She is going to be my life and I can’t wait to meet her, much less do SO many photo shoots of her!!!!

  399. Erin Ellis says:

    I would shoot my hubby and daughters with this! How awesome! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  400. My baby nephew who’s coming in December! :)

  401. Mike Kirkpatrick says:

    I would shot pics of school events so students could get instant feedback

  402. I would love to use this to let my son explore photography! Having immediately tangible pictures is so much fun.

  403. I would shoot random mini series (Halloween, nature, Christmas, my daughter’s life, etc)

  404. I would take photos of my 1st grandchild, 5 mo. old Brady

  405. I would love to photograph babies and winterscapes with this!

  406. The camera sees more than the eye. Film is so delicate and meaningful in comparison to our digital age.

    What I love about photography, is that anywhere in the world a photograph can be understood!

    If I won this competition, I’d be very careful with what I photograph. I would only capture what my eyes have learnt to listen to before it looks.

    Thank you.

  407. I’d love to shoot some landscapes and floral designs:) I love using a new camera/lens to get different perspectives and looks. Thanks a mil!

  408. I’d love to win! Take sweet photos of my hubby and family to fill my apartment with.

  409. I would take pictures of my babies! ^_^

  410. Nature, pets, people. It would be a great way to expand my photography experience.

  411. Ariel Bolivar says:

    A beautiful shot of the escarpment here would be a perfect one for this beautiful cam! Thank you!!!

  412. I would shoot pics of my friends sitting around a fire pit, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company.

  413. I’m so happy to learn about this new monochrome film! I’d love to use it to shoot San Francisco, specifically the Golden Gate bridge.

  414. Cesar E. Moran says:

    I’d take a public bus to and from and capture the uniqueness of the people in the city I reside in, Houston, Tx.

  415. Megan Rufael says:

    My sons! Instant pics are perfect for putting right into a book! Thank you :)

  416. I would shoot my little town and my travels across the world, along with my wonderful dogs and beautiful friends!

  417. Kristi Rhodes says:

    This is an awesome contest! I remember playing with a Polaroid as a kid, shooting color portraits of my barbie dolls. If I win, I’d use the color film to shoot “grown up portraits” and the monochrome to work on my human subject suburban street photography. :)

  418. I would use the camera to snap photos of my new niece! Love the monochrome portraits I have seen of infants.

  419. I live in Colorado and I love hiking! With the Instamix 8, I would photograph lots of mountain scapes, and portraits of my husband, friends, and puppy hiking outside :) I love hanging prints. I would display some in a frame, collage style. The rest I would give to friends and family with a hand written note!

  420. Isabelle Smit says:

    Man, this would be awesome! I would shoot my college friends and then create a collage. In the future, I’d use this at my wedding for a photo booth! Thank you!

  421. Irish Jezer Alviar says:

    Hi! I would love to use it on an upcoming wedding. Monochrome gives so much effect that really differ from an ordinary photograph. The feels.. :)

  422. Russell Cardwell says:

    I would use it in shooting portraits and people to capture a more genuine 70s or 80s look. I also think it would be great in shooting my Roadside Attractions project.

  423. Stacey Roberson says:

    I would shoot landscapes, and get lots of pics of my children.

  424. I would use it to shoot life!!! Family, pets, nature and hopefully his elusive bluejay that keeps escaping me!! Thanks for all of your helpful tips, hints amd instructions!!

  425. Winter fun around here on the prairies with the animals and kids!

  426. I would shoot a day in the life of my 18 month old daughter. Always smiling, laughing, and going on adventures with our two dogs. It’s amazing how quick she’s learning!

  427. My sophomore with the high school marching band at a friday night football game

  428. Danielle Luker says:

    I would photograph coffee houses!

  429. My family. It would be fun to have the pictures right away instead of waiting for them to be edited and then printed. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  430. Melissa Rushing says:

    I would shoot the beauty of the Gulf National Seashore.

