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Rob and Lauren, in a few words, are AWESOME! Their site has helped me to learn and grow in my photography skills.

Mallory Wolfe Photographer
Henna Metz Photographer
Super-helpful and inspiring whenever I need a boost of photography-confidence. I subscribe to several photography sites, but Photography Concentrate is definitely my favourite.

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Nothing complicated! It's a bunch of free resources, and an email newsletter that delivers tons of great content on a regular basis. You can expect about one email per week, and you can unsubscribe at any time. 

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We know that it's hard to know if you enjoy the teaching style of a particular teacher. So we want this free club to both be insanely helpful, and also give you a better sense of how we teach. If you enjoy what we do, we hope you'll take a peek at our tutorials that go deeper into all of the topics that are essential for photographers!

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