Getting The Shot: Panning

Have you ever looked at a photo and wondered “How’d they get that shot?” If yes then this new series of blog posts is for you! We’ll be sharing the details behind our images to give you insight into the process taken to get the shot. Read More

Photoshop vs. Lightroom: The Epic Battle

 For a long time Adobe Photoshop has been known as the reigning champion of image editing programs. The term “photoshop” has even worked its way into the language of popular culture. People know that to “photoshop” something means to digitally alter an image. Just look at the glossy magazine covers, and you’ll know what it means! Continue Reading […]

15 Snazzy Lightroom Before and After Comparison Examples

 You’d be surprised how much creative editing you can do in Lightroom. Many photographers see it as a tool for basic adjustments, like exposure, white balance, and contrast, but think that creative processing needs to be done in Photoshop.  Once you really dig into Lightroom, however, you’ll see that you can do so much neat stuff, it […]

2 Useful Sony NEX Lightroom Tips

Shooting RAW with the Sony NEX is awesome! And using Lightroom to process your RAW files is a great way to improve the look of your photos as well as keep them organized! Here are a couple Lightroom tips we found useful when shooting with the NEX. Read More

Side by Side: Comparing Photos in Photo Mechanic (Episode 1)

On Friday we introduced you to the compare function in Photo Mechanic. Today Lauren walks you through the photos shown in that post, giving her thoughts on each image. Hope you enjoy! Read More

Lightroom Tip: Create Better Images By Reviewing

After spending a few hours editing a portrait session (or longer if it’s a wedding!) it can be tempting to just click export and get those photos off your plate! Instead, you should take a few moments after you’re finished processing in order to review the work you’ve done. You’ll be able to pick out photos […]

Lightroom Before/After: Part 5 – Lens Correction

One new feature that was introduced with the final release of Lightroom 3 is the Lens Corrections panel in the Develop module. By using the Lens Corrections panel you can correct both distortion and vertical convergence (among other things). Wondering what that means, and how it makes photos way better? Read on, my friend. Read More

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