  431. Everything….but mostly my two favorite things: my babies and the mountains.

  432. Autumn in the Midwest has beautiful color but the season that follows just before the snow is filled with texture, depth and shadows. This is when black and white photography would be spectacular. I would love to try something new!!!

  433. I have been tossing around a project that I just need to be nudged to commit to. I want to photograph the infants who through circumstances beyond their control and much to the anguish of their young parents find themselves beginning their lives in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at one of the local hospitals here. Many of these little ones spend the first few months of their lives in incubators amid a tangle of tubes and wires before going home. For some their journey ends in the NICU never sleeping in the nursery their parents prepared. During this time only a few cell phone pictures will be taken. None will be printed. I think watching these parents see a photo of their miracle child developed before their eyes (and document that moment on my DSLR) would be amazing. I would like to document 90 days of NICU miracles. How cool to give a mom a photo to hold to her heart instead of a cell phone.

    I certainly don’t need to win this camera to solidify this idea and begin this project. Winning it however would force me to follow through, get out of my comfort zone, and grow as a photographer. It would also give me a cool story to start off with when I meet with hospital administrators to put this in place.

  434. Amy Nickell says:

    I’d love to shoot lifestyles of my children!

  435. People around the world!!!!

  436. I would use it to teach my son photography the fun way! I’m sure we’ll get pictures of the most random things from the greatest angle and perspective! Thank you!

  437. Erika Hart says:

    I’d shoot portraits of the new friends I meet in my journey of living in the east coast since I’ve lived all my life in the west coast, i’d shoot portraits of moments with new friends, cool new spots I discover in the city and document every sweet moment with my husband. Thanks for the opportunity <3

  438. Steven Huynh says:

    I wanna shoot strangers on the street,

    in all their neat voices, colours and stories.

    This instax is gonna let us speak!

    We’ll move past cut-and-dry categories.

    Bringing back focus to things that are blurred,
    Trying everyday to keep that heart stirred.

    :P From a fellow Edmontonian.

  439. Bailey acosta says:

    A beautiful landscape

  440. Amanda Rigby says:

    I would shoot some very retro looking photographs of the Cathedral near me and then after that anything and everything! Thank you for the chance to win.

  441. This camera would go straight into the hands of all the young talented photographers that I meet during my family portrait sessions so that they could have as much fun behind the camera as they do in front of the camera. I see how my own children’s creativity is sparked when they pick up my cameras and they want to have their pictures printed NOW! Having this one would certainly help satisfy that need to create something instantly, view, review, discuss and admire.

  442. I absolutely love the istax mini cameras the are beautiful and easy to use.

  443. Street photography, I think it would be a great way to give people on the street a photo for them to keep after I get one for myself.

  444. Gabrielle Gallant says:

    I would use the new film to shoot landscape and architecture photography on a road trip!

  445. I would love to photograph favorite scenes and places from my trips to New Orleans. I especially love the French
    Quarter and Plantation Road for great pictures.

  446. I teach Digital Arts & Design in high school. My students would shoot whatever it is that high schoolers find interesting, while learning about instant film cameras.

  447. Stacy Smith says:

    It would help me begin he project of putting a face to the human trafficking of young girls in the United States especially here in Houston and the surrounding areas. It would be an extra part of helping to raise awareness and finances to support these young girls and boys.

  448. wilson king says:

    My vacations.

  449. I have looking to get this camera for awhile now. Of course I love to us it to capture family events, but the main reason I would love to get my hands on these are to take 2 photographs at each session – one to give the client, and the other for a scrapbook to put together of clients I’ve have the pleasure of photographing.

  450. I would shoot moments from my first year of marriage :D

    My husband and I have been married six months so far and have instax pictures our friends have taken of our engagement, wedding and a couple of nights after. I’d LOVE to continue capturing moments with an instax of our own!!

