Monopod vs. Tripod Showdown | Which ONE Is Worth Your Money?

The other day, I got into a debate with a friend of mine. He was torn between getting a monopod vs. a tripod for his upcoming shoot in the wild. We couldn’t agree on the type of camera stand for that occasion as it was just a one-off shoot. He usually does regular photoshoots in […]

The Best Monopod for Stability & Comfort | A Nerd’s List of What To Try Out

You’ll need more than a powerful camera and sharp lenses to succeed as a professional photographer. When I started, I didn’t know a monopod would come in handy during outdoor shoots. I’d buy a camera and replace the lens every other month thinking it would improve my shoots. You’re probably here because you’ve set aside […]

Best Camera Tripod Under $100 | Reviews, Ratings, & Buying Guide

As a freelance photographer, nothing gives me a better kick than pulling out my camera and setting it up on a tripod to capture beautiful landscapes and breathtaking scenes.Thing is, I can take better shots and produce sharp photos using my inexpensive tripod even at slow shutter speeds.If you’re shopping for a budget tripod, I […]

Best Flexible Tripod for DSLR – Check Out Our Favorite Brands!

The human mind, while amazing, has its flaws, and among them, is our inability to remember everything in our past. Luckily for us, previous generations have made it possible to capture that perfect moment, that serene landscape, our perfect selves, in the art we know as photography. Technological breakthroughs now allow us to capture even […]

Best GoPro Stabilizer: Is it Really the Top Product In The Market?

What a great time to be alive, technology has made life so convenient that we can convert any moment we wish into a permanent memory through video recording. Some might say that it is important that we enjoy the experience completely— put down the camera and see the world through our own eyes instead of […]

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