The Proven Blueprint To Becoming a Successful Pro Photographer and Having a Constant Stream of high-paying clients

(Even if nobody's ever heard of you, you're working 9-5 or without expensive gear!)

  • Make money doing what you enjoy

  • Get clients easily and consistently, by following a step-by-step proven blueprint

  • Take photos that make clients say “Wow!

  • Shortcut years of struggle and frustration - get personal guidance from experienced professional photographers

  • Learn the secrets to getting recognized as a leading photographer in your niche & area

Introducing the Photography Accelerator Pro

A proven and tested 4 week program that takes you step by step, building your successful photography business, an impressive portfolio and constant stream of admiring clients.

It doesn't matter if you’re still working in another job, don’t have enough experience, don’t have expensive gear and no marketing skills - everything you need is provided in an easy to follow way.

Program content and schedule

In just 4 weeks we'll help you turn your passion of photography into an income source, and if you already started with paid shoots, we'll show you how to get your dream clients, easily.

Module #1: Designing Your Look & Showcasing Your Style 

  • A deep dive into niche selection… including a simple process for choosing the perfect niche that aligns with your skills and individual talents.

  • Learn a step-by-step process for discovering your signature style… which will help you stand out from every other photographer out there.

  • How to build your own personal brand and become “well known”... so people will eventually start to seek you out for your ‘super power.’

  • Understanding what kind of photos consumer and commercial clients want to buy… so you can start charging more for your work.

Module #2: How To Get The Word Out & Land Your “Dream Clients” 

  • A simple way to land your first (or next) paying client… even if you’ve never gotten paid for your photos before.

  • How to set up your portfolio so it showcases your best work in the right light… and “sells” your dream clients without you having to say a word.

  • How to set up your website so clients can find it and start reaching out to hire you.

    Word-for-word email templates that get you clients. Just “copy and paste” this Targeted Outreach  email template we give you and you’ll be getting bookings in no time.

Module #3: The Business Side Of Photography & Getting Paid What You’re Worth 

  • A simple system for handling “the business side” of photography… without having to go to business school.

  • How to price your services so that clients say, “You’re hired!”

  • How to create a contract that protects you from scope creep (which guards your time and makes you look more professional than your competition).

  • How to “sell” your services… without being weird, aggressive, slimy or ‘salesy.’ (Just ask a few of the “right” questions and clients will be happy to pay your fee.)

Module #4: Autopilot Client Attraction: Get More Of Your Favorite Clients Without Having To Lift A Finger 

  • The 3 simplest marketing strategies for your photography business… that actually work! (Without you having to become a “marketer” or “salesperson.”)

  • How to get Facebook and Instagram to start sending new clients your way every single month!

  • How to build a loyal following of people who love your work… and who will eagerly wait in line for the chance to hire you.

  • A simple method for getting dozens of referrals to paying clients who are a perfect fit for your business.

Here's a summary of everything you get

This is not your typical "course". We provide you with everything you need to be successful.
Learn anytime, anywhere, at your own pace and style

4 Week training program
Video lessons you can watch anywhere, anytime
Easy to follow
Personal VIP coaching + Community
Proven templates + tools

Critical Tools & Limited "Fast Action" Bonuses
- The full photographer’s pricing guide 2019 ($297 value)
- Perfect Client Experience Generator ($67 value)
- Pro Workflow Wizards ($97)
- “Get More Dream Client” template pack ($297 value)
- Backup or Die eBook & tutorial ($97 value)

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$6,849 total value
$2,997 regular price

Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee

If you use the program and do not start getting clients, or you're not confident with your photography skills, we'll refund your purchase AND let you keep the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

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$6,849 total value
$2,997 regular price

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