Holiday Gifts for Photographers 2016

Whether you have a special photographer in your life that you want to make smile, or you are looking to treat yourself, we've got you covered. This list is full of our favorite photography gizmos, gadgets, and (of course) cameras. 


Instant film photography is crazy fun. This is our go-to category for gifts, and we have given these cameras to many friends and family. They're perfect for anyone, young or old (our 4-year old is obsessed), and will be a hit at any party.

 Top Pick! ⭐️  

Instax Mini 9

If you want to get into instant film photography for the lowest price, this is your camera. It's cheap, light, and wicked fun. It's also great for kids (this is the model our 4-year-old uses). Comes in a huge range of colors! Don't forget to grab some film too.

 Top Pick! ⭐️  

Instax Mini Film

If you're gifting an Instax Mini camera, stock up your fav photographer with boxes of film. There's nothing more fun than having a stack of film just waiting to be shot! And if you know an Instax Mini lover, give them a ton of film. (Check out this big bundle of film for an even better deal.)

Instax Mini 70

This camera is one step up from the Mini 8, and has a few more features, like a selfie mirror, auto exposure, and improved image quality, especially in low light or indoor situations. It comes in three colors - yellow, blue and white.

Instax Mini 90

This is the cream of the Instax Mini crop. The features on this camera are endless - double exposure, manual mode, bulb mode, and more. If you are gifting for a serious instant film shooter, or a pro who really wants to get into instant, this is the one.

Instax Wide 300

Instax Wide film is twice the size of Instax Mini, and this is the camera to shoot it. It has two focus modes, a tripod mount, a close up lens, and more. It's big, but Instax Wide is really awesome, and this is the camera we find ourselves using around the house the most.

Instax Wide Film

Don't forget to grab some film to go with your Instax Wide camera! A big stack of film helps to make any instant photographer feel excited to get out and shoot!

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Instax SP-2 Printer

The perfect gift for someone who loves both instant film and smartphone photography. With this printer you can print out your smartphone (or DSLR) photos onto instant film. Super handy for parties or just having around the house! Uses Instax Mini film.
There's also a different model SP-3, which you can check out here.

Instax Mini Album

You can't go wrong with a stack of these Instax albums! They make a perfect stocking stuffer for the Instax Mini lover in your life. There are a ton of colors, they're cheap and feature the awesome title: Pieces of Moment. These are the best.

For Instax Mini cameras there's a HUGE assortment of film to explore!

Star Wars Instax Mini Film

Rainbow Instax Mini Film

Black Frame Instax Mini Film

Monochrome Instax Mini Film

Instax Mini Film

Shiny Star Instax Mini Film

Candy Pop Instax Mini Film

Instax Wide Film Multi Pack​​​​


What makes a photographer happier than opening a new camera or lens? Here are a few of our favorite cameras for photographers from beginner to pro, along with a couple of great lens options. Knock their socks off with these!

 Our Favorite ?  

Fujifilm X-T2

Want to win at gift giving? Give the photographer in your life this amazing camera. Our new absolute favorite, this has become the most talked-about camera of 2016. 

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Canon EOS Rebel SL1

For the beginner ready to get serious, you can't go wrong with the Canon Rebel. This wildly popular model is the first step into the DSLR world, at a price point that's hard to beat! 

Canon 80D

Ready to step up from the Rebel? The Canon 80D is a great upgrade, and is also perfect for someone looking to shoot great video too. This is an awesome intermediate camera. (Body only.)

Canon 50mm f/1.8 Lens

This is a near-mythic lens. A great focal length, with a super wide aperture, for just over $100. That's amazing! Perfect for any photographer who doesn't have one yet. 

Nikon 50mm f/1.8

The Nikon model of the "nifty fifty". This is a well known lens for both how versatile it is, as well as how well it works in low light. Great for every photographer.


There's a whole lot more to choose from other than just cameras! Every photographer needs a bevy of other gadgets to get them through the shoot, and these range from bags to batteries to tripods and printers. The following are some of our favorites and would be great for any kit.

Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag

These bags got the whole photography world talking for how versatile and stylish they are. Whenever we are heading out the door this is the bag we pick up! 

Peak Design
Slide Neckstrap

Do you hate putting neckstraps on and off your camera? This is a game changer. Remove the strap in seconds, and adjust the length just as quickly. It's hard to overstate just how much we love this strap.

DJI Mavic Pro

The drone that will change everything. This brand new model is insanely small and boasts incredible features. It's not available until January, but if you bought it for someone, I don't think they'd be upset about that.

DJI Phantom 4

This is probably the best option for a drone that you can buy today. This is the guy we use, and we are always blown away by the image quality, especially for the price. If you know someone wanting to get into drone photography, check this one out.

DJI Osmo Mobile

This little gadget helps you get crazy smooth video footage out of your smartphone. A motorized gimbal, it stabilizes the image to give incredible cinematic shots. It also has crazy cool features like subject tracking and timelapse with movement. Pretty mind blowing stuff in a tiny package.