  451. I’d shoot my boys playing in the snow this winter!

  452. I would photography my upcoming trip to Uganda with The Beyond Workshop!

  453. Claudia Bacelis says:

    OOOps I left my comment in the wrong place!!!!! I would take so many pictures of my boys!!! Good luck to all!

  454. I would love to shoot snippets of my 4 year anniversary trip coming up next month. I would also love to capture scenes from around the house.

  455. probably the fall trees. It would be different than the usual fall colors that everyone expect to see. it would make me grateful for my eyes.

  456. I’d use it to shoot pictures of my time spent with family during this holiday season! My parents, 13 siblings and I are spread all around the country, so any time that any of us gets to spend together is precious! :)


    be great for the holidays, and nature I love black and whites with a pop of red, I would probably takes b&w’s and use a sharpie to add a pop of color

  458. christina magana says:

    I plan to take a trip to Italy for the very first time to visit a friend who will be stationed there. When him and I first met we took pictures on my disposable film camera, this camera would be the greatest to take!

  459. my favorites would be to shoot portraits and landscape all the different shades in the fall

  460. I would take this little gem with me when I do travel photography and capture some amazing moments and architectural details I tend to get captivated by along with maybe finally getting some fun pictures with my husband…we have practically none! Haha

  461. What wouldn’t I shoot? Nature, family, holidays – all the things!! I’d use it as a great tool to spread my creative wings and try something new. :-)

  462. I would let my children photograph some of their creations!

  463. I would photograph ice and frost and ravens. There is plenty of all of those up here in the arctic!

  464. Elizabeth Hawkins says:

    I’d definitely be shooting people. Emotions become so much realer when they are in black and white. Probably because of the contrast with the fact that emotions are not black and white, but colorful and vibrant. To be able to capture my favorite emotions from my friends and families in instant black and white would be super cool!

  465. Rena Walter says:

    I would take pictures of my granddaughters!

  466. What a fun little camera! I see myself taking artsy shots of everyday life and creating a framed collection for our home.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  467. I would shoot the beautiful island i live on and its interesting people!

  468. Hi Lauren.
    I always get excited when I read your newsletter. Everything is described so easily to understand that I want to take my camera right away and shoot. Sometimes I don’t have the time, but if I have the time it is always fun and fantastic results. Thanks for that! You are always an inspiration to me!
    With the instax camera I would take pictures from all the beautiful places in beautiful TORONTO. From CN tower to Casa Loma. We moved here 9 months ago and we love this city soooo much!
    Take care and keep on writing such nice articles!

  469. shannon fowler says:

    I would get some shoots of florida. We just moved there, so there is so much to explore.

  470. I’d shoot pictures of my cats!

  471. J. A. Wiley says:

    The alpine lakes in the Cascades during winter!

  472. Lisa Coomer Queen says:

    I would take lots of pictures of my children and grandchildren. They are all coming in for the Holidays. I am so excited to have them here all at the same time. Thanks for the chance!

  473. karen petrychko says:


  474. I would take pictures of all my travel adventures and of course my dog!

  475. Sujan Adhikari says:

    I would capture picture with all my friends here in The United States .

  476. Jennifer Red says:

    I’d take pictures of my dad’s farm, the mountains out there are so beautiful and it would be perfect to photograph.

  477. I think the monochrome would make for some beautiful portraits. My favorite subject has always been people. I live near Seattle and I also think it’d make for a really fun street photography project. :)

    What a great gift, thank you for the opportunity!


    A wonderful idea to tryout a mini monochrome camera on everything that comes your way!

  479. I would love to use Instax mini Monochrome film at an Orphanage and capture the beautiful smiles on the ones that don’t have a family but still have hope to smile and have never had a picture taken of themselves to keep.

  480. I’d shoot times that I want to remember, and other people so they can see how great they are :)

  481. Linda Rogoff says:

    I would love this camera for my next trip to Prague. Great city for shooting B&W

  482. Kenneth Teal says:

    I would take it to the street to shoot that.

