More X100F! Lauren's thoughts + more sample photos

We’ve still been shooting with the Fuji X100F everyday during our trip (follow us on Instagram here).

This is a bit of a round up post.

Lauren also did a video on her thoughts on using the camera embedded below:

More Sample Photos

Finally, here are several more photos we’ve taken with the camera over the past couple weeks:

Final Thoughts

We’re loving this camera. And once our loan is up from Fuji it will be a camera that we add to our tool kit. In the short time that we’ve had it it has become indispensable.

It’s an expensive camera – there’s no argument. But it’s cheaper than similar alternatives – and arguably offers more value. At USD$1299 it’s not the best choice as a beginner camera. But if you love photography, and you’re looking for a camera that you can take with you everywhere, everyday, while being completely unburdensome AND a total joy to use – then this is definitely a camera worth your attention.

The Fuji X100F is available for pre-order:

The camera comes in silver/black and all black. I kind of want one of each. We’re shooting with the silver one right now which looks super sharp. But the all black is so stealthy.

One final tip. We’re using a custom Gordy’s camera strap with the X100F and we’re thrilled with it. It’s a beautiful minimalist leather camera strap that  just gets out of the way (see the very first photo for a bit of a glimpse of it).

If you have any questions about the X100F leave them in the comments below – I’ll do my best to answer them. And let me know which color you would get!

Rob Lim

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  1. Allison says:

    I have a question! What’s the remote trigger situation? I think I want to switch from Sony, but I’m worried about giving up my teensy tiny Sony remote. A remote trigger is the only way I ever get in the frame!

    • Hey Allison! Sorry about the delay replying!

      We use this wireless remote:

      It’s been super reliable, unfortunately it’s not a teensy tiny remote (a little smaller than a tv remote). Great job getting in your own shots, we need to do that more!

  2. Rob Fowler says:

    Hey Guys,

    Always followed your site! Was hoping you could give me some suggestions on what camera to buy for some stills? I quite fancy a canon mk iii or the Sony A711. Furthermore, I was thinking a good idea would be to rent it through Fat Lama first? Whichever one you suggest then I can give it a test run- see what I think about it.

    Best, Rob

    • Rob Lim says:

      Hey Rob,

      Thanks for your comment. Renting gear before purchasing is always a good idea! If you’re doing video you would probably like the Sony better because of the sensor stabilization. If you’re planning to shoot professionally then you might prefer the Canon (a larger camera with better ergonomics in my opinion).

      Finally you might want to check out the Fuji X-T2 – is the camera that we switched to. Check out our reviews on this site/youtube. We love it!

  3. Hey Guys,

    With the XT2 and X100F in your collection will you continue to use a DSLR? I have a Nikon D810, but I am in the market for a smaller camera more portable camera. I am debating between the XT2 and the X100F or both. What would you recommend?

    • Rob Lim says:

      Hi Julie!

      I should probably just write a blog post on this, but I’ll reply briefly here.

      We sold all our Canon gear and currently only use the Fuji X-T2 (we own two) and Fuji X100F (which is only on loan from Fuji). So we no longer own DSLRs. The X-T2s are our main photography cameras, and the X100F is more of a journal camera.

      If you’re just looking for a smaller more portable camera then I would suggest the X100F (especially since you still have your D810). The X100F is a joy to use, and you’ll definitely take it places you would rather leave a big camera behind.

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