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3 Reasons Every Photographer
Should Shoot Video

"Wait, aren't we photographers? Why would we ever shoot video? That's for...video-ers, or whatever." 

Nope. Video is for photographers. Here’s the deal.

You’re a photographer because you love capturing stories, beautiful moments, and slices of life. You are passionate about seeing the world in new ways, and sharing your vision.

Guess what. Video can do all of those things. It can do those things very, very well. And here’s the kicker: sometimes video can do those things even better than photography.

I know. Blasphemy. But it’s true! And it can do even more. So here are the three reasons every photographer should shoot video.

1. Video Captures More

There is an entirely new dimension to capture with video: time. And with time you get movement, gesture, expression, interaction, and change! Do you see how that  opens up a whole new world of possibilities? The things that are so often an enormous challenge to convey in a photograph are captured elegantly with video. It offers so much room for storytelling.

2. Video Stands Out

“Everyone these days is a photographer”. How many times do you hear that? I hear it constantly. And it’s kind of true, everyone has a camera in their pocket, and snaps photos all the time. But video, well, to make a great video requires more skills than a great photo. Skills that don’t take too long to learn, and that aren’t hard to implement, but they are just that little bit extra that helps you to stand out, and gets your work noticed. In our own careers, it has been consistently our videos that get us more attention than our photos!

3. Photographers Rock at Video

Now you know how I just said that you need to learn some new skills for video? That’s still true. But as a photographer, you’ve actually already learned a lot of the skills that go into making a great video. Things like light, composition, and a basic understanding of how a camera works – these are key components of shooting awesome video, and as a photographer you already have them in your tool belt! Who doesn’t love getting a head start??

Once you add your new skills, like sound, stabilization, movement, storytelling, and editing – well Bob’s your uncle, you’re making awesome videos that capture more of life, engage your audience, and get your work noticed! YES!


Hi, I'm Lauren! 

Video is a powerful tool for photographers to take advantage of, and I'm here to teach you all about it!

You can use video to record your life and the people you love, to tell the stories of your clients, or to share more about your business. You can create an experience that captivates your audience, tells a great story, and connects.

Come learn the complete process.

In this tutorial, I'm going to teach you everything you need to know to start making your own awesome videos – in a fun, easy-to-follow way. We'll focus on the absolutely essential info, so you can get through it quickly. You'll learn what cameras, lenses, and other gear to use for the best results. We'll break down the settings that are ideal for video, since it's actually quite a bit different than photography. Then we'll cover what to capture, and how to capture it. You'll learn the key components of storytelling, as well as strategies for editing your clips into an engaging video. By the end you'll be making movies chock full of magic and awesomeness!

So what kinds of videos can you make? Check out these examples!

A Family Portrait Video.

Small Business Video.

And that's just the beginning! There are tons of ways to use awesome video!

What's Inside the Tutorial:

149 Page eBook

Learn everything you need to know to make great videos: gear, settings, sound, how and what to shoot, storytelling, editing. It's all covered in an easy-to-follow, fun & friendly way.

9 HD Videos

Concise demonstration videos (32 mins total) show you the essential concepts in action. You'll get to learn visually, and understand the big ideas quickly.

4 Sweet Bonuses!

Get 4 bonuses to make the most out of what you learn. You'll receive a printable field guide, a practice guide, a planning worksheet, and an editing workflow cheatsheet.

Click the video below for a little introduction to the tutorial!

What You'll Learn:

I can see you're the kind of person who wants to know exactly what they're going to learn. I get it, I'm like that too. So here's a breakdown of the different topics we'll cover, and all the awesome knowledge you'll discover within.

  Psst! Click on each title below to reveal more!  

1. What Equipment to Use: Cameras, lenses, accessories and more.

2. What Settings to Use: It's a different approach than photography!

3. What to Capture: Developing your eye for video.

4. How to Capture It: Making a video that your audience loves.

5. How to Edit Your Video: This is where the magic happens.

The Full Table of Contents

"Cinema, for me, has always been something like music composed with photographic images."


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Don't worry, we've got you covered.

We offer full refunds up to 60 days after purchase, and handle these personally.

You'll get enough time to check it out, and if it's not right for you, no problem.

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About Us (the Authors!)

Howdy! We're Lauren and Rob, the authors of this snazzy tutorial. We are photographers, video-makers, teachers, parents, explorers and all-around fun loving folks.

We first became interested in photography as a way to record our adventures traveling the world. Then we became wedding photographers, and after that portrait photographers. But all the while we were instinctively drawn to sharing everything we were learning. Teaching was just a natural thing for us, so when our first son Max was born, we made the switch to becoming full-time teachers. And here we are now. Teaching. SO fun!

Video has been an important part of our work for many years now, starting with short films for our clients. Now we are using it as a huge part of our business, as well as a powerful way to document our little family.

But it took a long time for us to figure it all out. As in, years and years. There's kind of a lot of stuff to learn, and a lot of stuff that you think you need to learn, but it's not actually that important. So we're pretty excited to have created this tutorial to cut through the fluff, and share the most important, practical information with you so you can learn video faster and easier.

See, we think everyone should be getting into video! It's pretty fantastic. It can capture your experiences in a deeper way – a way that seems to transport you right back to that moment. It has been a hugely valuable part of our lives both personally and professionally. And we can't wait to help you get started with it too!

Thank you so much for checking out the tutorial, and we hope to see you inside!


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