Build & Grow Your Profitable
Wedding Photography Business
And Avoid the Mistakes That Fail Most Photographers!
"If only I had "Simple Wedding Photography" as my playbook when I was starting out in this business, I know I would have achieved success much earlier…"
"I have my first wedding under my belt and a great feeling of confidence."
Rebecca Denton
"Just by reading Part 1 I feel much more confident in my abilities as a
wedding photographer.
Your book is so straight-forward and practical that I actually have confidence about shooting now!"
Jennifer Lynn
How Would You Like To...
  • Guarantee a steady income
  •  Shoot weddings with 100% confidence 
  •  Enjoy rewarding and meaningful photography experiences
So... why hasn't it happened for you yet? 

Have you already started… but got overwhelmed by the roadblocks that beginner photographers face?

Or you haven’t yet shot your first wedding… and don’t know where to start or how to be sure you’re doing everything right?

When you read this letter to the end you're going to discover exactly how to build and grow a successful wedding photography business.

How I Almost Gave Up On My Dream...
Not too long ago I was just like you...

For years, I’ve been struggling to make ends meet, not knowing why my dream business has turned into a money-sucking, time-sucking nightmare.

But after several years of hardship and sleepless nights I realized
  • The real problem is traditional, outdated ideas of how to get clients, advertise and price your services -
  • So I wasted a fortune on advertising and sold myself cheap (tip: didn’t help!)
  • ​I didn’t have a really experienced pro to simplify for me everything from client meeting to final delivery -  
  • So I was insecure about how to tackle each and every step of the way
  • ​There's a better, faster, easier way!
I've succeeded in developing a system that lets me shoot half as many weddings and make SIGNIFICANTLY more money…

And that was the key to building and growing a successful wedding photography business really FAST!
I Discovered That I Can...
  • Get the right type of clients - those who are fun to work with and pay thousands of dollars per wedding
  • Run a business that gives me financial freedom, without the burnout I experienced on my first year 
  • Run client meetings that are fun, useful and more profitable than I ever thought possible 
Look, it was very tough for me. 

After ten years of struggle, trial and error, I decided to prepare a course to save other fellow photographers from the problems and heartache I went through.

It took too many sleepless nights to create, and had cost me tens-of-thousands of dollars. 

But it was totally worth it!
Here's Just a Sample of What You'll Get…
  • ​Learn how to build and grow your profitable wedding photography business
     you can enjoy a rewarding and fun income source

  • ​Learn how to get started even if you've never shot a wedding
    you can feel confident that you can photograph every part of a wedding beautifully

  • ​Get the lowdown on contracts, portfolios, pricing, branding, social media and more
     you can you can negotiate great deals, and own a solid business

  • ​Learn to deal with cancellations, settling payments and protecting your gear against theft
     you avoid nasty surprises and losing your hard earned money

  • ​Learn the 5 core (inexpensive!) marketing strategies that attract the kind of clients you want
     you can work less and earn more - without breaking the bank first!

"Thanks to your Simple Wedding Photography, it was immediately clear to me how I should run this business. It took me less than a month to start seeing my first wedding profits."
George Copeland
For less than the cost of a lens filter,
you can get access to everything inside of
Simple Wedding Photography, including all bonuses!
  • ​Based on 10+ years of industry experience
  • ​Hundreds of successful students
  • ​Special Promotion Price! Get it now before the sale is over!

Latest Testimonial:

"Thanks to these guys my photography business has grown exponentially over the last year."
Stuart Holden
What's In The Package
Self Study eBook
Teaches you everything you need to know about photographing a wedding and the business behind it.
BONUS #1 - Five Bonus Worksheets
To make sure you're always prepared and always improving! You'll use these every single time you shoot a wedding ($335 Value)
BONUS #2 - Wedding Day Essentials Checklist
Ensure you're totally prepared to rock your wedding with this handy printable checklist, perfected over 10 years and hundreds of weddings ($197 Value)
BONUS #3 - Profitable Wedding Album Video
I'll walk you through a real life album I sold to clients, explaining every element so you can see just how a profitable album is put together. ($127 Value)
What's The Total Value of This Package?
The total value of all this could easily be $5000 and even more. 


Because even the first successful wedding booking you'll get as a result, pays for the investment ten fold!.

If all this did was help you stop struggling to barely turn a profit, would it be worth it?

If all this did was show you how to build the business you're dreaming of, would it be worth it?

Of course it would!

Want some even better news?

As part of a special promotion that we're running, you're eligible to purchase the course TODAY at only $127 instead of the regular price of $249

Yes, that's nearly 50% discount - But you need to buy it now - offer expires TODAY!

Never before have you had such a unique opportunity to have me take you by the hand and help you build and grow a successful wedding photography business!

Act now so you can build your dream photography business, guarantee a steady income, and shoot weddings with 100% confidence like I do.

This entire Online Course offer will be sold for $249.

This introductory price of $127 is a "Buy it NOW before it's gone" offer... so act fast!...
But You Must Act Now Because...
  • Your next wedding shouldn’t be an under-paid gig. It could be a highly paid, fun experience
  • ​Mistakes can cost you big money and deeply disappointed clients 
  • ​Once this promotion is over, the price is going to go up to $247 
Our 100% Iron-Clad Satisfaction Guarantee
If Simple Wedding Photography doesn't show you exactly how to build a profitable wedding photography business... 
If it doesn't take you by the hand, step-by-step to guarantee a steady income... 
or if it fails to help you shoot weddings with 100% confidence
Then you will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!

Just try Simple Wedding Photography for a full 30 Days, and if you aren’t completely confident that you can shoot beautiful wedding photography and build a real business making thousands of dollars per wedding, simply email me at hello [at] and I will refund your money personally. 

You’re going to love this course – I’m that confident.
"I have my first wedding in June and up until now, I was terrified of shooting it, fearing that
I would miss certain things and that I wouldn't be able to hack it. But your book is so straight-forward and practical that I actually have confidence about shooting now!"
Jennifer Ferguson
"I cannot express in words how much Simple Wedding Photography has changed my business. I was doing it all wrong before I read the book afterwards I have grown to be one of the most successful wedding photographers in my city. Thanks to these guys my business has grown exponentially over the last year."
Stuart Holden
"I absolutely love all of your tutorials especially your most recent wedding tutorial! Love your conversational approach with very little jargon.
I have learnt so much from you! I cannot thank you both enough! Keep it up!"
Robbie Muyargas
  • No risk! 30-day money back guarantee!
  • Special Promo Price - Get it now before the promo is over!
  • Start learning today with immediate download
Full online course - only $127 (instead of $249!)

Latest Testimonial:

"It takes away fears and can find a huge amount of valuable tips for running a business. Because shooting photos only is one part of the game. It covers all possible aspects of wedding photography. Aspects I haven't even thought of before."
Dr. Eva Geberth
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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