  483. I would probably start by doing lifestyle pics of my kids. This camera looks like fun! Thank you!

  484. Roger Simmons says:

    Anything my imagination could think of that would look good photographed

  485. Surfers, fishing boats and rain.
    The highlights of Newport, Oregon.

  486. Elizabeth says:

    I’d take pictures of my kids and our life of everyday. My 3 year old would think it is amazing that it is instant. I can hear the laugh he would make once he sees the picture already. Very fun.

  487. Mark Trujillo says:

    Honestly I would give it to my stepdaughter. Ever since she found out about instant cameras she’s been wanting one and I wouldn’t mind her starting to learn photography with this.

  488. Nicole Lancaster says:

    I would shoot the beautiful Sonoran Desert and its animals with my pack of Instax Monochrome.

  489. Daily family life or abstracts. Winter will be here soon, though, so perhaps winter scenes.

  490. Ashleigh Bailey says:

    I would capture the christmas markets in budapest when I visit in december!

  491. I would definitely shoot portraits in the style of Richard Avedon. I love the head on shots with empty backgrounds. It just gives the images so much personality.

  492. Makayla Nook says:

    I would shoot a picture of my couples right after the ceremony at each of my weddings!

  493. I would love to tell
    You something so off the wall it would grab your attention and make you laugh. But really- I would mostly shoot my 3 year old. And maybe give an instant reward to clients during client shoots.

  494. Brian Martin says:

    I would photograph my daughters and Disney

  495. i’d photograph city scenes

  496. Tammy Bixler says:

    I would shoot portraits. Or patterns!

  497. I’ll be shooting life on a farm

  498. Soraia Conceição de Souza says:

    I ll be shooting emotions , I ll give to the photos fellings and life .

  499. Melissa Black says:

    what an amazing prize! i would definitely take shots of my hubby, and my nine year old. Preferably outdoor in the fall landscape. I also love surreal looking profile shots so I thinK I might shoot my team at work in their best crazy poses. I am a budding photographer but I have no equipment except my iphone and this would be such fun!

  500. Janice Jochum says:

    If I were to win, I would take another trip to San Franscico because it would be great to photograph those misty and/or foggy days in B&W.

  501. Ryan Simonar says:

    I would take pictures of my little baby girl!

  502. Lyn Freeman says:

    This will be my last few months living in the USA. I would shoot what I interpret as Americana…documentary style!

  503. My business partner and I are just about to do exclusive family lifestyle and urban sessions, so it would be great to give our clients a tangible gift at the end of the session. It would be the cherry on top to our already wonderful service :)

  504. Andrea Holodnick says:

    I would shoot our travel adventures and let my partner’s kiddos learn with it, always fun and interesting to see they world through their eyes!

  505. I would shoot nature, especially now that winter is coming. Also I would take pictures of me and my friends having fun

  506. Jeri Gottlieb says:

    I would shoot my kids. Always my kids. Even though they hate it!

  507. Diane Atterson says:

    I would take pictures of family and all the wildlife around me. I would love to win the Instax Mini 8 plus the monochrome file.

  508. I would love to take the camera on my cruise were my daughter is getting married so I can take lots of wedding pictures.

  509. Elizabeth Companion says:

    This is so neat!

  510. Vanessa Solis says:

    I love going to bars I have yet to discover and try new cocktails. So I would shoot bars and cocktails!

  511. OMG, jumping Jupiter, I would shoot nature & animals for my art work. . Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. :) Pick me.

  512. Abbie Krider says:

    Honestly what wouldn’t I shoot? Everything from my dogs to my friends and everything in between. This would be great for my wall collage that I’m making!

  513. Alyssa Bosse says:

    With this camera I would shoot some portraits for my friends and some landscapes when I go on vacation :)

  514. My city has a great mixture of mid 20th century modernist, turn of the century(1900s) and brutalist architecture. I think all of my city’s buildings would look great with the new Instax Monochrome….and this monochrome film would be a great way to unify all the fabulous styles in a super series!

