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Cash can be a bit tight around the holiday season, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to give a great gift. And some of the best gifts are actually free!

We’ve brainstormed a few budget ideas that would be perfect to give as a photographer, or to a photographer.

From Photographers

Framed Prints

Lots of possibility here! You could give a print of something you’ve photographed yourself. It could be a landscape, something abstract, a shot of you and whoever you’re giving the print to—anything really! Be creative! It could be a fun project photographing something that would be meaningful to the person you’re giving it to. Another idea is framing old prints! Find a photo from yesteryear that brings back some great memories and frame it!


Photo albums are blast to go through! They are especially powerful because of their storytelling potential. Maybe you’ve gone on a recent adventure with family or friends that could be made into a great photo album! A collection of your favourite photos from 2011 would make a great gift. You could create one on a budget using a program like iPhoto (though you might not get it in time for Christmas). Or for real shoestring value you could get one that you slip photos into.

Photo Shoot

Great photos are something that people can treasure forever! And giving them as a gift shows that you care about the person, and want to capture them. We’ve given the gift of a photo session a few times, and it has always been a win-win situation. We get to take photos of the people we love, and they get great photos of themselves. You can include the files, and then optionally add in prints or albums.

For Photographers

Framed inspirational quotes

The history of photography is full of inspirational characters. Words of wisdom and inspiration can really help a photographer stay motivated. We’ve put together a few of our favourite inspirational / motivational posters that are beautifully designed and ready to be printed. They’re all 8×10 in size which makes them easy to find frames for. You can download a 12-poster pack here, and 4 more posters here (all for free!)

Vintage Photos

A trip to the local antique/vintage store may be able to score you some vintage photographs. They are usually super inexpensive, but a fascinating piece of photographic history! Pop them in a antique frame for extra vintagey goodness.

A Library Card

A library card is probably one of the best gifts you could give anyone for any reason. It has the ability to give literally infinite inspiration and knowledge! Plus it can help anyone, from a beginner all the way up to seasoned pro.

Magazine or Magazine Subscription

The holidays are perfect time to browse through photography magazines. You can grab them for just a few bucks and they make great stocking stuffers!

Your Turn

Do you have any shoestring gift ideas from/for photographers? Share them in the comments now!

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  1. An old camera you're not using anymore. We all have them. Instead of letting them sit in the closet, give one to your child, a niece or nephew, a grandchild, a friend's child, or anybody who might enjoy learning more about photography.

  2. Meredith that is an AWESOME idea!! I love it, passing along the joy of photography! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  3. I'd give a card with nature photograph.. as simple as that.. :)

  4. Great idea Meutia! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Hello Rob!

    I just wanted to add another one to the gift list and tell you about our awesome gadget that is for photographers of every level. :) The Hufa Holder lens cap clip was designed by photographers after they had, like many other photographers do, lost a TON of lens caps. The nifty little device just clips right on your strap and keeps your cap in place while you’re shooting! Turns out, we lose a whole lot less lens caps this way! :) This also works no matter what camera you are using. Here is a video for you to check it out Thanks again for sharing your ideas! Hope you’ll check out our gadget when you get a chance.

    Have a great day,

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