How To Dramatically Improve Your Photos With One Click

Today  we want to share a super fast way to improve the look of your images in Lightroom. And by super fast I mean with one click. Yes, today we’re going to take a peek at the Lens Correction Panel! Haven’t heard of it before? Well you’re in for a treat! This is a very […]

How To Use a Wacom Tablet

Did you hear the story about the photographer and the Wacom tablet? I don’t want to ruin the ending, but let’s just say it was true love. If you edit or retouch your photos, a Wacom tablet will rock your world (and here’s why). But it can take a bit of getting used to. Some folks […]

How To Shoot RAW

Shooting in RAW mode gives you better files, and more flexibility with your post processing. A lot is said about how fantastic RAW mode is. In fact, here are 10 reasons why you should be shooting in RAW! I’ve actually petitioned the High Council of Photographers to change the name to Awesome mode. Waiting to hear back. […]

Straighten Up: A Quick Tip For Better Compositions

Great composition can do many wonderful things for your images, but one of its most important functions is to direct the viewer’s attention where you want it to go. Unfortunately it’s very easy to make little mistakes that end up becoming super distracting. Luckily, it’s just as easy to fix them. Read More

Getting The Shot: Fantastic Fireworks

A great fireworks shot is one of those photographic bucket list kind of images. You gotta get at least one in your lifetime! If you didn’t snag one this past Canada Day or Independence Day, here are some tips for you! Read More

12 Essential Lightroom Shortcuts To Speed Up Your Workflow

 Adobe Lightroom has a ton of different keyboard shortcuts that will help you move through your editing workflow faster. Since there are so many shortcuts it can be difficult figuring out which ones are worth memorizing in order to save you the most time. Continue Reading →Adobe Lightroom has a ton of different keyboard shortcuts that will […]

Getting The Shot: House In The Mountains

We’re really going to jump into this Getting The Shot series, as we hope it gives some valuable (and enjoyable!) insight. Often you can learn as much from the discussion of one image as you can from studying broad theories. Read More

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