  515. I’d like to shoot some nature now that the days are getting shorter.

  516. Darkshines says:

    I would shoot the colourful moments of my life.

  517. Brenda Peters says:

    I would shoot nature scenes and my dog Macy. Come to think of it I would also branch out
    and do some very fancy art with it. There is no limit.

  518. When I turned twenty I asked my mom what she wished she had done when she was my age and she said she wish she took more photos with her friends so I would take photos of my friends.

  519. Jean Martel says:

    I would stun my family by taking dozens of pictures at every chance.

  520. I would shoot landscapes during different seasons and im definitely gonna use it for family portraits during special holidays

  521. Marlee Friesen says:

    Just came across your article on ways to make people smile! Awesome! I’m a beginner in the realm of photography as a business, and have only v begun doing family sessions! Extremely helpful advice! Would love to win this.

  522. Pictures of my family members mostly :)

  523. I’d shoot my lunch time walks through San Francisco. Lotsa interesting (and sometimes disgusting) things to see!

  524. I would shoot pelicans on the pilings in Biloxi.

  525. Jose Roy Gregorio says:

    I will shoot the streets of San Francisco and its cityscapes…

  526. Mandy Bruenger says:

    I’d shoot pictures of my grandchildren, you can never have enough. lol then I’d shoot pictures of wildlife

  527. I would make photos of the road and bridge construction happening beside the lake in our town. The trucks are super oversized!

  528. I travel often and love creating memories. Having them in monochrome would really make the shots timeless. Next trip, New York. Old New York in black & white!

  529. S. Jackson says:

    I would take pictures of my two newborn great niece’s!

  530. I would shoot pictures of my kids at the pumpkin farm.

  531. I would take photos of antiques :)

  532. I would challenge myself to shoot some fine art images. nothing better than some beautiful black and white photos!

  533. Would love the, I’d love to capture my six year old in everyday moments, he’s a total ham! Would be great to arrange them in a collage.

  534. Candice Tkachuk says:

    I would love to try my hand at street photography with this. I’ve never attempted it, so it would be a great excuse to start!

  535. Michelle Briones says:

    I would love to use this and take shots with my nephew soon. He’s coming in the middle of December this year! Oh i cant wait to meet him! This would be perfect to take a shot with his tiny little feet!

  536. Ceola Parson says:

    I would use the camera to shoot abstract photos. Finding patterns in the shapes of everyday life. And with this being B&W film I would capture the harmony of lights and darks.
    Love your blog. Especially the article about lenses.

  537. Kara Nixon says:

    I would love this for documenting different things throughout my engagement and also for my wedding! We want to do snapshots of each guest at our reception and this would be just perfect!

  538. Bailey Dexter says:

    I would love to get the cute pic’s of my grand-kids with the Instax Monochrome & watch them look at them right there & see them in wonder as the pictures appear!

  539. I would love to document the rest of my sister’s pregnancy, as well as for after the baby is born. We’re not documenting it on social media, so having instant photographs would be a really great way to keep in track and also freeze special frozen moments to come.

  540. The question should be “What wouldn’t you shoot?” because that’s a much shorter list! Mostly, I’d be taking pics of the kids, and maybe, MAYBE even letting them take a few shots. (It’s a maybe because I’d probably only get the Instax Mini 8 back when the film ran out.)

  541. What a fun giveaway! I’d use it to take instant photos of the people I meet on my travels :D

  542. Vernetta Cail says:

    I would shoot great nature and landscape shots all over the country.

  543. That first roll would probably all be used up on my niece! After that… Some street photography all over Indianapolis!

  544. Most of my photos are of my dog or my nephew, so why break the trend? :)

  545. Diane Graziano says:

    My fur baby of course!

  546. Super excited to enter says:

    I would shoot everything! My kids! My young nephews! Our first holiday in NYC!

  547. Will you be having another one?

    p.s. Quite the discussion here. :)

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