Don’t Do a Pro Shoot Without These 3 Things

The scariest thing to happen to me during a shoot wasn’t my knee dislocating. It was my camera breaking, right as my couple was about to go frolicking in the ocean in their wedding clothes. Instantly I felt sick to my stomach, my heart lept into my chest, and the sweat rolling down my face […]

Stress-Free Posing: Sitting Edition

Alrighty! Last time on Stress Free Posing we went through some standing poses for a couple, now let’s take a peek at some easy ways to create natural sitting poses. The basic idea here is the same: start with one option, then make small changes to the way they’re sitting, looking at each other, and holding […]

What’s Your Photography Superpower?

For years people revered the superheroes of comic books—Batman, Spiderman, Superman and the like. Their abilities were that of legend, and inspired movies and multi-million dollar product franchises. But little did the people of the world know that there are real live superheroes walking amongst them. They’re more commonly known as photographers. Read More

Stress-Free Posing: Standing Edition

Posing can be a stressful task. You have a million things going through your mind during a photoshoot: light, camera settings, interacting with the client. Then you have to come up with interesting and flattering poses for each and every shot! Yikes! Or, posing can be easy. True story! You don’t have to stress. You don’t […]

The Jedi Knight’s Guide to Photography

The Force is strong with you—photographically speaking. I can sense it. But before you can become a Jedi photographer, you must learn to harness the force. Here are some lessons that Yoda and crew can give you to help you on your journey. Punch it, Chewie! Read More

4 More Free Posters!

What can I say, I love putting awesome quotes into poster form, and then sharing them with you guys! So here are four more free posters that you can print out, hang up in your office, and stay inspired! Read More

Sony NEX Field Test: One Month In Buenos Aires

Is it possible to have quality AND convenience in one camera? The Sony NEX has got it all. It’s small enough to carry with you every day but still produces amazing results. It’s the perfect camera to have at your side whether you’re traveling the world or hanging out at home with your family. Read More

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